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Monday, December 08, 2008

it absolutely positively was NOT me. nope.

woo hoo. monday. that means...NOT ME MONDAY...join mckmama and her mckfriends for your little version...or big...depending on the things you didn't do of course. since this is MY blog it's MY turn.

well i am NOT lazy and instead of changing dustin's bassinet sheet because he spit up. i just picked up the matress and turned it, so that he was sleeping on the foot end...but now it's the head end. i figure it's getting double the useage out of it.

speaking of me NOT being lazy i didn't let shaun get up when amelya was screaming for me last night. i also didn't sigh a sigh of relief when he got up. i was just so tired.

i did NOT get all happy to have blogging buddies who gave me so much words of encouragement after this post. (thanks to you all my blogging buddies...after your kind words and the word of god on friday...i've gotten so much perfect peace out of it!!)

i so will NOT brag that my six week old is rolling off his belly all the time now. i don't get excited and so extremely proud of my kids like that. heck who am i kidding...yes i do!! go dustin!

i am NOT secretely excited that we are having our THIRD named storm of the year...snow...and will be getting like TEN INCHES tomorrow. i am only excited because i know how excited the girls are going to be. me i dislike the snow.

and even though i am NOT secretly excited. i am so NOT bummed a lot that we'll probably have to miss dance class tomorrow...when shaun was coming. i will NOT make him take off next tuesday then and come watch his girlies dance.

because i can handle disappointment i was NOT bummed when my aunt couldn't cut my hair last week. i can always wait and do NOT get so excited to have my haircut.

i am NOT enjoying all of amelya and breigh's screaming and excitement over christmas lights when we drive. i am NOT starting to get all excited over christmas lights either.

i also am NOT so far behind on deciding when to print my christmas cards. and last night i took a picture of all four kids...i did NOT say after...hmmm maybe i should make a NEW CARD. because i didn't already spend loads of time making one already. and of course after i made it they are all signed sealed and delivered.

okay. i guess that's it for me today. i need to start moving and get ready for mom's group. i'm sure i'll blog tomorrow...because we'll be buried in snowstorm carter. ten inches of snow. wow. so have a happy day and if you live in the sunshine...boo hoo. send some my way.

15 loving words from you.:

Honey Mommy said...


I so didn't change my baby's bedding after a little spit up.. that would make for tons of laundry!

Julie said...

I would never just keep placing my son down on the mattress around different spit-up places just to avoid changing his bedding, :)

Anonymous said...

let's hope the storm doesn't happen tonight/tomorrow so shaun can go to dance and we have to go to gage's cardiologist appt at 8 am on tuesday...let's hope for the storm on wednesday instead...then the girls can play in way to much snow! ;)
did you upload the pics of the kiddos you took on facebook yet? i'll have to go check!
have fun at moms group!
love, chantae

Stacy C. said...

I wish we would get snow!!!

Anna said...

i have definitely just (i mean not) turned my daughter around in her crib instead of changing the sheets. they are a pain to change! love your not mes! what a beautiful family! :)

Jill said...

I've definitely gotten two uses out of a sheet change before. :)
Send some snow our way! I'm not sure I've ever seen ten inches. Sounds like perfect holiday weather!
Thanks so much for helping me with my header. And for introducing me to Scrapblog. I am so incredibly excited! Thank you so much for taking the time to write out all the steps. I really appreciate it! I can't wait to get things up and going. Paint no more! :) I'm going to try to play again this afternoon. I'm sure I will have more questions. You're a GEM!

-stephanie- said...

repeat after me. "I have 4 children. I am tired, not lazy."
brag on mommy, I love to read about it.
think of me shoveling the 10 inches. I'm sure they won't close school! grr.

Rachel said...

We are expecting a Storm too...and I am NOT excited either! After reading your new header blog I went to Scrapblog and messed around with the same xmas card template, without even know it was the same one as you! Crazy stuff! I am still figuring out somethings on Scrapblog though...I can't seem to get the dividing lines to cover the pics right...

Following Him said...

I did not totally smile when you said that you turned the mattress instead of changing it. Totally cracks me up!

Heidi said...

I totally didn't just lay a blanket or burp rag down when my kids would spit up...and then wonder a few days later what smelled in their room....I always changed their sheet right away!

Jane Anne said...

I cannot relate at all. My baby (and I have 4 kids, too) is not asleep right now with her blankie and some sheets that need to be washed. She has a cold and this morning she was a mess. I could not have put her back in that bed, right?! (She needed the sleep more than a clean smelling blanket without -yuck- some dried snot.)
I enjoyed your post!

Liz said...

I would never do that with the bedding, nor would i just lay a receiving blanket over it until morning.

heidi said...

Ha! My 6 MONTH old still isn't rolling over. Rob says if I ever put him DOWN he might roll. LOL

Jill said...


I exported it as a jpeg, saved it to my desktop and then opened it in Paint. Then I cut strips out of the background in the size and shape of the dividers I wanted to make. I then saved them and added them as pictures from my computer. I had to play with them a bit to make them fit.

I did not want a large header, so I only put my stuff in the top half, exported it as a jpeg, and cut the bottom half off in Paint as well. I used the bottom half as 'paper' for my sidebar dividers.

I can walk you through this a little bit better if you're unfamiliar with Paint. I don't have any fancy photoediting software. :) I'm sure it would be easier using a different program.

This comment is all over the place. Let me know if you need more help. It was super easy!

Jill said...

I do wish I would have thought about this to make my Christmas cards with. :(