i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

random mess.

soooooo a whole ton of you entered my giveaways awhile back for fuzzi bunz and a planet wise wetbag. only two of you, well three of you won. wait. i'll quick explain. i LOVE fuzzi bunz. but i also love their customer service. you see the first girl who won the fuzzi bunz diapers did not get back to me in time...because she was you know, having a BABY! so i felt bad, and felt that having a baby is a grand excuse to miss the deadline. so i emailed fuzzi bunz and explained to them what had gone down. so they are sending her diapers too! isn't that SO nice!! i thought so.

so at any rate. megan is having a giveaway of her own. for three fuzzi bunz and a small sized planet wise wetbag. so go on over there and enter. or don't. because then I have a better chance of winning. i just want extra entries so i'm blogging about it too!

i'm in a not so good mood today. i'd just stay away if i were you. nothing really. just a not good mood. not that i enjoy it by any stretch of the imagination, but what can i do but just tell you it's a bad mood. my kids are too. caitlyn screamed during story time, not the ENTIRE story time, but some of it. and screamed through the first half of mcd's today. lovely. briegh screamed and got soaking wet in the rain because i wouldn't carry her. i will not carry someone who screams at me. amelya. she's in a good mood. thankfully. dustin. well he's overtired and starting to finally give into sleep.

plus shaun and i kind of argued last night. and didn't really resolve it. he fell alseep as soon as the kids were in bed, so that leaves no time to talk. i don't even know what the 'deal' is, but i hope it gets cleared up soon.

the only thing i know is that god remains in control. and that the enemy is trying to get a foothold in my life and in my relationships. well mr. enemy it ain't happening. try as hard as you want. but shaun and i will talk. and get all straightened out. and my not so good mood will end. because i've been praying and seeking out the lord through all of it. so take that. mr. enemy. because god wins. i win. you lose. so there.

wow. that felt better. see i think you just have to remember where all the lies come from. it's the enemy. he's going to try and fill your head up with loads of lies. just remember they are that. LIES. every single thing he tells you is a lie. and god doesn't lie. god doesn't want to stumble you. god wants you to trust in him and rely on him and remember that he is faithful. always. and forever. nothing and noone else in this life can guarentee you that. forever faithfulness. i mean sure shaun is 'faithful' to me. but he also can and does fail me. i have to keep GOD first and shaun second. because god is truly and has to be my first love. everyone and everything else comes next. god first. no exceptions. none. zippo. zero. none.

ahhh. i feel so much better. now if only talking about cleaning my house got my cleaning done. it's pretty much a disaster. i was sick the few days before mother's day. so not much got done. then the miscarriage happened and i didn't do anything last week either. i know those are all excuses. but that's why the stuff didn't get done. today i feel all crummy and don't feel like doing it. but i need to. right after i blog. :0) because basically it's one more thing to do before cleaning. works for me. before i blogged i 'crafted' with amelya. that's what she called it. that was fun too. way more fun than cleaning. so i'm off. to clean. or something like that.

because friday is a big day. a blogging buddy and her daughter, the same one i visited last week, are coming over. and then we're dog sitting for a week. for my sister in law's dog. because she's in hawaii. for two weeks she'll be there. well one more week after friday. but still. i'd take a day in hawaii. may two. :0)

so that means a clean house. plus i always feel better when it's all cleaned up. so i'm off. toodles.

14 loving words from you.:

christy rose said...


It really is amazing how just writing out or talking Truth to yourself can clean up a bad attitude or a bad mood. The truth does always set us free from our bondages that the devil tries to keep us bound to.

Too bad writing out or talking Truth to our house won't clean it up huh? lol

I am glad you are feeling better. You and your husband will get it worked out. I hope you have a good day for the remainder of it, anyways.


Veronica said...

Sorry that you're having a bad day. I have a ton of those and you know it's because I allow the enemy to talk in my ear about every little thing and get me all discouraged and confused. I am so glad you told him where to go.

I'll be praying that you get to feeling better and you get a few things done around the house. I was totally there the last couple of days because I was expecting a really good friend from out of state (she finally came to visit this morning). Anyhow, I got some cleaning done but just resolved to get as much as I could done and then be okay with that.

Well look here...I've rambled on a bit, but I just want you to know how much I love your honesty. You are real and to me that is huge!

Talk to you later!

He And Me + 3 said...

Sorry about the bad day. I hope that after cleaning things look a little different. I hate it when hubs and I disagree and it gets shoved under the rug. I like to discuss too. It will work out. You are so right. God is in control.
Have a great evening!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Gentle comforting {{hugs}} to you my friend. Tomorrow is new day.....and remember....you can't have that rainbow without a little rain.

Yes, the enemy's job is to seek, divide and destroy.....but a marriage such as yours and Shaun's has it's feet PLANTED on THE ROCK.


ps. I am in a crummy bummy mood today too....and misery LOVES a good plate of nachos and company if you feel like joining me!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelli said...

I hate that you are having a bad day...we all have days like that sometimes! I hope the day gets better for you! My house has been a wreck lately too...and I can find a ton of things {like blogging for an hour}to do instead of clean up even though I would feel a hundred times better if it was clean!

Jennifer W. said...

I feel like I could be reading my own blog right now...since I had Emmie, my emotions are on a roller coaster. Thankfully there are lots more ups than downs. Yesterday was a 'down' day. I was just grumpy for no particular reason, and started bickering with Paul almost as soon as he got home. We did manage to talk a bit before bed, so things are better, but I HATE when I feel so irrational and can't seem to shake it off! I've been praying hard!

Alicia said...

I hate that when that happens too (going to bed when there is tension). Usually everything is fine the next day when we see each other again and talk it out.

You're right though..the enemy is always trying to cause division, so keep that armor on, girl!!

Megan R. said...

This is why I heart blogging. You can just spill whatever it is that's in your head, and usually feel better. I'm sending virtual hugs your way.

Oh, and you aren't alone on the need to clean. I have no good reason, but my house is a disaster!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I think we all have those days. Well, at least I do. I pray everything is much better this evening! Did you eat some chocolate? That always makes me feel better :o)

Glad to know you are doing well otherwise. That was super sweet of your friend to bring the lilac bush. I am sure it will be treasured for years to come!

Take care my sweet friend and know that you are loved & prayed for!

E @ Scottsville said...

Man, I guess I didn't meet you soon enough to enter your contest!!! =0)

Oh well, at least I've met ya now!


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Amanda..I understand the not so good mood..there has been some of that going on around here as well...prays for it to pass will be said..so there Mr. enemy!

Upstatemomof3 said...

It is amazing how just getting that stuff out and remembering that He is in control really takes all the pressure off isn't it. Hope you and your husband have talked it all out by now and are all better. Hubby and I fought a few nights ago - he tried sleeping but I stomped around doing laundry until he woke up and we talked about it. Real mature, huh?

And hey thanks for the heads up on the fuzzibunz - did you enter mine I have one my blog too. Good luck!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am glad you are feeling better after talking (typing!) it out! Have a fuzzibunz day!

heidi said...

I hope you're in a better mood, by now. Ha! Have fun today with your blogging buddy IRL!