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Saturday, December 05, 2009

making christmas about jesus...

i think i may have mentioned the great calvary chapel we went to on vacation in cleveland. it was a great church. and full of lots of large families. :0) while we were there, there was also a baby dedication for a little baby named sean/shaun/shawn michael. (i feel bad because i forgot what spelling they used!!) anyways. i talked to s's mom, carole for a long time that day. and also found out she blogged. it was fun to meet another blogger on  my trip!! her and her friend have a great site, women and apologetics, and carole's last post was about making christmas about jesus and i just LOVED it!! so here is the post::

By Carole

"Does it seem that the Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, elves, snow flake stickers, and all the stuff is hitting the shelves earlier this year? Or maybe I'm just growing tired of the continuous commercialization of this sacred holiday. One thing is obvious Christmas is no longer about Jesus Christ. It's about hedonism and idolatry, worshiping material possessions while paying homage to the jolly red-suited man.

We need to reclaim this holiday for ourselves, and not give into the cultural pressure that so easily entangles us.

I'm not suggesting we protest. Nor am I even suggesting that we voice ourselves among the secular community. They cannot and will not celebrate Christ, why should we make them? They do not know Him, but we know Him. I think we should quietly follow what we know to be true, teaching our children to believe in Christ, not in Santa Claus; learning to love giving rather than receiving, singing praise instead of jingle-bell carols.

Let us do the one thing that is needful this Christmas and sit at the feet of our Lord, rather than the base of the tree. Let us open His word, rather than dozens of presents, and let us worship Him and Him alone.

Merry Christmas in Christ!! May the Lord show you every spiritual blessing you have in the heavenly places with Christ, that is greater than any earthly gift. "

i just love the post. it speaks volumes to me. and i pray that i can teach my children the 'importance' of christmas. not the gifts...but THE GIFT. as a family we've decided to not 'do' santa. one of our reasons for choosing this is our choice to not lie to the kiddos. and anyway we looked at it santa is a lie. and the big reason is that we want them focused on what christmas is about...jesus christ's birth.

maybe some people can 'do' santa and still focus their kids on jesus' birth, but we've just decided to not do that. to not have them focused on some 'fat man' in a red suit. i don't know how it would work with little kids anyways, i mean is it easier to tell them about a precious little baby being born to die for their sins? or about some guy who will bring them presents if they're good?

i want them to be good because it's what jesus wants. not what 'santa' wants. i want them to have respect and be nice and all those other good things, because it's what jesus wants. not because it's what 'santa' wants. because jesus is around all year, santa is only good for a few months at best. i want them to know that jesus is the one who truly sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake. jesus knows all. not some santa guy.

those are the things i want my kids to know. so i do my best to share those things with them.

i'm off now to sweep my kitchen floor and the bowl my caity just broke into a bagillion pieces. oops!!

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Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I have a hard time with Sant also. I don't bring him up, the kids do. Last year they never talked about him, but this year, it's all about him. But they know the reason we celebrate Christmas and they know they get presents. I wish I could tell them, but I'm not ready for that magic to end just yet. And the fact that my sun is a big mouth, he'd ruin it for my neice and nephew.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is a very tough subject this time of year "Santa" But you are so right the reason for the season the reason for living is Jesus. He should be the most important thing in our lives all year long. This was a great post.

~*Michelle*~ said...

"i want them to be good because it's what jesus wants"


Jessi said...

My hubby and I were just talking about this last night. We're not sure what we'll do when we have kids.

I like the magic and imagination that goes into Santa but I understand the importance of not taking the focus off of Christ. However, many people *only* focus on Christ at Christmas (and Easter) and I don't necessarily believe we should celebrate him *more* at certain times of year. Ya'know? And we don't know his b-day was Dec 25th anyway.

We'll probably celebrate Christ's birth at that time and tell our kids that it is when the world chooses to celebrate it but that everyday is just as important in celebrating him.
And we'll probably tell them Santa is alive in our imagination or something like that...because I SO badly want my kids to dream and imagine and pretend.
And we'll probably focus on giving to others at Christmas but I hope that giving is something we always practice with our kids.

That was *way* longer then I meant for it to be. You are doing such a wonderful job being your kids mommy!

Jessi said...

oh yeah, thanks for joining my giveaway! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Her blog post was great!Thanks for reposting it for us to read! We do santa at our house...more of a tradition than anything...but the boys each only get three gifts to represent the three gifts that baby Jesus recieved! I borrowed that idea from a friend a few years ago...and I think it is a great way to incorporate both worlds together!

women apologetics said...


I'm really with you on the imagination bit... I personally love fiction stories, and I want my son to grow up in a creative environment where imagination is encouraged.

But there is a sincere difference between imagination and fabrication. Saying Santa Claus is real blurs the all-too important distinction between fantasy and reality- kids need a clear boundary.

Amanda- I agree with all you've said on this, and I feel that Santa Claus does replace Christ because of the way the world makes him appeal to kids. Your insights are really profound-

In Christ,