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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

general randomness...because it's what i do BEST!!

this HAS to be quick. criminal minds in on in t minus five minutes. lol. but i'm serious. I LOVE THAT show...

thanks to all of you who said you'll be praying. and thanks to those of you who haven't said it to me personally but have purposed it in your hearts to do so. i appreciate and covet all of them. i am still feeling so at peace about it all...praise the lord.

did you notice i hit 30!! followers today? no? well i did. i think it is pretty fun. so thanks to ALL of my followers. makes me feel a bit wanted. and loved. and I LOVE feeling that way.

so it is FREEZING out. they are ALREADY cancelling schools for tomorrow because it is supposed to be something like forty BELOW zero with windchill tomorrow morning. yikes!! that's C-O-L-D!!

i know i did not do my review of biggest loser today!! how dare i forget. first off...i can NOT believe how bob totally flipped. the girl needed it though. and i am SO bummed she did not fall below the yellow line. i don't like her attitude. but jerry looks great as does his wife...i can not wait to see him at the finale. second off...well i died when bob said 'i was possesed by jillian.' i thought it was funny. and really that's all i have to say about the show. i've got an awful headache and don't want to make it worse by trying to remember yesterday.

well criminal minds is on...so i'm coming back to you during the commercials. you should feel lucky. lol. that and i wasn't done typing. :0) imagine that...i have MORE to say...

so today was fun. we went to story time. we went to mcdonald's through the drive thru and then to chantae's. it was crazy and loud at times with SEVEN little ones. but OH so fun. we have to keep doing it. :0) it is nice to get together with other mommies and chat. and share 'secrets'. and of course watch the kiddos interact. (btw criminal minds is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good today)

you don't even know i'm leaving you! i'm a little addicted to tv. and i have bittersweet emotions about csi tomorrow. it's grissom's last day. i don't know what the show will be like with out him. it is weird without sara on it...now grissom?!? what are they trying to do!!??!! i also watched the bachelor this week. hmmm...interesting. one thing i HATE is how they are all kissing him. i could never be on that show, mainly because i am happily married already, but also because i wouldn't want to be sharing my 'boyfriend' with other women and kissing him knowing he's probably doing that with all the other girlies too. but still it intrigues me as to why they do it. so i watch. besides that...there is nothing else on tv then. i know we watch TOO much...oh well.

so now shaun is out of the shower and wants his back rubbed. because i love him i will go rub his back and leave you all. for good this time. i mean well for now. so have a super night. and thanks for the prayers!! i just LOVE you guys!!

9 loving words from you.:

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Congrats on 30 followers! I hit 30 today, too. We're neck and neck! :)
I'm with you on the Bachelor. Can you imagine the germs? Yuck.
Bob's outburst cracked me up. It was fun to see him fired up...and for good reason, too.
Hope you enjoyed your show!

Following Him said...

30 followers...wow! I'M a CMinds girl but these NCIS reruns are close to my heart right now too!
Stay warm!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Yeah for you! Do you watch 24 or Idol? I am a faithful 24 watcher, and I watch Idol when it is down to the final 20.
Praying for you.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

30 followers? That is just fabulous, Amanda. Honestly, it couldn't happen to a nicer girl. I am thrilled for you.

I discovered yet another thing we have in common today. Hello, Criminal Minds? I love that show too. I have to admit it is a bit like a sickness, though. Sometimes, the show is too gruesome for me, but I can't help but watch. :)


mittelmommy said...

just letting you know we are praying for you and the family today! gage was up screaming at 4 am so we were praying then too! give me a call and let me know how everything goes.
love ya!
god is good! =)

Ashley said...

I used to watch Criminal Minds EVERY week... definitely a lover of that show, but haven't watched it in a while. And seriously, CSI without Grissom?! I was pretty upset when I heard that, and like you said, it is already wierd without Sara, what are they doing to that show? Lol!

Julie said...

You have an award on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having 30 followers, you're Mrs. Popular :) awesome!!! I would be addicted to the television as well but I leave it on Sprout for Cody so I never watch any of the grownup shows... but I know every kids show by heart LOL!!

heidi said...

I'm gearing up to watch CSI right now. Sad that Grissom is leaving. :-(

Bob's outburst was great - I was like, Whoa! He thinks he's Jillian!

I dont' watch The Bachelor. Used to, but don't anymore. I HAVE been catching True Beauty online though. Do you watch that one?

Thursday is my big TV night - CSI, ER, GA, PP and SUrvivor when it's on.

I used to do an awesome American Idol recap but our fox station went off the air and I can't find it online anywhere. GUess I'll just do youtube. *sigh*