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Thursday, January 29, 2009

tomorrow tomorrow

annie is one of my FAVORITE musicals. perhaps my only favorite musical. and of course tomorrow is my biopsy. so it's on my mind a lot today. but speaking of annie a few years ago i got to go see the broadway show at the performing arts center. we were four rows from the stage!! it was so cool. my aunt's boss actually had the season tickets and let her get them. for way cheap! it was fun.

so anyways. tomorrow is friday already!! yikes. this week flew on by us. and of course like i said numerous times. the biopsy. i'm still doing fine. i think i will be. until i get the results. i mean i know i'll be 'fine' after getting the results...it's the waiting that will kill me. lol. i guess i just wanna keep the ball rolling. and the waiting through the time-outs is not keeping the ball a moving. i am a habitual chanel flipper during tv shows...not so good at the time out thing. :0) but it'll all be fine. i know and trust god that it will be. regardless of the results god is still SO good. ALL the time. he doesn't know anything different. and it's ALL the time. he isn't human so he doesn't choose 'when' or 'why' to be good...he just IS. how awesome is that!?!

shaun has off to come with me tomorrow. yay. but he does have to work this weekend. boo. he has been working long hours again this week. yesterday he was done by five thirty...which was really nice. but he also went in at five AM. so it was still over 12 hours. it was fun last night though because instead of falling asleep on the couch he played wii fit with me. he was stuck on perfecting the ski jump. he did a pretty good job. but i still beat him! he he he he. i'm not competitve AT ALL. we bowled and played tennis too. he totally beat me twice at tennis. but it was still fun.

tomorrow we're having supper with chantae and nathan and gage. they're coming over. it will be loads of fun i'm sure. plus we're playing wii. i'd better practice my bowling again tonight...they're both really good!! we're having tacos for supper. yummy. i love tacos. even though it is just meat and cheese. to me you need nothing more than some cheese. :0) i LOVE cheese. chantae's brother made fun of my naming breigh, breigh because i 'named her after brie cheese'. i DID NOT name her after brie cheese...it just happened to be a coincidence. a funny one though.

i'm really getting sick of winter. i hope spring is coming soon. we haven't had any snow storms or anything lately. but i just want the sun out and green grass and pretty tulips. only a few more weeks...or months...i also hate getting the kids ready in winter. coats, hats, boots etc etc. having to start the van 15 minutes before we need to leave so we don't freeze to the seats...oh the joys of winter. yet the snow CAN be pretty. but that's about all. yet i think if i lived somewhere with NO snow i'd miss it. so i'll stick here to good ole wisconsin. where it's probably possible to have snow all year round. :0) the latest i ever remember it is my mom's birthday, MAY 10th. i was little in elementary school. they even closed schools. it was quite crazy.

well enough random facts about snow in wi. :0) i'm in need of changing some diapers and getting some kiddos dressed. then i may think about doing the same. :0) toodles.

17 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

i also am a channel changer and prefer just cheese on my tacos. jay is forever telling me to stay on just one channel (even if he isn't watching) and telling me i like things TOO plain. i say... yup that's me!

have fun tonight! and kick some wii butt!

Stephanie said...

Yummy!!!! Tacos..we're having those tomorrow!

praying for you!!!

dddiva said...

Ugh Annie- I used to like it but Kyra watched over and over and over and over and ... you get the idea. That and the Peter Pan with Mary Martin.
Praying for good news.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Glad you're doing well this week my friend! I love the movie Annie. I have never seen the play in person. But I would love to!

Take care my friend!
Keep up the positive thinking!

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda!
I'll be praying for your biopsy results. My mother in law just had one the other day, and praise the Lord it came back negative for cancer. All we can do is trust in the Lord, right? HUGS!!

Have a great time w/ your friends. They sound like alot of fun!

Yum on the tacos! One of my faves!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I'll be thinking about you and praying for you tomorrow. I know how the waiting is, and it gets more gut wrenching with each new round of tests!

C.C. and Double T said...

Praying for you.

I know waiting is hard. Just remember that God is good, no matter what.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Thinking of you today. Hang in there girl. :)
I have something for you over at my blog. Feel free to pick it up and pass it along. You know, in ll your free time!

heidi said...

I'll be praying for you, Amanda!

Man, I want a Wii.

I'm glad you got some time with Shaun. I don't thinkt hey realize just how much we like just hanging out with them, yk?

Lara said...

We're having tacos tonight, too. I like the works, but will settle for the minimum of cheese, lettuce and salsa or tomato. But throw in some sour cream, avocado/guac., beans, onion, etc. I'm a baaaaad habitual channel surfer during breaks. My husband has just learned to not even say anything when we're in the car together. But as soon as a song I don't like or a commercial comes on, I change it. Oh well. Good luck with everything and I'll be praying.

He And Me + 3 said...

I'll be praying for you...Just be still and know that He is God. & be still during the biopsy too:) Remember...worrying will not change the results, I know that first hand. But He is good...all the time.
Have fun eating Tacos. YUM my favorite.
Actress was Molly in the theater production of Annie Jr. for our local theater group. She was so cute. I was so proud!

OHmommy said...

Praying for good results. Yummy tacos!

-stephanie- said...

praying for you today, Amanda.

mittelmommy said...

I think your appt. is about now...just wanted to once again let you know I am praying! I pray too that you have total peace right now! God is good! Keep your eyes on Him and all will be okay as he carries you through anything!
Love You!!

C.C. and Double T said...

How did things go?

S.L.P said...

Praying for you! I'm no good at waiting. When I had to have a biopsy done I got away with calling the doctors office and getting my results faxed to me b/c I worked for another clinic the doctor was the head of. They didn't know it was me. I hope you won't be waiting long.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Keeping you in my thoughts today as you have your biopsy. Waiting is always the toughest part, like you said. However, I know that your incredible faith will see you through this.

You also have those in the blog world who care for you too! :)