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Thursday, March 26, 2009

thankful thursday.

i needed to get a picture at my mom's house yesterday. i wanted to share it with you. it's another oldie but a goodie. this one is about seven-ish years ago. my first year of college. and i'm getting my haircut today. like it is in the picture. yeppers. a whole lot cut off for me. but i've cut all my hair off lots of times, i get sick of the same thing and then go drastic for a bit.
truthfully though, every time i am at my mom and dad's shaun makes a comment after we leave how he likes my haircut in this picture. and then one of my friends saw it the other day and said, you should get your hair cut like that. so that's the verdict. plus i really like my hair short.

that fantastic looking lady in the middle is my grandma. ain't she the cutest thing ever?!? i never realized til now how much her and my sister and i look alike. my sister moreso i think. but everyone says amy looks just like my mom anyways. my grandma was in the nursing home at this point. i came home from college every weekend to visit her, well and shaun i'll be honest! :0) but i am SO grateful i saw her so much. after she passed away i was so thankful i had all those special memories. she may have not remembered my name or exatcally who i was, but i could see it in her eyes that she knew she 'knew' me. for that i was thankful. the sparkle in her eyes never left even though her memory did. dementia is such a scary and not fun thing. but through all of it god is so good. plus i was able to share with her and know that she accepted jesus. so i rest in the fact that i'll see her again in heaven. whoo hoo. after meeting my savior face to face she is on my top five people to re-unite with or meet. i'm also looking forward to meeting shaun's dad and brother for the first time. how exciting to spend eternity with them!?!?

so okay. i'm totally slacking. my cousins and sister are coming over tomorrow night to play wii. which means 'mii' really has to get her tookie in gear to make my house look presentable. yikes. so i'll be absent from my computer and not commenting much today. and i need you to hold me accountable to that. if i comment any time this afternoon you all better ask if my house is picked up first??! i know you got my back!! so i'm off. and later, if my house is picked up, i'll try to share a picture of the new haircut!! :0) peace out my friends.

11 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

cute picture of you and your sister with your grandma! i see it too-how you girls look alike! can't wait to see your haircut tomorrow! are you getting it colored too? don't answer that until the house is at least half way picked up! =)

Lara said...

Hmm... I just tried to leave a comment and it didn't work. So if this is number 2, please excuse me. I just wanted to say that your story of your gma reminds me of mine. I too was a young college girl visiting my gma in the nursing home while she had dementia. I treasure that time with her despite how hard it was to see her like she was. Good luck with cleaning and can't wait to see the hair!

Emily said...

Looks like a cute cut! I can't wait to see new pics of your new style.. that you have to show us!!!!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

why are you reading this, Miss Poop?

Did you clean behind that toilet?


ps. You know I gave you an award, right? Can't remember if I told you or not.

Oh, and I am giving away a copy of The Shack if you feel like playing a game....only after you dust off those ceiling fans, that is. ;)

that is lots of smooches

He And Me + 3 said...

Cute picture. I love the hair do. I am getting mine chopped off too. I need a little style and i have some crazy split ends.
Can't wait to see the pictures.
Are you done cleaning yet?
Have a great day!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I wish I had the courage to chop my hair off. My hair has been long for a very long time. Can't wait to see the result!
Beautiful pic. She looks like she gave great hugs. :)

Kelli said...

I need a haircut SO bad!! I can' wait to see the pictures of your new do!! After you get all your cleaning done!!

Anna Gray said...

You were so cute and short! I like short little 'college ppl.' Don't worry, this comment won't have anything about capitalization (ha ha). ;). Have a great day!


Rachel said...

Can't wait to see your new do! Is you house cleaned up yet? :)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I'm thinking of cutting my hair too. I want something easier! You better take pictures when it's done, we all want to see!

Alicia said...

You do look cute w/ short hair! Not too many people can wear it that way!!!

What a blessing to hear about your grandma getting saved before she passed! Isn't it exciting to know that we will see our family in the Lord one day?????