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Friday, May 22, 2009

flashing back friday.

Friday Photo Flashback
i'm playing along in flashback friday as a tribute to me and my hubby. it is our ten year anniversary together 'as a couple'. and our five and a half year wedding anniversary if you want to be real technical! i hope you enjoy a trip through memory lane!
my favorite picture from our first date of prom. 99 (his mom did a much nicer job than i do picking the weeds...as this is in front of our house now)

our first official 'as a couple' picture. 99 (and my favorite pic of us)

junior prom. 00
me on homecoming court, 01 he still has that sweatshirt, except i wear it now...01 senior prom. 01--yes i wore the same dress twice. that thing was expensive!
i graduated! 01 awwww. 01 my uncles wedding 02 (dang i was skinny!)
engagement picture. isn't he the cutest in glasses!?!
another engagement pic from our wedding. from the grand march. 03
christmas 03 (our first christmas married-and a few days after finding out about our first little angel baby) our one year anniversary trip to door county 04
christmas 04-and me all big as a house with amelya in my belly. i had two months to go yet!
family of three 05
professional family pic and breigh's in my belly!! 05
family of four 06
family of five 07
zoo 08
fourth of july 08 (i love having a daughter who can take pictures!!)
too cute. 08 (my belly button is sticking out!!)
our first professional picture since our engagement pics. 08
i just loved this one. 08 our trip to minnesota october 08
first pic as a family of six 08
my sister's wedding 08

christmas as a family of six 08

most recent. last weekend.
ohhh wasn't that fun!? i had fun. and i could've scanned way lots more pictures. so be thankful i didn't. i've noticed two things. 1. i was a lot skinner than i used to feel. i wish i would've thought that at the time. oh well. 2. shaun has a lot of the same clothes and still wears them, we need to go shopping. :0)
shaun had a super cute handmade card for me when i woke up this morning. i love handmade cards! i also love that he remembered today without being reminded. :0) either way i love that man. he is the bestest guy ever. and i know you all have the bestest guys ever too. isn't that great to think we have the bestest guy? i am so extremely blessed to be called not only his wife but his best friend. and he is mine. allllll mine. and more importantly he is an awesome man of god. he leads our family with godly wisdom and i am so grateful for that.
i am shaun's one and only ever in his life girlfriend. isn't that cool? i think it is. he's the blessed one to get it 'right' on the first time!! he's the first boy i ever 'went out with' before we started 'dating'. we went on three dates before he officially 'asked me out'. i loved that. he held my hand first, and so cute. first he grabbed my pinky with his...and gradually was holding me hand. he says i kissed him first. i say he was staring at me and we both did it at the same time. lol. who really cares. of course he asked me to marry him. nothing romantic though. but that's okay. because that's us. we're not super romantic and it's all good. i don't need 'things' to show me that shaun loves me. i'm the secret glances across the room type of girl. :0) i love it when i catch shaun staring at me, but that means i was staring at him first! :0)
shaun is the best person to ever happen to me. jesus is the best thing to have ever happened to me. put them together and it's pretty much perfection. :0) to me.
this week has been the hardest week of my life. (read posts below to find out the reasons why if you do not know) and the hardest week for the both of us as a couple. we've had loads of ups and downs. and we've clung to each other and to jesus together. without doing that this road of up and downs would be impossible.
i love getting notes from shaun because he pours his heart into them. and he says things to me that he may not say aloud to me. i love that HE is glad that i said yes twice in my life. and that he's happy we are together. and that we have a lot more wrinkles to get to. that was one thing we've always said to each other, we get to wrinkle together. i for one, cannot think of a better person to wrinkle with besides my best friend, my husband, my lover, my soul mate. happy ten years shaun. i can't wait to spend forever with you...

last night i was also so blessed to get out of the house for a bit. i went to a wildtree party at a blogging buddy's house! it was our first time meeting in real life! check out her blog for the picture proof! it was really nice for me to get out by myself and just reflect on this week. and how awesome of a drive to and from it was. god totally hand picked each song on the radio for my heart. my favorite one, which is also my ringtone on my phone, was the song my nicole c mullen when you call on jesus, all things are possible...that is my life this week. when I call on HIM ALL things are possible.
it IS possible to go through a miscarriage and survive WITH jesus. it IS possible to be so stinkin sad and survive WITH jesus. it IS possible to have the hope that things are going to be okay WITH jesus. it IS possible WITH jesus. ALL things. and i'm so thankful for that. so stinkin thankful.
blogger has been a real booger to me lately, and shutting down when i try to load up blogs. so i am sorry if i haven't commented on your blog in a bit. i try to load and it shuts down. and i get irritated so i quit. so hopefully it fixes soon and today i'll get a chance to get a bit caught up on all your all's blogs. hopefully. but it is really nice outside, so amelya and i may have to hang out outside during nap time...and since i do not have a lap top i may not get to blogs. so we'll see. i promise to get back into the swing of things soon.
and i tried to post a vlog yesterday. more irritation. so lord willing i'll try for next week. :0) it wasn't too exciting anyways.
okay so that's that. i think i've covered it all. i love you guys. and thanks for the addresses. i will write those out today while sitting outside! :0)

30 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

I loved seeing all those pictures. Quite a lot happened in the past 10 years. Have a great weekend.

Alicia said...

Miss Amanda!! How beautiful are you in all those pictures!!!!! It's so neat to see the "early" stages of dating, then marriage, and then babies!!!!

Your husband sounds like a wonderful, godly man!!! You are blessed!!

Love you!

Ashley said...

I loved your picture time line... too cute!!! You and Shaun are great together, but you don't need me to tell you that! Happy 10 Years!!!

Btw, I love how Shaun's hair is longer and curly when you first started dating and over the years he's kept it cut shorter and shorter, Jay has done the same thing! What is up with those guys... I'm a sucker for curly hair, hehe!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Mom2Valerie said...

LOVE the pictures! What a great idea to do for your anniversary - I will have to keep that in mind for our 3 year anniversary in August. And, you know what, I feel the same way looking back at myself - wish I was happier about the way I looked then cuz I was WAY skinnier than I am now ;) Of course, I wouldn't trade being a mom for being skinnier, so I'll take it. I'm learning each day to be happy with the way God has made me...though it's not always easy.

I just read your email and will be email you back later cuz I have laundry to do too! (I'm almost out of diapers - LOL!) Thanks so much for your sweet words though - they were a much needed encouragement. It was SO fun to meet you and I look forward to our next get together too!

Jennifer said...

I love seeing all those pictures!! Thanks for sharing your timeline with us. Very cool to see.

Kelli said...

Ohmygoodness!! Those pictures are SUPER cute!! I love the one of you two in front of the lockers...I have similar picture of me and my hubby and it is one of my favorites too! I laughed at the "I was skinnier than I thought I was" thing because I am SO like that! I always thought I was so fat, but I would do anything to be as small as I was in high school!! I'm glad you had a good time last night....don't you love when just the right song plays on the radio!! Have a great weekend!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love all those pictures of you two. How do you have so many old ones? That is awesome. I wish I had more of me and hubs...
You 2 are so cute and sweet.

Tara said...

Isn't it so wonderful (most of the time) to look back on our journey through life? If somebody told me 11 years ago when I started dating my husband how great life would be, I wouldn't have believed them. You two have such beautiful kids and I enjoyed the peek into your life.

Jeffiner said...

Great pictures, you guys are super cute!
Blogger's been a booger to me to over the last couple of days. ;)

Pam said...

Wow! That is a lovely photo history. How neat to have married your high school sweetheart.

April said...

How fun! That's awesome to see the transformation over 10 years. And in each year there for the most recent ones - another baby in each photo! I didn't realize you graduated in 01! I graduated in 02! But didn't find my soulmate until that summer and married him in 07! Congratulations! You have really created one happy family! Good for you guys!

I hope you are doing well and feeling better, amanda!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have been thinking of you this week. I really enjoyed seeing these pics, very cute! I will continue to pray for yoU!

momma2thestrainkids said...

just wanted to say you have a beautiful family and our family to is struggling with a recent miscarraige i was 7 weeks along but that doesnt make it any easier. i hope you dont mind if i follow your blog .. please feel free to look at mine..

Veronica said...

First of all, congrats on your anniversary. I never used to know so many other people with a May anniversary, until I started blogging and now I know a ton of people who celebrate their anniversaries in May!

Anyhow...loved all the pics in this post. It was so fun to look at the progression and see how your family has grown each year. Such a blessing!

Well, just wanted to let you know that I got your email and I will def email you back tomorrow. Thanks so much for your offer. I will get back to you for sure tomorrow when I have time to sit and write for a while. I will have to warn you, I tend to be longwinded, so just prepare yourself.

Hope you have a great Memorial weekend!

~*Michelle*~ said...

OH wow! I love all those photos (especially that pregnancy silhouette one of you and Shaun)

I think you are even more beautiful today, btw....I know you said something about your size.....but the beauty of motherhood and how we change is a blessing to me.

And one last thing.....I just felt fire in my veins (in a good way, lol) when I read about how you and Shaun are "clinging to Jesus" together. Makes my heart go thumpa thumpa!

Josh and I are celebrating 19 years together this July 4th.....and I feel the same as you (well, of course about Josh, not Shaun..although I am sure he is an awesome guy too!)


Jess said...

I am LOVING the pics! You were so skinny & that blog post was beautiful! Thank you for it!

Erin said...

Wow! Thanks for letting us watch you both grow up! What an amazing flashback of your 10 years together! Happy Anniversary!

christy rose said...


The pictures of you and your family were wonderful.

Memory lane is a fun place to go.

I thought it was funny that you said you were skinnier than you remember because I think the same thing about myself when I look back at pictures of myself and i wish i would have know that then too.

Your kids are very close. Mine are too. My kids are alot older than yours (15,14,12 1/2, and 10 and last year we had another baby. He is 1 now) but i remember like it was yesterday, when they were your kids' age. Cherish every day. It goes so fast and you never get it back. I am older now with my last baby and I am going to cherish every single day.

It was good to come and visit. It was a little like looking into my life 12 years ago. I would like to come back and visit some more.

Christy Rose

Anonymous said...

love the photo timeline!! you look super happy in every picture!! you have a beatiful family!

Muthering Heights said...

What a FUN series of photos! You have always made a cute couple. :)

(We graduated from high school in the same year!) :)

E @ Scottsville said...

Well, first of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Second of all, I loved the photo trip down Memory Lane! Those were great! =0)

heidi said...

You have THE best smile, amanda. Love seeing it.

Mama Notes said...

you guys are so cute! :)

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

What a wonderful post! I especially love the first one with his hands in his pockets- too funny!!
In Him,

E @ Scottsville said...

... but if it 'didn't really happen', why do I have a huge red buoy in my front yard here at home... three hours from the coast? Did it just "wash up"? ha ha ha


Shanda said...

Wow! High school sweethearts! What an adorable photo collection you have of the two of you! Happy Anniversary (a little belated!)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing. I was Dan's first and only girlfriend too. Isn't that special?

Chic Mama said...

Such sweet pics! How fun to see! Oh, and we graduated the same year! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

What beautiful pictures! Isn't it fun to go back and relive those times? My husband never updates his wardrobe either! It drives me nuts, but his motto is; don't fix it if it's not broke!

Emily said...

I loved all of your pictures.. its amazing how much we all change over the years. Your family beautiful!