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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

before it's off.

i wanted to say hi. before i shut my computer off. yep. off. i have some stuff i want to/need to get my house in order. because i am having a discovery toys party tonight. i've totally forgotten to mention it on my blog. i'm sorry!! so if any of you are interested in coming on over tonight, it starts at six. my hubby should be home and has said he'll watch the kiddos during the party. ((that means yours too. he doesn't mind. i asked!)) if you're interested perhaps in ordering here is a link to the catalog. you can just email me if you're interested in coming and need directions, or if you'd like to order, with your order. discovery toys offers you a $10 off coupon with a $40 order, for the new book in september. and with a $50 order you'll get a free re-useable tote bag. :0) i LOVE their toys. and games. and am looking forward to earning free toys.

it's crazy to think amelya is starting 'pre-k' stuff in fall. if you don't know already, i am planning on homeschooling. so i've already worked with amelya on a lot of things. but when fall comes i want to get a bit more structured. i don't know exactally how i want to do everything yet, but i've been starting to think more and more about it. she'll be four and a half in september. so it's 'time' to start a little something. i don't think i'll get too structured until first grade-ish. i'll start pre-k and kindergarten and gradually work into everyday for a few hours type of stuff. i'm excited and nervous all at once to be a 'teacher'. :0) really i'm a teacher everyday. all moms and dads are. our kids are watching us constantly and we're teaching them by our actions daily.

we had a busy weekend. on sunday we had baptism at our church. well technically not AT our church. we went to a local beach and had baptism. here is a link to baptism pictures on facebook. there were eight people baptized! it was a great day of worship and fellowship as well. i taped a song of worship as well. if you watch it, please disregard my singing. lol. it's a great song. enjoy!

tomorrow is my ultrasound. i've still felt okay about it. not scared at all. i'm excited. either way i guess we'll finally find out what's going on. i had another dream this weekend that they handed me the ultrasound picture of the baby and heartbeat. so i can only say i'm praying the dream comes true. :0) shaun is taking off of work to come with me. so it's nice that we'll be able to go together. a friend offered to watch the kiddos for us as well. so that works out super great. i also have a show tomorrow night. i'm nervous in a way. like if we get not so good news...i'll have to 'suck it up' in a sense and go to my party. but it also could be a bit of a distraction. i'm praying i'll be able to share with them the precious ultrasound picture of my upcoming baby! :0) yesterday at mom's group i was telling a friend there about everything that went on last week. she said that she was shoveling horse hay during the week last week and said she felt awful for not praying on monday for a miracle. ((my prayer request at mom's group last week was that it'd just happen naturally...i hadn't even considered the miracle factor)) i told her it was okay. and that many of my blogging friends had already been doing so! and that i felt bad doubting god COULD do a miracle.

so tomorrow we find out if his miracle will potentially live here on earth, or is already living in heaven. i can't wait to go and just know. i have a peace still about all of it. thanks for the continued prayers. and the appt is at two tomorrow. in case you want to pray 'at the exact second'. ;0) i will do my best to update you all as soon as i can tomorrow. like i said i have my wildtree party to do. so i may not get time until later tomorrow evening! just to 'warn' you.

alright i'm off. i just have to 'organize' the chaos in the house today. it's not really too messy. but i know having the computer off will help me from 'just checking' something. :0)

so have a great day. and i'll do my best to get back on track with this whole blogging and commenting thing after life slows down a bit!! i've been pretty awful this summer!!

ps. hope you enjoy the facebook pictures and video!

9 loving words from you.:

~*Michelle*~ said...

popping in quick...

praying praying praying.....

and loving loving loving you!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Hey there my friend! I've missed you! I will definitely pray about tomorrow. I am amazed, as always, at your faith. May God greatly reward you for it.

Hope you are able to get things done today. Take care sweetie!

christy rose said...

Have a wonderful day off the computer. I will be praying for you tomorrow.

Jennifer W. said...

Glad you are so at peace. I will continue praying and will be waiting for the news tomorrow!

heidi said...

Ok, I *think* I'm all caught up now. sheesh! Congrats on the pregnancy. (((hugs))) for the stress and hope that everything comes through ok.

Oh, and PS? I totally knew it was YOU on Seriously secret. :-)

Sneaky Momma said...

I wonder if there is a homeschooling pre-k curriculum out there. Hmmmm....

Good luck at your party tonight. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. :)

Jane Anne said...

Hope your party goes well!

I just said a prayer for you and for your ultrasound appointment. I am so glad that your husband can go with you.

Your attitude is encouraging.

Elise said...

Hi, just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts today. You have a great blog, and I love your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them !

Jessi said...

Praying for your little miracle and for continued peace over you and your family.