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Monday, December 15, 2008

sure was not me.

it's monday again. and i NEED to be quick. the girlies and dustin slept 'in' until almost seven-thirty. so that cuts our time short before mom's group. but i also have my thyroid ultrasound today too and won't be home in between, SOOOO i had to post it now....otherwise you all might get worried. :0) thanks for worrying though. lol. soooo here we go...

i absolutely did not have a post where i used the word SO so much that i talked about how much i used it, then in the next post i did not count that i only used the word so three times. that's just plain ole weird.

i wasn't going to burp dustin and slap my hand in poop that had leaked through a onesie and a shirt and splatter on my hand. that'd be gross. my children know how to keep the poop IN the diaper and not blowout of it.

breigh wasn't eating in the living room, and she definitely was not eating fruity pebbles for supper. and she did not spill them on the blanket and floor. because she didn't do that. I DID NOT pick up the cereal off the floor and put it on the blanket. and then i didn't shake out the blanket on my kitchen floor because it needed to be swept anyway. my floors are always swept and my kids always eat well balanced nutritious meals. and they never would eat in the living room after napping through supper.

at fleet farm i did not buy a bag of white chocolate covered pretzels, because i made candy with my mom and sister. i did not buy them and think, well i'll have them eaten before we make candy anyway. i did not eat the full bag of pretzels in a day and a half.

i didn't giggle at amelya when asked when she went potty last, she said "i just went at thirty oclock". my kid is a genius and knows how to tell time at three. lol. no she doesn't. i just thought it was cute.

breigh is not wearing pajamas that are about a size too small and her belly is not hanging out of them. i wouldn't 'give in' to let her wear pajamas that don't quite fit. well actually i didn't give in, shaun did, but whatever at least she's wearing pajamas.

i didn't feel bad this morning after reading mckmama's post about getting her period back. i didn't feel happy because i haven't had a period for almost two and a half years. and i am so not dreading getting it back again.

so there you have it. short sweet. and very random. but that's me random. and sweet, i'm not really too short, shorter than some, but really just an average height. see there i go being random again. :0) i'm also kind of tired. not too much sleep last night. and that's my own fault. shaun and i spent it working some glitches out. and now they are worked out. unfortunately we work them out at wee hours of the morning and get a few hours of sleep. but they're worked out and i praise god for that. we needed the talk. we needed to 'get it all out' instead of keeping it in. i'm better at that surprisingly enough! alright. so off i go. off to get ready for mom's group. to my praying blogging buddies please keep my ultrasound in your prayers and i'll try to post tonight about it. :0) thanks so much!!

12 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

hey, you feed your kids the same way I do. You could have shared your white chocolate covered pretzels. I know where Fleet Farm is, I could have been there in a flash.
I will be praying for your ultrasound. Stay warm!

Following Him said...

I so do not love little babies but I can skip out on the blowout diapers ;) Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Julie said...

Too funny! Blowouts are the worst!

Jill said...

Nothing wrong with chocolate covered pretzels. Aren't pretzels considered a healthy snack? :)
Praying that you have a good ultrasound!

Jessi Dawn said...

LOL. Yes, overflowing poopers. My baby certainly does not do that, either. wink-wink

zanesmommy said...

Just think. My OB just tells me that as long as they are eating. She did not eat just cocoa puffs for 3 meals a day. Your kids are at least getting "fruit"

Jessi said...

Love your blog and your Not Me's! Don't know if I've ever commented before but I am a follower and love your stories! You've got a beautiful family.

S.L.P said...

I'm totally with you on the late night talks. That's when our best decisions are made. I LOVE those times. I hope you got some rest today!

Stephanie said...

I think everyone has experienced a kid with a blowout. Not fun at all!

Honey Mommy said...

Thirty o' clock! Haha. That is so funny!

My son will ask me, "Mommy, what time is it out there?!" while pointing outside. It always makes me smile.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

2 1/2 years sans period...all I can say is wow! I am so not envious of that. No way. Not in the least! :)

Blow out diapers are the worst. I have explained to my children time and again that we just don't do those types of things in our house, but they don't seem to be listening.


LucieP said...

uggg...blow outs rank with pooping in the bathtub! ;)

I LOVE white chocolate covered pretzels...yummm

My baby's pj's keep shrinking I think...he wears 12-18 months normally and his pjs are 18 months but they feel tight so I find myself stretching them out a little before I put them on!