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Thursday, January 08, 2009

on the way to three million

like that? oh yeah. i am so compulsively hitting refresh EVERY time i walk by the computer. creepy? maybe. but i'm bound to TRY to hit miss mckmama's three millionth hit. there i was just 20,000 away. and since i've taken that picture there have been 1459 people since. i have seriously been figuring out 'statistically' when the three millionth hit will be. i'm not sharing my info either. :0) during the night her hits slow down considerably. which helped me out. lol. i can't believe i'm doing this. but i just want to hit it. my status on facebook says it. alright enough with that already...you people are going to start calling the loony bin on me...
...so no smell of defeat yet. and by that i mean...no dead mice yet. well maybe they're dead but just haven't been dead long enough for me to know it. i have not seen any. that is good. i did find one teeny tiny mouse turd on my kitchen floor though. argh. get out of my kitchen. in fact get out of my house. we have a big barn no one is using. go take your little friend(s) and get out. we have put out loads of poison though. they have been making a pile of it in our entry way. we thought they were taking it back downstairs with them. nope. there is a big pile in the entry way. either way they're eating it. good. die. stupid mice. sorry i do not like them. if they wouldn't live in my house i wouldn't mind them. but they gross me out completely. but i do prefer them to the grosser RATS that once lived here. the truth is they're probably still out there. but they are sure not getting an invitation in my house any time soon. nope. they too can die. or live somewhere else. i'm sure they prefer the latter...
enough about that. i'm gagging just writing about them. blech. gross. but i will be sure to fill you in if i smell them. :0) you knew that didn't you!?!
so today my changing table is officially SOLD. the guy came and picked it up. woo hoo. i had scary dream though last night about it. i watch WAY too much 'crime' shows (csi (all of them); criminal minds; without a trace; law and order svu (when w/o a trace is a repeat); 11th hour; flashpoint...okay you get the picture) so because of them i get some crazy weird dreams. last night's was no different. but it was so scary. the guy coming to pick up the changing table came at a time that it was just me home...so then i start thinking ohhh is it really a murder, rapist, kidnapper...etc...sooo my dream...the guy comes...and shaun was home outside. well i saw him carrying a can of gas and KNEW he was going to kill shaun. so i ran to the window in the kitchen and tried pounding on it to get shaun's attention. only thing is that there was a big screen on the window and i couldn't reach the glass part to pound it. so he didn't hear me. then the guy dumped the gas all over him...yikes! praise the lord i woke up after that!! it was so scary. and i hated going back to sleep after that.
and well because i'm typing this you realize that the guy was just a normal soon to be second time dad (sex unknown...i asked!) just looking for a changing table. he works for a healthcare company and even had his own dolly and ramp! awesome. i didn't even have to really help. he was very nice...and NORMAL. :0)
so ms amelya wants to play her abseas game from discovery toys. (i love that game). so because i need to take that time for her...i'm off to do that...2822271...that's what mckmama's counter is as i finish this...yep i'm THAT compulisve...

7 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

lol you are so funny!
yay to the changing table being sold and the guy being normal! i have about two or three boxes of stuff to put on craigslist...now i just need the time to take pictures and post them!
so now is the changing table money going towards wii fit or the new camera?!?!

He And Me + 3 said...

You are cracking me up with the Mckmama thing. Hope you catch it at 3 million. Too funny!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

You sure are funny....I have to admit I have been kinda stalking Mcmama's blog as well..hehe
I left a comment to you in your previous entry plus in mine...hope you read it..THANKS...you sure are sweet...talk soon

mittelmommy said...

well, i just went and checked out mckmama's site after reading your email...looks like you've been hitting refresh a few thousand times today! ;)

-stephanie- said...

ahem.... I did not hit 3 million, but I did capture 2999999. thank you very much.

Following Him said...

Ok...so I have dreams...bad ones when I fall asleep when crime shows are on. If I turn the tv off bf sleep...nothing though (weird I know)!
Glad that changing table is gone now!

Tiffany said...

Hi Amanda! So happy you found my blog thru sneaky mama. Do I know sneaky mamma? Hmm.. I guess I need to head over there, too! Hahaha!!

AND...I've been following Mckmama, like the rest of the world it seems :), but haven't headed over there recently from being so swamped with stuff prepping for a move across country with my wee ones... anyhoo.. I better head over there and give you a run for your money, girl! She ALWAYS has the best giveaways!!

Best of luck on hitting the number and on my giveaway as well. Thanks for coming by and don't be a stranger!


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