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Saturday, January 31, 2009

the test

well here is my informational post on my biopsy yesterday. sorry i didn't let you all know yesterday, i was enjoying the day with my family and chantae and her fam.

overall the biopsy went well. i was bummed because they wouldn't let shaun come back with me. they want it sterile and they don't want to risk the 'husband' passing out. (which could be a possibility...puking would probably be more accurate) for that split second i felt panic. but god brought me to where i needed to be and said it'll be okay. so we go to the room. the guy was WAY nice explained the procedure and then took a ultrasound pic of my thyroid. he told me that it is a pretty big nodule. he said it is about a half in deep and it as long as the transducer. i'm not good at measurements...i'd say the transducer was about four inches long?. he also said it is pretty much fluid filled...which is GOOD. there was little solid spot that he showed me and he said the dr would hopefully get some of the cells from there. he said for as far as the cyst/nodule goes this is the 'best' kind to have because it causes cancer the least amount of times. the doctor came in and the lab tech too.

i was a bit nervous...but then this worship song filled my thought: jesus you lift me up when i'm done, pick me up whenever i'm weary, you give the peace that passes all understanding to me....
how awesome it was to feel that peace!!

the biopsy went fine. the part that hurt the most was the numbing part. for those of you who have had to be stitched after having babies it felt the same way/hurt as that numbing stuff does. and in a tender area too! the pain only lasted about 5 seconds...yeah ONLY!! that's a long five seconds!! i could only feel pressure when he did the biopsy itself. he had to numb me again though because he also aspirated it to get the liquid out. so the lump feels smaller today. after he finished the biopsy he said it went wonderfully and he wouldn't be too worried. so over all i got some good feedback from the tech and drs. i'm still preparing that it could be not so good news as well...that way if it is i'm not totally shocked.

now as far as the results go. wanna know how long i have wait!!!!!!!!! TWO WEEKS. ahhh. he said it usually gets results in 7-10 days but they have to tell us two weeks. that's a super long time. but i'll wait. only because i have no other choice really.

so that's that. i have four small dots on my neck from the needles. but nothing too serious. it does hurt a bit yet today. but other than that i'm doing great. thank YOU for your prayers and support through all of it. i love you guys!!

so another 'big' story i have....

...for awhile now i've been going back and forth over cloth diapering. one day it is ABSOLUTELY NOT EVER NO WAY. the next was...hmmm maybe. well last week i went to the mom and pop place because one of my friends was seriously interested in it. i sat and listened to the lady explain some stuff to her. i walked away thinking...no don't think so. then i looked again. and thought. WOAH...i'd be saving SO much money. right now we spend close to 200 DOLLARS on DIAPERS every MONTH-MONTH AND A HALF. i could spend a little over that and get all the diapers i need...and not have to buy more! so in about two months i'd be 'getting money' back. i looked and debated. i called shaun. he said he didn't care as long as it wasn't just a 'fad'. i said no i don't think so...look at this money we'll be saving! so i DID IT. i bought two kits, small for dustin and large for breigh and caitlyn. it is the bummis brand. i also had a to buy a few more covers for dustin and some for breigh.

i got home thursday and washed and dried the diapers three times (some rule). then yesterday i DID IT. even when we went out. i figured if i'm doing this, i'm gonna do it. it went well. i just brought along a ziplock baggie for the used diapers while we were gone. i'm not brave enough to use them at night and figured i can use up my disposable diapers that way. PLUS one or two diapers a day will still last us a long time that way. i've also said that if someone is babysitting i would just have them use disposable...except shaun. lol. i was so proud of him yesterday. when i was having my biopsy done breigh came up and said 'i peed'. so he had to change her. :0) and he did a good job and didn't even complain. i'm so thankful he was 'on board'. if he would've told me no, which he does do...and should do..., i wouldn't have gotten them. but he was fine with it.

i'm not going to go on this 'everyone' should cloth diaper kick either. i've found it to be going well...one day...and actually it is easier than i thought. i already do wash every few days..so that isn't a big deal...now i just have an extra load...so either you're going to want to do it, or try it or it isn't for you. i'm honestly doing it to save the money. and i'm praying i can see that we're saving it too. winter is a 'hard' time for us because of no farm income coming in. so we pinch pennies all winter and winter is the best time to have some extra money...or rather no extra expenses as far as diapers go. so i'm kind of excited. plus they're SO cute...so that helps. :0)

well shaun is working this weekend. boo hoo. but oh well. i'm just praying he doesn't have to work late today like last time...i like having him home and so do the girls. so have a good saturday. and thanks to you again for praying!! i appreciate it SO SO much.

12 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

Praising God for good news. Will continue to pray for great results.

The good thing about diapers is that it doesn't last forever. A few more years and it's over. Unless more babies come. :o)

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

glad it went ok and hope they're right about not being too worried

~*Michelle*~ said...

First....praying for great news in the days ahead. God is good..all the time.

Second.....ROCK ON about the cloth diapers....did you ever check out my site www.LittleEarthAngels.com? One of the things I promote is cloth diapering.

Please let me know if I can help out with any questions about using cloth. They also sell really nice "wet bags" that you can use to put the dirty dipes in. I can offer some tips on washing too.

So happy your biopsy went well....even if you have a little vampire bite for awhile ;)


*sorry about the website plug....I just found out this morning that they put a hold on that CPSIA law and I am excited to keep my doors open!!

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm glad your biopsy went well and prayers that it all looks good. I'll continue praying.

When Mercede was first born, I did cloth diapers BUT she was on diuretics, so it didn't work well for us. With my last daughter, I really wanted to do cloth, but I work alot of hours and also do not have access to a washing machine at all times (since I share one with the people I take care of) so we didn't do it. But I am all for it, and think it is really helping the environment and better for the child.

I hope my Mii looks better by next week ;)

He And Me + 3 said...


I am glad that you did get some encouraging news...I hope that their thoughts are correct. But either way...God is still in control.
2 weeks? Serious? Wow...it will go by fast though. still praying for good results.

Verna said...

Glad you biopsy went okay. I can relate to doing biopsys. I've had three done, and the last one was not a picnic at all.

As for cloth diapers, I ask for cloth diapers at the baby shower and was showered with 11 dozen.
My daughter broke out everytime they used a disposable on her, so I used them full time.
More laundry, but we did just fine.

S.L.P said...

I hope the 2 weeks flies past, in a good way.

Good for you for trying the cloths. I tried it twice and ended up giving up. My kids got bad rashes with them, but I was able to share them with friends and I did save some money while I was using them. They have a good resale value if you can find a place to sell (assuming you won't have another to use them on).

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Just know you're in my prayers while you await your results. God give you peace.
And I think you should take a deep breath and use those diapers at night. Just double 'em up! You may need to use a bigger cover, though. Emma wears cloth 24/7, and she never wakes up wet. Great job!

Lara said...

I didn't realize there were degrees of nodules, but I'm so glad that yours is the best to have (if you're going to have one). These two weeks you'll find peace through God-- I just know it. I've wanted to use cloth diapers forever. I just need to take that giant leap!

Rachel said...

Hey Amanda...sorry I've been bad about leaving comments lately! I'm so glad the biopsy wasn't too painful and I'm excited to hear you are liking the cloth diapering! I love it too! I had been thinking about your 3 in diapers situation and thinking you could really save money quickly as well! Are you using Bummies covers and prefolds underneath? I have a Bummies cover but the prefolds just didn't seem to hold much.... So that's why I'm using the all in one's...

heidi said...

I'm glad the biopsy is over and done with! Also glad they're not overly concerned. :-)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I'm glad it went well. And I'm praying that the result will be good. Hang in there my friend! Two weeks should go by quickly.

Good luck on the cloth diapers. I am sure they will work well for you.