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Monday, May 25, 2009

a picture post!!

hey all. i have a quick minute and wanted to post some super cute pictures of the kiddos.
i forgot to mention on friday...dustin was SEVEN months old!! can you believe it. S.E.V.E.N months.
wow. time is truly a vapor. it seems to me you all enjoyed the flashback on friday! it was so fun to share those pictures. and for me to look through them. i love to look back through old pictures. and more so, reflect on the work god has done in our lives since the pictures were taken!

god truly blessed us with a great weekend. even though shaun did have to work! he worked eight hours on saturday, which is actually long for him on a saturday. but we didn't have plans so it worked out fine. but as you can see...a longer than normal hours of work did him in...and what a perfect excuse for a nap but a fussing baby...

don't mind his furry face, he shaved FINALLY saturday night. :0) he usually doesn't shave during the week. the cows don't care. and i don't either. because today i am not referring to myself and cows all together. ;0)

the other day the girls and i made bird feeders while dustin was napping. amelya was very proud of hers...

now if we can get the birds to eat off them...it'll all be good!!
i actually got caitlyn to be cooperative for me this past week. she sat. still. for pictures. that in itself is quite a feat...
isn't she sweet!?! (btw most of these are edited using photoshop elements w/ the add on 'make it better'. i loved the one of dustin! and caitlyn's is so vibrant! love it...)
breigh will one day be upset with me for posting the following pictures, but i could not resist:

you can only guess what's coming next!

totally hilarious. well at least to me.

a super sweet mommy friend of mine had a special present for me on my deck the other day. i was so blessed by it. she bought us a white lilac bush to plant in memory of our baby! and because i don't have anything from our first baby, i'm using it as a memory of our angel babies. we planted it on saturday. now i just have to keep it alive!! i have the furthest thing from a green thumb. i don't have a spec of green in me! but i'll do my best to water it and keep it alive. i just can't wait for it to bloom. i LOVE the lilac smell. we do have a purple lilac bush in bloom already. so i'm enjoying those for right now.
our hay field is coming up so nicely. they should be cutting it this week. we about lost amelya in it the other day! and that's our dog with her!

and of course planting something is not any fun if you can't get dirty and find bugs!

well there's the lilac bush. i'm so excited to see it bloom. it would be so fun to see the first blooms around mother's day next year. because regardless of where my babies are...i'm still their mommy!

whew. that was longer than i thought! and i still have loads more of pictures. but i'm off now. to enjoy today with my babies. and my hubby who gets to get done with work early! whoo hoo. it'd be nice if he could have the day off like most everyone else...but i'm happy with early. :0)

have a super memorial day. thanks to all of you who make this day what it is. and thanks to jesus who saves our souls for eternity.

22 loving words from you.:

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I hope you guys have A FANTASTIC DAY once he gets off...early! =0)

Love those grubby little fingers and toes. I'm a "country-girl" myself, so I never mind the dirt.

And hey, over on my private blog --- I do have my email address showing in my sidebar. For some reason everybody misses that! =0)

Happy Memorial Day!


He And Me + 3 said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love Dustins eyes. Wow!
I too love the smell of lilacs. Takes me back to my childhood. Such great memories.

Following Him said...

The pictures are AMAZING...happy 7 months Dustin! A, B, C, and D just melt my heart each and every time! So precious! Hope you are enjoying your Memorial day :)

christy rose said...


I loved your pictures. I love taking pictures of my husband sleeping with my kids too. and the bugs and dirt? How real can you get? This was just wonderful!


Shanda said...

Adorable photos! So glad you kept all of them in!

Happy Memorial Day!

(found you on Christy Rose's blog)

Alicia said...

Wow...love those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I love the lilac plant! Very sweet, and it's so pretty too!!

Sneaky Momma said...

Love, love, love that picture of Caitlin!!!! Beautiful!

Veronica said...

Great pictures! I was laughing when I saw the pic of Breigh, b/c my baby just discovered how to pick her nose and then put her finger in her mouth. She thinks its so funny when I tell her "no-no!"

Love your lilac plant. I have one just like it in front of my house. The only problem is that mine doesn't look like yours since I also do not have a green thumb! Ha!

Jennifer said...

You sure do have some good lookin' kids over there. Glad you enjoyed your day.

Kelli said...

Great pictures! I LOVE the one of Cailin...she is so cute!! I love the dirty hands and feet too...they look like the little hands and feet that have been running around in my yard all day!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Cool pics! I love dirty hands on little kids, it shows how much they are learning about life. Have a great night!

-stephanie- said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful children. That photo of Caitlyn is stunning!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh WOW! I just love all your photos.....gorgeous!

I love love love that you got a lilac bush to plant for Baby E.....I have a garden dedicated to all my angel babies...and the blooms are beautiful and refreshing.

Still praying my sweet friend....still praying.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Those pictures are phenomenal.
Your kids are so beautiful..and your a great photographer.
I just love the country...and you sure look like your 'country' living..LUCKY YOU:)

Megan R. said...

LOVE all the pics! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your time together! Your kiddos are beautiful!

Jessi said...

Beautiful pictures! Goodness, your children have such wonderful blue eyes!!

Pink Slippers said...

I found your blog through My Charming Kids...I have 6 little ones 9 and under. It's nice to find other families with little ones so close.

Jenny said...

What great pics of the kids!!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh Amanda! The eyes on your kids! They are GORGEOUS! Great pics! Love your dirty feet! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwwwww, ask her if the boogers taste salty (giggle giggle) lovin' it!!

Man, I 'pretended' to pick my nose and allowed my mom to take a picture of me. I was about 10 at that time and my sister STILL talks about it to this very day!! Hopefully your daughter won't suffer like I did LOL

Love the pictures, your kids are getting more beautiful every time I see 'em!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Man you make beautiful kids!!!

heidi said...

I ADORE Lilacs. I was just rounding up all the neighbor kids last night and FORBIDDING them from picking any more of the lilac buds because I want to see them bloom and smell how sweet they are.

THEN they can pick them and bring them to me. LOL