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Friday, March 27, 2009

das not funny friday.

hey all. i did this last week and had a blast. so this week i'm at it again. make sure you click on that picture up there to take you to jessica's site and you can play too!! ((and i must make this quick, my house is clean...now i have the playroom to tackle...so i guess i lied my whole house isn't clean...but the parts that matter are...))

breigh again takes the focus of my 'das not funny' stuff.

breigh was once again involved in diaper changes. i explained to her dustin is a boy and that is why he has 'that'. and then she of course told me how gage has that as well. i said and daddy has that because daddy is a boy too.

oh brother!! breigh insisted daddy was not a boy.

i said, yes daddy is a boy.

don't argue with a two year old, she said "no daddy is not a boy. daddy is daddy!!"

i tried to explain how daddy is daddy and daddy is a boy, with no 'luck'. so for now, daddy is just daddy...because i'm not explaining anything else!!

because of this as well...breigh likes to come in the bathroom by me after i shower. she has seen my tookie. she always makes sure to tell me she likes it. ((thanks breigh)) well then one day before i could grab a towel, to cover up my front, she asks me this: mom, why do you have a chocolate butt?

what?!? are you kidding me?!? i will not explain this. no i won't. i have like twelve years don't i?!?! so i said...breigh, get out of the bathroom!

that was a few weeks ago. this week she comes in the bathroom and just tells me this, mom, i like your chocolate butt. i say...thanks breigh, now get out of the bathroom.

for those of you who are going to suggest a lock. it's broken. and it's a sliding door to the bathroom, so easily opened....

well 'das sure not funny'. :0)

i'm off. to pick up the play room. and rest up my arm for the 'wii-othon' tonight!!

8 loving words from you.:

Stephanie said...

Oh my. LOL. I have a few similar stories.

Kelli said...

That is hilarious!! I always get "Why don't mommas have wienies?" I'm sure you will hear that a lot when Dustin gets a little older!

He And Me + 3 said...

They come up with some doozies don't they? chocolate butt...LOL

The Beaver Bunch said...

Chocolate butt?

I guess I'm not with it today b/c I don't get it.

Don't feel like you have to explain, I'm sure tonight, at about 10pm it will become perfectly clear.

-stephanie- said...

Ha Ha Ha...chocolate butt! Love it. As my oldest pronounces it..pooberty.

heidi said...

See, I've always hit them with the technical terms and it ceased being funny after that. My kids - including Corban who's two, all know that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. COrban likes to ask me, though, if certain people have penises or vaginas but, yk, it's all good.

Once, after explaining penises to Cara she walked in on Rob while he was getting in the shower. She looked at him and reached out and grabbed a handful. SHe said, I know the thing in front is a penis but what's this stuff? Oy vey. Poor Rob. I was on the floor peeing myself in laughter so I'm afraid I was no help.

Ok, so, nevermind. Teaching them the technical terms hasn't dissuaded them, but at least they're being biologically correct about it all, eh?

Sneaky Momma said...

This is sooooo funny! :)

Hall Family said...

Very Stinking Funny!