i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i'm alive.

and still tired.

this will be a short post. but my friend miss jen has her header up that i made her. :0) go check it out if you so desire...which i think you should. and i quickly made my sister a header too...so you can check that out too. i've gotten the whole header thing down. yay. now just to keep on perfecting the background stuff. but i've gotten some pointers from some good blogging buddies. so thanks to you guys. and i'll keep working. and miss jen is going to debut her new background i did for her after christmas. she's keeping it christmas-ey til then. :0)

the church christmas party went so well today. loads of fun. and games. i LOVE games. and i will admit, i'm a teensy tiny really teeny bit competitive. so it was loads of fun. we played the bible version of apples to apples and then catch phrase. catch phrase was more competitive and therefore a little more fun. all in good fun though. i love being able to joke around and have fun. i love love love my church family! especially my worship leader alisha halbach. lol. okay that's an inside joke. she told me today she googled her name and got my- myspace site up. lol. so i told her i'd mention her in my blog so that it would come up there too. lol. so if you did miss alisha. HI. :0) but truthfully she has a beautiful voice and gives it all to god. she's 'recorded' a cd and it is so good. but she needs to do a new one because she's written loads more songs. i've been so blessed to call her a friend! and she is secretly my twin. lol. that's another inside joke. she has complete opposite features then i do. i'm pale and blonde. she's dark and dark hair. wow. you guys really don't care i'm sure. but since it is my blog that's what i said. :0)

so survivor is on tonight. i'm excited. and then tuesday biggest loser. oh yeah. is it bad i look forward to tv? mmm. maybe a little. but that's that. my kids watch tv. probably more than recommended. but so did i. and i think i turned out pretty okay. for the most part. and it's not like they are watching the simpson's or even spongebob. they are allowed to watch either. and we don't have cable. so thanks to the digital tv programming we get pbs kids for most of the day on 38-3. so that's all they watch. and barney's a little weird, but educational.

alright enough babbling. toodles for now. and you know i'll be back tomorrow for not me monday!! hopefully i remember the goodies i thought of this week! :0)

oh and my girlies finally took naps after our trip to the mall friday. but less whiny as the day progressed. that goes for all of us! :0)

5 loving words from you.:

Rachel said...

I was starting to worry about you! More a day without a post for you is like a day without changing a diaper. :) Love your new headers, you got skills!

Stephanie said...

I love jen's header!!!! Get some rest tonight! :)

Following Him said...

LOVE the new headers and was wondering where you were! Hang in there and relax a little :)

Jen said...

Hey Sweets!
Ya, Jen's header is awesome! hee hee hee hee
Thanks again! You Rock!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Like Rachel said, you've got mad, mad blogging skills. I love what you did with your own and checked out Jen's too. Nice work!

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