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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fifty fabulous facts.

so. here's the scoop. this was supposed to have published last week. it didn't. grr. so i'm doing it now. and telling you all...i'm HOME!! yep. i was gone all last week. we were in ohio,  connecticut, new york city, and ohio again. it was a blessed trip. i have a ton of pictures...and just as much laundry. so stay tuned for trip posts coming soon!! for now i'm off to get ready for the day and you can enjoy these little 'tidbits' of information...

i saw this on a friend's blog. so i'm copying. it's just fifty fabulous facts about myself. yep fifty. hopefully it doesn't bore you to death...it's also an 'easy' blog post for the day!! enjoy.

1. i am the oldest of two children. i have one younger sister. and one younger dog brother. my mom seriously calls him our brother. his name is ernie.

2. i can be. and am. very bossy. it must be because of number one. ((seriously if i tell my sister to do something for me, she'll do it without asking questions...i've got her 'trained'. shaun yells at me all the time for doing it...and the sad thing is...i don't even realize i'm doing it.))

3. i notice those same bossy traits in my oldest daughter.

4. my relationship with jesus christ is by far the most important thing in my life.

5. sometimes i struggle with number four. but then i realize that he loves me more than anyone. even shaun. and he loves my kids more than me. what a god. what a father.

6. i talk really really fast in real life. and it's been said my blog takes on that same trait. ((so do you read it really fast?!?! do you?! do you?! come on!!))

7. i'm also very shy until you get to know me. then number six happens.

8. i was shaun's only girlfriend. ((awww...))

9. we were virgins on our wedding night. ((not that it wasn't easy. but it was so worth it))

10. i love blogging and meeting new friends through blogging. it's a whole entire different family.

11.  i've met a ton of blogging buddies in real life. and think it's the most exciting thing ever!

12. i love taking pictures. and wish i had a ton of money to open up a studio-ish type thing and do it ''professionally-ish''. i also love photoshop elements, but wish i had the 'real' photoshop.

13. i recently paid off our best buy credit card. which means my camera is offically ALLLLL mine  and paid in full.

14. we're working on paying off the two other plastic cards we have. and then can be officially credit card free!! ((i'm super excited for that day))

15.  i would love another lens for my camera. but my money tree hasn't grown yet.

16. i'm not really obsessed with money. it seems that way but i'm not. i KNOW and trust that god provides for our family.

17. i used to think i wanted 'one' more baby. my mind has been thinking more than that lately...

18.  out of the seven pregnancies i've had...three of the tests have been taken in a wal*mart bathroom stall.

19. i have four kiddos here on earth. three girls and a boy. and three babies in hevan. one of which is a boy. the other two we don't know...yet.

20. i'm very stubborn. must be the german in me...or something like that...

21. i LOVE to play games. i think i'm a pretty decent loser...but i love to win!!

22. i love to scrapbook. but am seriously..YEARS behind. my philosophy is that the pictures will always be there.

23. my biggest 'fear' is fire. i'm always planning what we'd do if a fire started. who i'd grab. then what i'd grab.

24. i also do not like mice, rats...basically any small rodent. especially if they make it into my house. a dead mouse/rat is a HAPPY dead mouse/rat.

25. are you still with me?! we're only half way done...i love numbers. really i do. like when a clock says 1:11. i love it. or when it was 09/09/09 this year?! totally cool. i was sercretly bummed when amelya was not born on march fourth. her birthday would've been 03/04/05. (she was born the next day) and i was excited when my dr had her baby on may 5th of that year...05/05/05.

26. i am obsessed with gas prices. i just like knowing what they are.

27.  my kids' names are alphabetical. a,b,c,d but we didn't orignially intend on doing that. we just did a then b. and figured we couldn't stop. okay I figured we couldn't. but really it makes 'sense' if you know me that my kids names alphabetical.

28. before i had kids all of our dvds were alphabetized. and it secretly drives me crazy that they aren't still that way...i tried believe me.

29. even though i'm organized that kind of way...i'm a terrible housekeeper. i have been getting better though.

30. when i was younger i wanted to be an architect. the i realized i didn't want to be because of all the math. i even did an architect explorers group and our group got first place for our model and design.

31. as i got older and in high school...i LOVE math. still do. statistics are fascinating to me. as well as algebra.

32. but i do not like geometry. blech.

33. i'm homeschooling my kids. and love it.

34. i went to the university of wisconsin-oshkosh for one year. i was going to double major in elementary and special education.

35. i learned the most about myself during that year at oshkosh than any year prior to that.

36. i feel that you should not pressure your kids to go to college. it should be their choice, and they should pay for most of it to teach them responsibility. besides that, you can tell which kids' parents are paying for college at college.

37. when i decided to not go back to college was the first time i really felt god speaking to me and guiding my life. i haven't looked back since.

38. shaun and i were only engaged for 10 months before our wedding. we didn't live together before and couldn't wait to just do it. ((get married!! geesh... ;0) ))

39. shaun is super duper shy. but he's slowly coming out of his shell.

40. i'm obsessed with making these goofy smiley faces: :0) and use them all the time. so much in fact according to some crazy facebook application it's my most used 'word'.

41.  i worked at a daycare for almost four years before having amelya. it was quite the experience and i believe helped me tremendously prepare for motherhood.

42. i never intended on becoming a stay at home mom. until i held amelya in my arms.

43. amelya was my first baby and weighed over nine pounds. nine pounds four ounces to be exact. i've been induced with each baby afterwards to avoid another big baby.

44. i absolutely love to read. i will stay up all night finishing a good book. my favorite author is karen kingsbury. she is the first author to make me bawl my eyes out. i feel a connection with the characters she writes about.

45. i've craved tacos with each of my pregnancy. crunchy ones. just to hear the crunch. and taste the grease.

46. i LOVE cheese. but 'real' cheese...not that processed plastic cheese.

47.  i am the world's pickiest eater. if it smells gross i won't eat it. even if it looks good.

48. i love my soda warm. no ice please.

49. i'm addicted to tv. i love it. especially all those crazy reality shows...survivor, amazing race, biggest loser.

50. i use cloth diapers. i'm trying to eat more 'naturally'. and have started using natural cleaning products. BUT have no issues with using disposables on a vacation. eating at mcdonald's. or letting shaun use windex. (seriously i get headaches from windex and all the other cleaning stuff with those nasty chemicals in them)

whew. did you make it?! you may have already known some of those things. but it was fun to do!! if you decide to play the same fabulous game...let me know...so i can be nosy and read it. that's i guess 51. i am super duper nosy and stare at people all the time. :0)

15 loving words from you.:

Scrapingirl said...

WOW!! That's what I call a post. :) You and I could be related!! We are the same on so many levels. No wonder I like you. :)

Lara said...

fun post. you are too funny!

Megan said...

I'm glad you're home! I made it through most of the facts :-) I'm a warm soda kind of gal myself. And room temperature water!

Jennifer said...

We have quite a bit on common! #2 specifically. ;)

Lisa said...

These are GREAT!

Silas was 9 lbs even, but he was almost 2 weeks late.

Sadly, I have 2 angels in heaven as well.

Warm soda? YUCK!

Judson Family said...

I like my soda warm too...Great Post!!

He & Me + 3 said...

So much we have in common. Scrapbooking, photography, real cheese, I worked at a daycare, I dont' like geometry either. Wow great to know you better.

momof3munchkins said...

I could stay up all night reading Karen Kingsbury's books too!

Jennifer W. said...

We have a few things in common! I majored in education but never finished I am a crazy picky eater (and hate that I'm passing that trait on to my kids!!)and I look for funny patterns in numbers too. Emmie was born on 06-07-08 and I thought that was the coolest thing! But I gotta say...warm soda?? Blech!! And around here we call it coke. All of it. It was actually hard for me to type 'soda'!! LOL.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Wow! I just learned a lot about you in 3.5 seconds:) I guess I read it fast! We have alot in common....I'm the oldest of three girls, I'm very bosy, I majored in special education in college {and taught for one year}, I craved mexican while I was pregnant, and I am really picky about food too! Fun post!

Ashley said...

I've known you all my life and still learned some new fun facts! I won't sit and type a book about how we have a lot in common, you know being your favorite cousin and all ;), but I wanted to say that I to believe that children should pay for their own college education. I have no problem with the parents who do pay for their kids education, but I also believe that the ones who pay for it themselves get more out of it. Obviously not always the case, but like you said, you can definitely tell the ones who get it paid for! If Ayden decides to go to college, he'll be paying for it himself and/or loans and once he graduates or if he feels led in a different direction instead of finshing, then we'll talk about if mom and dad might help pay some of it. Okay, so maybe I did just write a book! Can't wait to see some vacation pics!

The World As I See It said...

I love this post. I am going to have to try it sometime soon!

~*Michelle*~ said...

LOL, I can personally confirm #2 especially....HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!


I SO loved hanging out with you and your family of alphabetically named children...and your extra shy husband. Although he did come out of his shell a bit when you cracked the whip about that lost bottle. *giggling*

#6 true. But so do I

# 48...totally, she threw her ice cubes at me when all I was doing was trying to be a nice hostess.


and I'd like to add #51.....you do not like onions, just onion powder.

and #52.......sweetest person EVA!


christy rose said...

Wow! That was a lot of new info on you! You did a great job thinking up all of those! I had a hard time thinking up ten in a post I did a long time ago! LOL

Christy said...

We have a lot in common!! BTW what natural cleaning products do you use? I LOVE Melaleuca! I have only 1 year of college under my belt too and homeschool my children. I'm totally nosy as well. I hate math, but LOVE English and spelling! (Although at times I do mispell some words and when I catch them after the fact it drives me up the wall! LOL) I LOVE to have things alphabetized and it secretly drives me a little crazy that our dvd's aren't too, if only my boys would get that message!

Most of all I LOVE JESSUS!