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Monday, January 12, 2009

200!?! and 10,000!?!?!

hmmm this is my 200th post. it should be one full of loads of wisdom. or not. because it most likely won't be. and i officially have over 10,000 hits. quite dismal to the THREE MILLION PLUS mckmama has. lol.

so i posted some pics to facebook. because as you all know, i'm lazy, i won't be posting them AGAIN here. so go to the pics here instead. but hey wait!?! don't you want to finish reading this first!?!

so after 'debuting' my 'made by amanda' site. i got quite a few 'takers'. one of them just wanted a header and button...i finished that relatively quickly and even though she wasn't the 'first' on the list i did her. but that is because i hadn't gotten the pics for the real girl in first. so i thought it'd be okay...so go check her out here. it was way easy to make for her and she loved it right away. so i'm stoked!! plus i love the name of her blog...welcome to my loonyverse. :0) too cute.

i have gotten the pictures from the girl in first on the list...so i'm excited to get started on her bloggy makeover. i'm waiting to hear back from her for some answers to some questions i had though first. ohhh it's so much fun.

thursday is my test. i'm still calm and cool. hey i'm always cool!! lol. it's my blog. i'll say what i want. but i am calm about it. and shaun's excited because it's supposed to be as cold as antartica here on thursday and he'll get out of work, which means getting out of working in the cold. and it may not be as cold as antartica...but pretty close!! i appreciate any and all prayers. and thanks for them. god is so cool to have blessed me with you guys!

church was way good yesterday. have i ever told you how i LOVE our small home fellowship church??!! :0) i know i have. but i do. it's a whole entire family. what spoke to me most about church yesterday? hmm. good question. for me it was the last song we sang. i am the god. (i am the god...that healeth thee...i am the god...your maker.....etc etc) it spoke to me because regardless of my test results thursday (good or bad) he has ALREADY healed me. i am free of my disease. i have NOT a thing to be worried about. i am saved by his grace already and need not worry about things on this earth. so i'm not. most of the time. the enemy tries to get me A LOT. but i throw god back in his face and god wins. so i win. because god is bigger than ANYthing that tries to get me down. whoo hoo.

so that's that. i should really be thinking of something for supper. plus i remembered that i have milk in the van yet. i got home at 230. dustin was hungry so i fed him. and left the stuff in the van. oops. well i left it in the van on purpose to feed my crying baby...what i did not do on purpose is forget it for three HOURS...:0) good thing it is almost as cold as antartica. so i'm off to fetch that stuff...although part of me thinks i could just tell shaun to get it when he gets home...but he hasn't called yet...so i'll go freeze my tookie off and get it...i guess...but if i keep typing and stalling...he may call...then i could tell him to get it...but then supper isn't being made either......alright. i'll go. you convinced me. :0) peace out. (maybe i'm overtired...that'd explain it...either that or blame the voices in my head....)

6 loving words from you.:

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Congratulations on your 200th post and over 10,000 hits! Awesome!
You're doing such a great job on these blog makeovers. Love seeing your new stuff!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

that makeover was great...you are sooo good at it. Your pics were great as well...too cute! and I will say a prayer for your results...God is good all the time..Amen..

He And Me + 3 said...

Congrats...on the post and hits and congrats on all the new headers and blogs you are creating. That is awesome for you. Praying for you.

-stephanie- said...

Happy 200th post and 10,000 hits. I'm just looking forward to my 1000 hits. How lame is that?
You are right, you are healed. In Jesus Name. I'll keep you in prayer. Stay warm!!!!

Following Him said...

Congrats on both :) You do a great job and I love your thoughs/life stories! Stay warm :)

Emily said...

Congrats on the 200th post and 10000 hits!!

Your family is too cute and I love your blog already! I like your blog designs too!!!