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Friday, February 20, 2009

finally friday.

whew. this week has been a busy one. i have been super busy.

i am in the middle of an email to a friend who probably thinks she really stinks like poo...but hey at least i started your email. :0) she wrote me a novel, and i promised her one back. i just haven't had the novel time to sit and write it. or if i sit down it isn't for long and the kiddos were up from their naps...anyways...

yesterday i chilled with the kiddos and then we made some last minute plans to go to hu hot with some friends of ours. it was fun. we had SIX kids and FOUR adults. lol. they sat us in a back corner room thingy...it worked out really nice because the girls could kind of be loud together and we weren't disrupting anyone else. and they weren't like crazy loud just giggling...which gets loud when you get them all together!!

hu hot was yummy...as always. i really do love that place. and shaun even liked it last night. sometimes he gets all picky about it. we had a nice time out to eat. i even sacrificed watching survivor and CSI. lol. i just wish i could've taped them. but we aren't all fancy and don't have dvr soooo i'll catch up on survivor next week...and CSI is bound to have a rerun episdoe. i hope.

now TODAY. i get to meet another blogging buddy. TWO in ONE week how funis that. i am meeting the mommy behind the mommy diaries, esther. she has some stuff for my haiti fundraiser. and because we both live with in an hour of 'the mall' we're meeting there today. actually this morning. at ten. so i cannot ramble on much more. dustin woke up a bit earlier than normal, like five to six...so i fed him so that way i could get up. and blog a bit. then shower and get the diaper bag ready before the girls get up. i know i'll have to wake dustin up again to go. yesterday he slept til almost TEN after his six thirty feeding!!!

i have to run to town and go to the bank and stop somewhere else as well. the somewhere else at least i'm pretty sure i'm stopping at. see they have four year old kind. screening next week. i've been he hawing around with just getting amelya screened. you don't have to be attending 4K to get screened. because i have no intentions or desire to send her to 4K. but i guess it'd make me feel better to know that she is 'on the right track'. which i am pretty sure she is. she can recognize all her letters, most of her numbers, she can write her first and last name and a lot of the other letters, she knows quite of few sounds the letters make. she'll be four in TWO WEEKS!!??! yikes. i can't believe that!!

but i figured they'll also screen her eyes and hearing as well. so i dunno. if i get to the school i'll do it. if i'm running way late...i won't.

i also have scrapbooking tonight. so when i get home from the mall i have to organize all my stuff. which is kind of a pain. part of me feels like going to scrapping and just talking all night, then i wouldn't have to lug all my stuff out. is that lazy? yea probably. plus i won't get any further ahead will i?

shaun doesn't have to work this weekend!!! yay! i'm super excited for that. tomorrow some friends from church have rented out a sand volleyball court. so we'll probably go and play for awhile. they have two courts there. so one we can play on, and the other the girlies can play in. so it'll work out nice. plus it will be fun to do! i'm all competitive i guess. but i am not really that good at volleyball. i was only in vb in 7th and 8th grade. then i did tennis in high school. not that much of that matters...

so even this weekend will be run run run. hopefully next week slows down a bit.....it has to. but i guess not too much. monday we have our tax appt and oh man that just reminded me i have nothing ready for that!! guess what i'll be doing tomorrow morning. monday afternoon dustin has his four month check up. so i guess monday is just as busy. tuesday will be dance day. but we're going to the chiro monday so tuesday we'll go home after dance. maybe. lol.

so because i'm most likely boring you to tears. i am going to go. besides that...i have to shower...so I don't start stinking...

8 loving words from you.:

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh my stars....I love ya mama...you are too funny!

Take your time...I am not going anywhere. ;)

poo poo de poo.


Ashley said...

Love the new layout (and the previous one you had)! Have fun meeting another blogger buddy, how exciting!

Ugh, taxes... thanks for reminding me. I still have to make an appt for mine. Jay was able to get his done already... then it's financial aid, even bigger ugh!

Have a great weekend!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Have fun at 4K screeening! Sounds like little Amelya is doing pretty good. :)
You've reminded me that I must get it in gear, tax-wise. I normally keep up with this info all year and this year it just didn't happen. Yikes.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Sounds like you have tons a FUN lined up...Enjoy!
My kiddies are sick...we are headed over to the drs:(

-stephanie- said...

you are one busy mama. Have fun at the mall. I'd come on over and stalk you two, but I'm too cold and lazy to go out.

You new header is soooo cute!

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the new look...very cute. Yeah for scrapbooking tonight. I am doing that tomorrow all day. so excited. Did you get my gift card yet?
Have fun meeting another blogging friend. You are so lucky.
Have a wonderful weekend.

heidi said...

Oh, I ADORE Hu Hot! We don't have one here. *sniff sniff*

Hooray for Shaun having the weekend off - enjoy it!

I love your new look. :-)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

It was so fun meeting you today! I love getting out with other moms. We'll have to do it again soon. Have fun scrapbooking tonight!