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Sunday, February 01, 2009

if it wasn't for the ice cream

...okay well we went to dq after church today. let me tell you..if it wasn't for their good ice cream i may never go back.

last week or so, yes we eat out too much...carry on, shaun went thru the drive thru and brought us home supper. well they totally screwed up our order. shaun called and told them. so they wrote down what they 'owed' us and said to tell them shaun's name when we came back the next time. so today was next time. i told the girl our name. she got the piece of paper. and i told her i wanted those things and then the other stuff we needed.

easy, right? obviously not. she screwed up my order. i don't know how. anyways this other girl comes out to tell me it'll be a bit because the 'grill burgers' take awhile. and asked me what i ordered because the number 2 is a cheeseburger. i said i didn't tell her anything it was written on the paper. she kind of got defensive with me. i don't know why. i mean i was a bit preturbed but it wasn't her fault. so i don't know. i'm just irritated with dq right now. the girl is human so she can screw up. but it happens EVERY single time we go. i'm always going back up and saying i only wanted ketchup and pickles. argh. okay. enough complaining. sorry. but hey i love the ice cream!!

soooo cloth diapering. is going. g-r-e-a-t!! i absolutely have been enjoying it. and really wish i would have been open to it earlier. breigh has been loving picking out which cover to wear too. bummis has some super cute covers! so far i have been using the prefolds with the bummis covers. dustin's onesie a tiny bit wet today. but not wet enough to change. but the girls' clothes have stayed dry. actually i've noticed the covers with the 'gussets' on them tend to get wet and then possibly leak. so i like the orignial super whisper wraps best so far.

then i put up my "25 random facts" on facebook and mentioned how i started cloth diapering. one of my hs friends emailed me and said she had cloth diapered her daughter too. how come i never knew that!?! so anyways. her daughter is potty trained and she isn't in need of the diapers. so she's selling them to me!! woo hoo. they're the fuzzi bunz diapers. which i really have been interested in, but didn't have the money to buy those. they are about 17 dollars for each diaper! yikes. so my super nice friend is selling me 12 diapers and a 'wet bag' for about 165. and 10 of the diapers are BRAND NEW~so i'm saving loads of money. yay. plus i think the fuzzi bunz diapers will be easier to use when we go out and about. we'll see how they work for that. :0)

now for those of you who also cloth diaper and use prefolds...what is your favorite fold? so far i've been using the angel wing fold with much success. but i want to know what works for you?? also what do you use to spray on them to help keep the poopy stains off? and remember i live in wisconsin..so right now...sunning them isn't quite an option. :0( i've heard some about bac-out. but don't know where to find it. i've kind of jumped in on this with both feet and really not too prepared with 'information' before hand. just kind of learning as i go...

church was SO good today. shaun was able to be home in time to go...although he is back at work now...but that's besides the point he was able to make church which is the most important. we talked some today about making sure our names are in 'the book'...you know the 'lamb's book of life'. well then at the end of church mike did an altar call. and TWO people went up. woo hoo. i was so excited. it makes me cry every time i see that commitment from someone. it made it even more special because it was someone i invited to church! i praise god that he used me to lead this person to christ. i'm excited to see how it will all play out in his life and his family's life as well. ohhh god is SO good.

my neck is feeling better today. it still is a bit tender but not too bad. thanks again for all your kind words and prayers. i'll be sure to fill you in once i find out the details of it all.

i'll leave you with the rest of the 'random facts' from my facebook post. they're ones that i didn't share when i did this post...

12. my relationship with the lord comes before everything and everyone else. because that's when everything goes well, when he's first and i'm not.

13. i'm so thankful that shaun and i get to raise our babies in a christian home

14. i have been pregnant or nursing or both for 60 out of the 63 months we've been married. (i can't believe i just figured that out)

15. i LOVE having babies and my heart breaks for those who have troubles getting pregnant and i wish i could throw some 'fertile mertile' love their way to make it all 'better'

16. shaun and i try to go on a date night at least once a month to 'connect' i feel it is vital to our relationship and marriage. i want to 'know' shaun after all our babies are out of the house and i feel this helps us know each other and get that special time together just the two of us...and sometimes three because of nursing babies...

17. our kids' names are A B C and D. i have yet to decide if we are 'continuing the alphabet'.

18. i hate capitalizing and using correct punctuation in my typing and tend to use three periods all the time.

19. i plan on homeschooling our kids and can't be more excited about it...i have started some with amelya and am so excited when she 'gets it' and have been blown away by her lately

20. as i've gotten older i've learned to not care as much about what people think of me...i spent too much time doing that growing up...thus resulting in a 'not so me' me

21. i love the smell of fresh linen and wish i had a clothesline to hang my clothes on

22. i am so grateful to have a husband who is so helpful with everything around the house even after putting in way too many hours at work. i love watching him be a daddy to our girls. **okay when i typed that i instinctively put GIRLS and never mentioned poor dustin...he's included too...i just keep forgetting to say kids instead of girls...oops!!**

23. i laugh when people say they don't think shaun talks. if you only knew....

24. i want to take our kids to disney. and wish we had loads of money to do it now...instead we wait. :0)

so there you go...even more information about me!! hope i don't scare you away! have a super rest of you sunday...and i'll be sure to be back for not me monday tomorrow. :0)

8 loving words from you.:

Rachel said...

Hey Amanda, I use Bac-out by Bioclean. I keep in in a small spray bottle and water it down a bit since it's about $8 for a bottle. I can get at my local grocery store in the "Health Market" section. It's an all-natural product that "eats" the bacterial. Just remember to do a double rinse cycle so it doesn't eat at your babes skin. :) Here's a link to their website. I'm so glad it's going well...I really enjoy clothdiapering and it's something you can feel good about doing!


Following Him said...

DQ gave us a really hard time a few years back and I have really never cared for them anymore. Bluebell icecream will always have my heart and part of my hips too :) As for A-D, PRECIOUS children!

~*Michelle*~ said...

I've heard good things about Bac-out too.

Here was our washing routine. One quick prewash with a teaspoon of detergent (warm water)....then one regular wash with hot water....if you can use one of those Downy ball things, a few drops of tea tree oil is a good disinfectant....then an extra hot rinse to get all suds out.

As far as sunning out....I used to put them on the window sill for even the few hours of sun that might hit it. A little bit of sun goes a long way ;)

I love to hear about leading others to Christ....it gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling inside. :)

Check out www.hyenacart.com or www.diaperswappers.com for the For Sale postings on diapers. You can score some diapers that might be used but in fantastic condition. Fuzzi Bunz were one of our staple brands.....we also used snappis with prefolds and Bummis covers. Oh, Happy Heinies are good (but I don't care for velcro style closure)....
Oh I could "talk cloth" all day.....I am praying that I will have a little bum in the one brand new newborn dipe I have tucked in my sock drawer. It's been there for the past two years. :(

But I have faith.....

OK, talk soon.


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

No my friend, you would never scare me away. You can't get rid of me that easily :o)

We have a good DQ near us. It is owned by the same family that originally opened it in the 60s. I love to go there! But the McD is another story.

Take care my friend!
I hope you have a great weekend!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

UGH DQ! It's McDonald's giving us fits. And yes, we eat out too often too! LOL

-stephanie- said...

It is frustrating when a food joint can't get your order right. We ordered burgers from McD's and hubby asks for cheeseburger no ketchup. He gets a bun with the works, no meat. HA!

Glad the diapers are going well.

He And Me + 3 said...

I can't believe that they messed up your order again. Frustrating...no doubt. That is awesome about people coming to the Lord at church, and I use three periods all the time too!

Lara said...

I need to get on the ball with that 25 facts thing. Good for you for taking the time to do it.