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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

where did they go?

okay so yesterday i asked you all to de-lurk. THANKS THANKS THANKS. to all of you who so politely listened!! and please if you didn't read that post or didn't listen...listen today. let me know who YOU are...you know pretty much everything about ME. lol. let me know you a little too.

but one thing that is mind boggling me this morning is where my 'hits' went. when 'slp' commented she was 10224...she stated it. but this morning my hit counter was just above 10100. hmpf. i don't know what happened. oh well. i truly don't think people can come in and steal hits. so who knows...other things have been 'gone' around me too...maybe i'm just losing my mind...

anyways. like i said thanks for commenting. i truly LOVED it. and like i also said..it's A-OKAY to de-lurk ANYTIME.

story time is today. it is also way below zero. no fun. after story time the plan is to go to 'gage's house'. melissa and her kiddos were invited too. so if she comes it'll be a nice full house of kids. all under amelya's age. :0) but they will have fun. so that's the part.

tomorrow is my test. i'm dreading having to get up early actually. well not super early. but we'll all have to leave the house by seven-thirtyish. that's the 'hard' part. my mil was maybe going to have off...but that's not the case. so we'll truck all the kiddos along with us. my mom is on first this week though, so she is going to meet us at the hospital after work when i'm having the actual scan done. so it works out. we have to be at the hospital by 815. take the pill at 830. then be back at 230 for the test. so between it all...we're going to the chiro and then to the mall i think. it'll give the girlies time to play and only one spot for us to have to be at. should be just fine.

as i type this it keeps telling me it isn't saving. i'm going to be so sad if it doesn't publish. i just hate having to try and think of everything i said. even though 'in real life' i repeat myself ALL the time. heck, i do it here too!! :0)

so i'm quitting. mainly because i don't want to lose a super long post. well that and caitlyn is awake. have a great day. if i don't get to post again, or tomorrow morning...which is HIGHLY unlikely...please remember to pray for me and the test and well my entire fam. :0) thanks so much. i'll try and update you all if i find out anything and how the test went ASAP. :0) thank you again to all of you who 'de-lurked'. (update) i couldn't even post the post. so i copied and pasted it. now it's back. and now i have to go get caitlyn. for real this time.

9 loving words from you.:

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi Amanda,
I will be praying for you and your entire family. All will go well.

Stephanie said...

I hate when I write a post out and it says that it isn't saving!!!!

Praying for you today and tomorrow for your test! Let me know how it goes.

Love ya girl!

Ashley said...

I hope everything runs smoothly during your test and you get good results! Stay warm in the next few days!!!

mittelmommy said...

I could have watched the kids for you on thursday that way you wouldn't have had to take them out in the freezing cold so much and then they could have played all day with gage and you and shaun could just go to the appt. together...
anyway, i'm praying for you too! pray that you still have peace about this and for shaun as well!
see you in a few hours...melissa said she'd come if her 'headache' didn't get worse at story time..i think her headaches sound more like migraines. not fun. anyway, hopefully she feels better and we can have 7 kiddos in my small house playing!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Hope your day is going well! I cannot imagine less than 0 degree weather. The coldest it gets here is 15 degrees every few years or so. I hate getting my two girls out when it is 32 degrees outside. I shiver at the thought of doing it with 4 little ones in much colder temperatures! You're amazing! :)
Praying for good results! :)

He And Me + 3 said...

Praying for you! Weird about the number of hits. Who stole them? LOL

Verna said...

I just happened onto your blog from a different blog.

Some of us don't comment the first couple times we read a blog.
It always makes me smile when I have a bad day and I can go to a blog or two and read a bit, then go back to my work.

I also find that when I am typing on my blog it is safer to save yourself every so often, or you might have to retype everything you just got done saying. And Oh, how I hate that.
Have a great day.

C.C. and Double T said...

Praying for you.

-stephanie- said...

got you on my prayer list.