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Friday, October 09, 2009

friday ramblings

you guys are too sweet. i meant for most of my last post, forgetting caitlyn at the library, to be a bit sarcastic.
i must've came across 'harder' on myself than i thought. while i did feel awfully bad about it, i also laughed about it. and sort of blamed it on the middle child syndrome...even though she's not in anyway the middle child. :0) but thanks for your super kind words...and sharing funny forgetting where your children were stories!!

i don't have much to say this morning, and have a super duper busy day ahead of me.

i have two wildtree parties coming up. so i have all those labels done and printed. now it's put on the invites and mailed. the girls love helping me, so i'm waiting to put the labels on until amelya can help.

shaun has been home by five thirty almost all week! it's been SO cool. but he's also been in at 430 AM every day since monday. so even though he's been home early, he's been dead tired. he brought me home a super great treat though yesterday. he ordered some boy scout popcorn. but not just 'plain' or whatever...it was triple chocolately delight...let me just say...it is DELIGHTFUL alright. and will probably cause me to gain a bajillion pounds...and hunt down more boy scouts to buy it from!! it was a 25 dollar tin of popcorn...worth every one of those 25 dollars!! i'm trying to 'control' the eating of it, so it lasts me more than one sitting. so far. so good. but i'm not promising much!

i did this thing on facebook yesterday telling you how all your birthday. 183 days til mine. :0) BUT then i did all the kiddos and shaun. 12 days. 12 days till my little man in ONE. an ENTIRE YEAR!?! i can't believe it. i should start planning something for his birthday too i guess. i am not a huge party planner. they don't get anything 'huge' for their parties. it's always just my parents and sister, and shaun's mom and sisters. for me i don't want to invite more than that. first off it'd just stress me out. and secondly...it's just easier...and dustin won't care or remember who was there anyways. i'm thinking about maybe doing a "kid" birthday party for amelya this year. she'll be...FIVE!! and i think she'd love to plan a party with her little kiddo friends. and she can pick out a theme and what not. (( i don't do a theme thing either..i know, awful..)) so we'll see what happens come march.

hmmmm. at mom's group this week we talked about the truth behind halloween. i brought a video to share. and i think it went really well. we didn't have much time to talk about it afterwards, but i think it was an eye opener to those who didn't know. maybe you don't know this already, but we don't 'do' halloween. we don't 'do' halloween because of what halloween represents. and what halloween really stands for in the witches and satanic people's lives. i truthfully feel that there is a big pretty smokescreen up about halloween and because of that people don't realize that there are animals and HUMAN babies suffering and dying on halloween night and sometimes in the days proceeding it. i HIGHLY recommend this video: Halloween: Trick or Treat? it shares the truths behind halloween. and then you can make a choice in 'celebrating' the day or not. i think it's just important to be educated about it. ((to me it's not any different in being educated about the make-up i put on my face, the food in my body, or the diapers on my kiddos bottoms)) i will say the video is for adults only. the stuff they talk about is graphic and the images they share are scary. when shaun watched it he could not finish it!! when i had it in the van on sunday he asked what it was for, i said mom's group, he said you're not going to make me watch it again are you? it is a disgusting video. but what makes it so disgusting...is that everything shared is real. they have real witches and druids on the video. but i do reccommend it. to any adults. **stepping of my soapbox**

wow. and i said i didn't have much to say. so that's that i guess. i'm off to shower before all my children get up for the day.

4 loving words from you.:

He & Me + 3 said...

I can't believe baby boy will be 1 so soon. Time goes by when you are blogging:) I will have to watch that Video. Thanks for sharing the link.

Jennifer W. said...

Sometimes it's hard to come across sarcastic when you're writing! How funny that we all took you so serious. :) Thanks for sharing the link about Halloween. I may have to look into it.

Scrapingirl said...

I have a little cub scout at home that I'm very excited to buy the triple choc from.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Wow, one year old! What a special day it will be! Better start planning, Mama!