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Saturday, October 03, 2009

it was a long night in the er.

i had intentions of making sure i made time for blogging yesterday. then yesterday early morning happened.

breigh woke up around 1 in the morning to go potty. (yay for dry pull ups, probably because i just bought a new pack!)

shaun took her and then noticed her breathing was really bad. he ran a hot shower and let her sit in the steam. when that didn't help he woke me up. it took a bit for me to comprehend what was going on and then i heard her breathing. nothing is scarier to hear your child breath like they're having trouble.

so we went downstairs and tried a nebulizer treatment. that didn't work either. nothing was improving. so i called nurse direct. i knew it was bad when after saying to the nurse i had a question about my daughter, she said...it sounds like croup try taking her outside for a few minutes. if nothing improves get her to the ER. it was the shortest conversations i've ever had with a nurse on nurse direct!

so i put on some warm clothes and headed to the er with my breigh. only thing is i had to go a half hour away. we have a local er, i just refuse to take my kids there. one semi screw up and that was the end of it. so off to the 'better' er we went. i told shaun to take his phone to bed with him so i could call him if i was tired.

but we made it to the er around 2. it was a cold ride though. shaun told me it'd be bad to have the heat on very high. so i didn't have it much on the red at all. but being cold helped me to not get too comfortable and get to the er safely.

so the diagnosis was the same as the nurse had already said. croup. she was also had a bit of stridor. which means a bit of retraction when breathing by her neck. the er doctor was fabulous. he was very kid friendly and super nice. the only complaint was that he smellled like a cigarette. ((aren't doctors supposed to know not to smoke? lol it seems like an oxymoron to me)) breigh did super great as well.

they gave her a strong nebulizer treatment and then did some x-rays. after the x-rays came back the dr said that her airways were a bit narrowed and she was showing signs of bronchiolitis as well. so he gave her an oral steriod to help with that. then we had to sit and wait. because of the neb treatment, they want to monitor for two hours after that. oh yea, they also did the rsv/influenza swab. she just sat there and didn't cry. heck MY eyes watered!!

so we sat until 445ish. well i sat, she slept peacfully in the bed. here are a few things i noticed though at four in the morning: no one is on facebook, no matter how many times you check facebook on your phone in a five minute period-no on is still on facebook updating things. no one emails me at four in the morning. and playing bejewled on your phone just makes you tired at four in the morning.

so needless to say, i was tired, but also thankful to have my phone to entertain me. yay to internet on my phone!

i drove through the drive thru at mcd's on my way home. it helped me stay awake. my super sweet husband was supposed to work at five am. but of course because i wasn't home he couldn't. so he stayed home until i woke up at 930 so i could sleep. as much as his job absolutely drives me NUTS sometimes, i must say it's super nice he can just say i'm not coming in til 10. the downside was because shaun wasn't able to go in at five yesterday, he went in today to help get done what the needed to. but it's okay with me, it makes up for the few hours he missed yesterday.

it's a rainy windy fall day here today. so i'm thinking it's a stay at home day maybe? who knows. we don't have any major plans. there is a nice fall-y type crafty thing at a local town i'd like to go to. but because it's so cold it'd be nice to not take the kiddos. so we'll see if shaun gets home early enough for me to do that.

this week seems to have flown by. i had a meeting yesterday with a lady from a local business. she has hired me to do some 'online networking' stuff. the meeting went well. and it's been fun doing the things for her.

dance class went very well this week. caitlyn has been throwing some caitlyn type fits the past few weeks. ((not during class, but after when she doesn't feel like waiting for her sister's)) so it was a relief to have her be so good this week!!

story time and mcd's was our tradition on wednesday. it was a nice time for me too. i got to chat with two of my good friends. and the kiddos all got to play together.

last night we went out to eat for a friend from church's birthday. we ate at texas roadhouse. the food was pretty okay, but our waitress wasn't coloring with all the crayons in her box. but it made for a bit of entertainment for us and the friends we were sitting with. we had a nice time sitting and chatting with them at the table. we kind of were away from the rest of the group a bit because they wanted to sit 18 people at three booth tables. which meant splitting me and shaun up. it sort of irritated me a bit, i will admit. and then two nice guys got up from there table and we were able to sit there. shaun and i were using this as a date night as well. it's hard to go on a date with your husband if you can't even sit by him. plus it was more comfortable then trying to sit at the end of an already full table. afterwards everyone else went to play laser tag and games, we didn't know they had been thinking about doing this, and thus didn't really 'plan' for it time and money wise. so we didn't go. my sister was watching our kids and i didn't want to be super late getting back to her either, because as far as she knew we were just going out to eat. we did stop and get a sundae on our way back. coldstone. mmmm. it was super good. when we went back to get the kiddos they were all running around my sister's house like crazy. they had fun. and i'm glad. it was really  nice to get a night out with my hubby and friends. it's been awhile since we had a date night, and it was much needed.

tomorrow we're thinking about going to a local apple orchard. i'm waiting to see how the weather plays out. they have the bestest caramel apples!!

so now that i've bored you to tears...i'll let you go. make it a great saturday!!

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-stephanie- said...

ER trips are sooo not fun. Reading what Breigh goes through sounds just like what Phoebe goes through.I hate it.

So nice you got to have a date night with Shaun. I'm hoping I can get one with my hubby tonight, since Phoebe had a friend over last night. Not much of a 10 year celebration last night.

I'm looking to go apple picking, but today's weather looks rainy and cold.

Following HIM said...

YUCK...hope sweet Breigh is on the mend and no er visits for a while. It hurts me, since I have been there, to hear that Breigh had trouble breathing. Hope her little lungs feel better soon.

You are SO making me jealous that you all can go apple picking. So so so jealous!

Have a great Saturday!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh no! Poor Breigh!

Hunter used to get croup and I always wanted to do the steam in the bathroom trick. Our bathroom has high ceilings and no door (it's the one in my bedroom, so don't worry....you won't have to pee with the barn door open)......and the boys bathroom didn't have a working shower head back then.....we have since fixed it!

anyway......I remember that scary helpless feeling when he was struggling to breathe....I used to bundle him up and toss him outside to get a few breaths of cold air......then, like you...spend hours at the ER.

I hope today is a peaceful better day.....will be calling you tonight from that hotel. Do you think they will think I am weird whipping out my camera......maybe I'll snap one of the front desk people too. :D

Mommie Strain said...

it sounds like you are in the same boat as myself.my little 21 month old boy Gus had this exact same experience on wed night/Thurs morning sept24. He to had bronchitis and croup. then on that Friday i took him to the pediatrician and he had developed pneumonia and ear infections. we have been on steroid's, antibiotics, singular , two nebulizer treatments ,one every two hrs and one inhaler and prescription cough meds with codeine.. we have also been doing the brat diet and lots of Gatorade.Hope you little one is getting better as mine is ..He is just goin slower than i would like.. I hate having sick babies..

He & Me + 3 said...

I have been there so many nights with Stunt Man. It is so scary to hear them struggling to breathe. NOt fun. So glad they got her diagnosed and ready to go. Yum to Steakhouse. I haven't been in years. Have a great time at the orchard if you get to go. We are scheduled for rain all day here.

Jennifer W. said...

Boo to the croup-Emmie and Noah had it 2 weeks ago-it sounded like we were living in the seal exhibit at the zoo with all the barking! Luckily I recognized the sound and got them to the dr as soon as it started (and it started during the day instead of at night!!) I hope she feels better soon! And I wasn't bored at all. :)

Scrapingirl said...

I'm glad she's better now. ER visits are no fun. But thank God for flexible hubbys. That's why they make sick time, even if it's for the wife, not themselves. If wifey's sick or tired, someone needs to help and watch the kids. :)

Lisa said...

Yikes on the ER visit. I hope that she continues to do well.

christy rose said...

Glad to hear Breigh is ok!
And, Yeah on the date night!!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I hate going to the er! It sounds like your trip went pretty smoothly though...I hope Breigh starts feeling better soon! I love that your waitress "wasn't coloring with all the crayons in her box"!! That is hilarious! Jason and I are in need of a date night too...I can't tell you when the last time was that we went somewhere without at least one kiddo in tow!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, I remember a time or two when mine were babies... and they'd be so TIGHT and breathing was rough. I'd swaddle me and them up and head outside in the FREEZING yet damp morning air. Praise God that always worked for us. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was a mean mommy taking them out like that, yet it worked WONDERS! Course here in Texas, the humidity level is SOOOOOO high, maybe that's why it worked so good.

Glad Breigh's okay!

Alicia said...

Silly girl...that was not boring!

I'm glad that your daughter is doing better. I hate going to ER's too. It seems like they are always in a hurry to get you out of there.

I've heard about Texas Roadhouse. My friend said it was good and they give alot of food!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

ER trips are never fun...I need a date night with my hubby too :)

Kortney's Krazy Life said...

i know what you are going through! it is NOT fun!! my son and I have asthma so it is a constant breathing issue with him. i must say he has done really well the last few months! Thank God i have spent many a long nites sitting and watching him breathe just to make sure he was breathing! Sooo scary! i hope all is well with you now! :) love your blog by the way!! ;)