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Friday, March 20, 2009

Das Not Funny!

so i've met tons of great new friends through this crazy blog. one of them is jessica. who gives away super prizes if you ever win her contests by the way. {{i mean socks!! who doesn't need them!?}} she's hosting 'das not funny'. because i think it's funny i'm playing along. plus it's been pretty 'heavy' around here lately. so i'm going for light. just click on the button to play along...of course after you're done reading and commenting here!! :0)

so the one thing i can think of that breigh will probably not think is funny when i tell her is this story::

i was changing dustin's diaper the other day. she was checking it all out. at our house we're all about using the correct terms. {{i'm not typing it here for the only reason that i don't need some perv googling "p" and finding my site}}

so she says, what is that?

i say it's a "p". can you say "p" ((okay okay i know i ASK her to say it. you see lately i've been working on her getting to say certain letters and certain words. she likes to leave out 'l' and 'm' in some words.))

clear as a bell breigh says, "p".

yay. she can't say other words clearly, like 'milk' and 'lotion' (it's Bilk and otion) but she can say "p". then she goes on to tell me 'gage has that.'

i don't know what her infactuation with my friend's sons' "p" is. once before she saw dustin's and just said 'gage has that'. like what is SHE DOING checking THAT out. it's not like she just sits and stares when chantae is changing him. and you all thought i was a stalker!!

so when i go on to tell her this story i'm sure she'll say 'das not funny'. when i SO think it is. next week i have to be sure to write down more funny things. because i know they always say funny stuff, and i say i'll remember. truth is, i don't!! so this will be a fun way to remember.

like the new look? i was bored. well actually i'm not feeling well at all today. my friend decided to visit a week and a half late and has shown up full force. and really has kicked my butt. it's worse than ever before. yucko. i know i know. tmi. but seriously i think all of you are women. so i'm sure it's not THAT big of a deal. besides that i've already talked about 'p' so what's worse. :0) have a super weekend. i'm not sure if i'll be back again this weekend. so if i'm not see you monday.

13 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

your friend finally showed up, huh? well in some ways that stinks!
cute story on breigh...won't this be funny to talk about when they are dating? lol not sure who it will embarrass more, breigh or gage?!?!

The Beaver Bunch said...

Oh MY WORD...that IS hysterical. When Lucas and Ashlee were much littler, Ashlee was obsessed with Lucas' "P."

EVERY time they'd take a bath, she'd spend the whole bath pulling on it. He'd just sit there and stare at her. It was SOOOOO funny.

Oh, and thanks for playing. Now, I won't feel like a total loser since YOU linked in.

Whew! I was starting to sweat. Okay, not really, but I was really sweating when I thought I'd permanently jacked up my blog.

Oh, and I LOVE the new spring look. Magnificent. I'm putting up a new "springy" header next week! yay!

Kelli said...

That is funny!!
I love the new look!! Your header is too cute...I love the bunny ears!

-stephanie- said...

Love the new "spring" look. So cute.

My friend came 1-2 weeks early. Nice friend huh? I feel your pain.

Love your "p" story.

Ashley said...

Lovin' the new look and hope you are feeling better soon! Also loved the story!

Following Him said...

HILARIOUS...I love the new spring colors :) Also the 23 month old that I work with can not say s yet so sock sounds like cock. Too cute :)
FEEL BETTER SOON and THANK YOU for the sweet package. It came today :)

Alicia said...

LOL!! Great vocabulary lesson!!!

I love your new layout! It looks so springy!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Too funny! Good amo for later for sure.
Love the new layout. It was the first thing I said when I opened you blog page! Very cute!

The Beaver Bunch said...

PS-I added you to my blogroll. I think you were there back before I had to reload all of it again the last time.

Anyhoots, you're back there now.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

First of all, I LOVE your new look! Those pictures are too cute.
Anyway, what a great story! Reminds me of when Ethan watched us change Emma's diaper for the first time-- He looked down at her, looked up at me, and said, "Huh. Well. I see her privates fell off!" :-)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

You poor thing! I hope you're feeling better.
I LOVE your new layout! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

CUTE layout, how do you design it by the way?? I'm clueless!! I love your personal your blog layout is, it's definitely one-of-a-kind!

I can't bring myself to say the "p" word so I haven't taught my son that term yet LOL. He calls it his "wee wee" and it's just so cute, I can't correct him yet :P

Thank you for sharing such a cute little story!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

:) You have an award waiting for you on my blog!