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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

biggest loser review

well here it is my friends.

sooo i don't know how i quite feel about HALF of most of the teams going home. buuuutttt then i remember that when this show first started everyone came 'singlely'. so it's just kind of like that...except these guys were expecting to be there 'together'. so we'll see how it plays out. i was SO freaked out when the older guy totally passed out. i cried a little even. i know i know i'm a sap!

the silver team...hilarious. i loved their commentary at the beginning about being a hurricane. i also feel that if the girl who stays doesn't bring back her friend in 30 days...there may be blood shed. woah. the one said "this is a test of our friendship". so we'll see. but from previews it looks as if bob flips a lid at the remaining silver player...oh boy.

the purple team is from WI. so surely i'll root for them a little harder. :0) i don't even 'know' them personally, but gotta keep the love man!

shaun couldn't believe the size of the two orange team members. me either. i think they look like two marshmellow men. in a funny way. i'm not trying to make fun of them..they just look like people you want to hug. but i'm excited to see what they look like.

the one guy on the black team (either blaine or dane) anyways...his wife is having a baby! he'll miss the birth. ohhh i don't think i'd let shaun get away with that regardless if he's a big tubbo. no sir ree he'd have to stay tubby for a bit longer. but i also think that the black team will do so well. they have great working attitudes so far...although i must admit i was rooting for the yellow team to win the challenge. it was pretty close! plus the one girls' name is amanda. gotta root for the name!! ;0) although they seem to call her mandi. but my mii's nickname is mandie. my 'mii' is my alterego. lol.

nothing else really stands out to me about the show. oh except for the fact that they're hiding ali's pregnancy. you can notice it a bit. but seriously just because it's a show full of tubby people doesn't mean you can show off her beautiful preggo belly!! i love showing off mine and would be very sad if they would make me cover it...although now i still have a big enough belly to warrent a trip on the show...maybe not that bad...but it's how i feel sometimes.

i do like ali better as a hostess (is that what you call her...she's a girl so she wouldn't be a host right?) caroline rhea did a decent job, but i like ali better.

well okay i think that's my review.

we went to story time today. the girls were excited to see maddie again. and i was excited to have melissa to talk to. we didn't go out to eat with them after story time this week. we went to gage's house. so i got to see my two very favorite mommy friends today. and the kiddos got to see their friends. we all won. although maddie is a bit mad at me! she wanted pizza and the girls to go along...but we couldn't because we made plans. sorry maddie i'll make it up to you! pizza next week. maybe after mom's group. we seriously need more 'kid friendly' places around here. it's either pizza or mickey d's. i get sick of mickey d's ALL the time. but it's easy to sit and have the kids play and we can talk. pizza is nice....but it's harder to talk and watch the kiddos there.

we got home and breigh and caitlyn are napping now. amelya is 'crafting' and i think dustin is contemplating if he is hungry or not. **updated while i'm posting**he was contemplating going to sleep. which he is peacefully doing now...

speaking of him eating...he's been doing fantastic with the bottles. my test is a week from tomorrow and he should have no problems eating from a bottle all day. i'm starting to get those crazy anxious nerves. god's been helping me through them...but it's been tough. i've been thinking some crazy thoughts...which leads to tears...argh. but this is my blog and my place to let some feelings out. so i can share them. right? why am i asking you! i said it's my blog. so anyways.

i remember watching this show a LONG time ago called 'three wishes' i think amy grant or somebody with dark hair did it. well there was a dad dying and he made his three girls a video, one for each of them. so that's what i think about. me dying and making my kids each a special video. am i weird? probably. and seriously i can die tomorrow. i could die today for pete's sake. but i think because of the fact that this 'lump' could be something more than just a lump it makes me think more about it. it has also made me realize i need to live more for today regardless of anything else. we all need to.

why do we sit and worry about tomorrow or next week or next month or next year? when we have TODAY right in front of us. so i've committed to spending more 'special' time with the kiddos and shaun. i've committed to not saying 'just a second' as much as i do. because we ARE NOT guaranteed just one more second. so 'live for today'. it is a song i hear on the radio. and now if you are familiar with it you probably have it running through your head. it is sung by '3 doors down'. here are the chorus lyrics:

God only knws all the places I've been but I love this life that I'm livin' in. I won't look back to regret yesterday. cuz we're not handed tomorrow so I'll live for today.

it's a great song. and it's so true. so don't regret yesterday. just live for today. i am.

regardless of my 'test results' next week i will live for today. cuz we're not handed tomorrow. we can't even count on the fact that we'll be around a minute from now. my god. our god. is SO good. and his plan is perfect. i fall into his loving arms and he carries me through all of this. praise him. 'i' can not do a single thing of this myself. it is ONLY god that gets me through it. shaun is a great husband BUT he is human. and will fail me. heck he has failed me. god won't fail me. ever. he hasn't yet...and nothing makes me think he will ever.

my amelya is awake yet. she wants to play wii. i think i may just go do that....but before i do i want you to go check out my friend's blog...she started one because she wants to give me some comment lovin'...so go give her some...and meet 'gage's mommy chantae'. alright. off to bowl. and probably get beat! :0)

6 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

I posted about the very same thing today. About having only today, and not guaranteed tomorrow. I think God is speaking to a lot of people about this same thing, because I've been reading about it all day today.

He And Me + 3 said...

Still praying for you. I agree totally, no one is guaranteed tomorrow so we must to the best we can with today.

agk11808 said...

Hey Jamie went to school with that Kristin from Biggest Loser. She must have got married b/c jamie didn't recognize the name when it was said, but she looks the same. She wasn't that big in high school, but was super nice to everyone!

mittelmommy said...

hey-how do you show the list of blogs you follow? you can either log into my account and do it or try to explain it to me! ;)whatever you want to do is fine. thanks!

Lara said...

I just went back to read some earlier posts. I didn't know you were having these thyroid problems. I pray that the test goes well and gives you answers- and I hope the answer is an easy one! And thanks for the BL update. Apparently I'll get to watch it on Sunday at 1pm. In my prayers.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks so much for that sweet offer and I might just take you up on it sometime. It is hard to find the time to dedicate so, it is a slow go..but, I am determined not to waste the time I have spent. Plus, it is FUN and I enjoy doing it. I will certainly be in touch...
until then..