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Friday, January 09, 2009

not three million

well i didn't get it. i was only 19 over. it was absolutely INSANE near the end. which happened to be around seven (my time). and guess what THAT was my prediction. i emailed mckmama all the pics i had taken during the day. and said that i'm probably a dork. guess what? she agreed that i am a huge dork. :0) but she also looooooooved all the pictures. i won't bore you with all of them. but i did hit 86000 and 89000 and was six over 90000. wow. i was pretty compulsive huh?

we baby sat for our friends' girls last night. so we had six kids all under amelya's age. it went very well. and it didn't feel 'too crazy' or something either. the only comment shaun made was that there were too many fingers around. because every time we turned the swing off and then walked away...the next time we looked it was on again. we never did catch who was doing it!! the girls loved playing with maddie and allie too...our playroom will prove it. it was destroyed. :0) but that is what it is for and because it isn't all in my living room...I DON'T CARE. i LOVE having a 'room' for all the toys.
yesterday was shaun's mom's birthday. she is having everyone from church over on saturday. and then wants all of us (the fam) to come over sunday. so it's doris weekend i guess. which is fine. but i feel bad for shaun because it is his weekend off and we'll be busy busy busy. at least it isn't until five on saturday. so that gives us all morning and most of the afternoon together....although we have yet to get her birthday gift. argh. we know what we want to get though, but i believe it means running to appleton. and we can't tonight because i get to go scrapbooking. shoot. that means we'll have to go tomorrow and make it an even busier day. that stinks. oh well.
i'm excited for scrapbooking. we haven't done it for months!! that means i never got caitlyn's birth done before giving birth...again. my intent was to finish her 'birth' and then do dustin's pregnancy and birth book. BEFORE dustin was born. oh well. i'm so far behind it doesn't even matter. amelya is up to may of '06. breigh's birth is done. and well i already told you the others. and my friends it is now '09. oh well. the pictures will always be there...so when all my babies are adults and out of the house it'll give me something to do anyway. dustin will probably come with me too. i'm trying to figure out a way to feed him right before i leave and then he 'might' be fine with one bottle while i'd be gone. but it's a hit or miss thing. it'd be easier to leave him home...but it's also easier just to nurse him instead of having to worry about if he's going to 'need' me at home. i'm sure shaun would just rather have me take him though. he'd be alone with them for four-plus hours...so i'll just be bringing them. and yes i said four PLUS hours. lol. sometimes it's eleven and once i think it was midnight. but we have loads of fun talking and scrapping. i don't know how chantae gets anything done with me around. i don't know if i ever keep quiet!
speaking of my dear husband. he forgot his phone at home today. which really stinks. because then i don't know when he is planning on being home so i can leave. last night he was home by 530. which was nice. but he also said he had to leave at five. (which in their work terms it usually is 15 minutes later than what you say...hence he was done at 515) he's learned to say an earlier time than he really needs. i don't have plans to leave the house today...not til scrapping. and i don't feel like loading all the kiddos up just to do that. lazy? a little. but it takes about 15-20 minutes to get them all four bundled up and ready to leave and in the van. and then another 10 minutes after we get home hauling them all in the house. seems like too big of a task just for his phone. so i think i'll call the guy he works with and see if shaun needs it. that is what i usually do. because this is NOT the first time he's forgotten his phone. it is the FIRST time the guy called at 540 and shaun was already gone so he is so very 'lucky' dustin was up eating or i would've not been happy. and he is aso so very 'lucky' he didn't wake up any of the girls. because then i would have been mad!
so that's that. i'm tired. which is no fun. i also still have a headache. it really doesn't go away for long. if the chiro wasn't in appleton i'd be going today...but again for all the same reasons i don't feel like giving shaun his phone...is the reasons i don't want to go to the chiro.
my sister went to libby lu's yesterday. got my girlies TONS of stuff for WAY cheap. i'm still bummed about it closing...but it has it's 'advantages'...the girlies loved the bracelets and rings and dress up skirt and their 'make your own' fairy wings. we haven't done them yet...but i'm sure it won't be long...
well okay. before i bore you all to sleep...i'll leave you alone. have a great friday. and because of our busy weekend ahead i just may not see you til monday...don't worry you will survive!

11 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

yay!! it's friday night scrapbooking day!!! i need to get stuff ready since it's half in the kitchen and half in the baby's room. but i am looking forward to (hopefully) getting some pages done and our girl time!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

How fun for you to scrapbook...I am so far behind. I am also sad about Libby Lus closing. i wanted to have my daughters party there. Oh well. Stephanie was only 1 away from 3 million can you believe it? 19 isn't bad either. You were cracking me up.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Yeah! You're getting a night on your own (well, sort of.) Have a wonderful time!
I hate it when my husband forgets his phone. How did stay at home mooms cope before there were cell phones is what I want to know. :)

Jessi Dawn said...

Amanda, I think your blog gets cuter and cuter everytime I stop by! I love the new pic of your family! Oh and um, how do you have time to write so much and read so many blogs?? What a supermom!

Jane Anne said...

So, I was on another friends blog this morning and she had annouced that she was going to give a prize to the 10000 visitor. I came back after a little while and then realized how close it was and started hitting refresh. Is that "legal" in that kind of contest? That HAD to be what you were doing at MckMamma's right?

mittelmommy said...

cute new header!

Mama Amber said...

Haha, soo funny because I, too, was hitting refresh trying to be the 3 millionth. I gave up and had to cook dinner and when I came back it was way over!
Glad to know I'm not the only one who was "cheating".. lol.

Your kids are just adorable and I love your blog!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

A newly designed site, Amanda. Well done! You are beginning to spoil us. Before you know it, I am going to be expecting some sort of surprise everytime I visit. :)

Lovely that you had six kids in your house last night. Be honest now...in the back of your mind, were you thinking...Shaun and I could totally make this work. What about one more baby?

Super jealous of your toy room. My house is a toy room that I am continuously fighting a losing battle with.

Have a wonderful weekend, friend.


OHmommy said...

Oh man.... I really need to get back to scrapbooking!

Ashley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog look! Great job!

-stephanie- said...

very nice header. You're having way too much fun with this. :o)