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Saturday, January 16, 2010

the lurking winner...

first off HI!! to all of you who came out of hiding for a day to say hi to me! :0) it was so fun to see some of you for the first time. ((and second off HI!! to those of you who comment all the time. :0) it was so nice to see your regular comments too!))

and don't be afraid to come out of hiding more. but you can stay there if you want. it's just nice to 'meet' you!!

and because i said i was 'maybe' doing a giveaway with it...the winner was ~*Fox Family*~. so make sure you get me your info...and i'll get you some yummy fun wildtree stuff!! ((and if you like birth stories, she just posted her daughter's birth story. because she's pregnant again and thought it's only fair to share both!! i for one, LOVE birth stories.))

not much else new on this front.

last night was shaun's work christmas party. he works as maintenance at a large dairy farm. actually two of them. so that is why he never has a 'set' schedule. he usually tries to be done between five and six. and is usually home by six thirty. but it can vary. one nice thing is that if he needs to get done at four. he can. so there is perks for sure to not having a set schedule. it's his weekend to work this weekend and he had to go in early, but usually can be done by at least one on saturdays. so that's super nice. he had me set my alarm for him to help him get up...but i was not much help...HE was waking ME up to shut MY alarm off!! lol. at least he got up. i vaguely remember him leaving...

anyways the party. it was at a local bowling alley. so that means we all got to go bowling, for free!! the girls had never been bowling before (except the wii, when i told breigh we were going bowling she asked, "on the tv?") and the girls loved it. shaun or i helped them throw the ball down. our lane didn't have bumpers but they didn't even care that it ended up in the gutter most of the time! and got even more excited when they got pins down. amelya wants to go bowling for her birthday party in march, so i'm sure she's looking forward to it even more now!!

i bowled a game as well. i was doing well...until my shoe got caught and i fell. completely on my knees. i hit the spot right below my knees and they hurt SO bad. shaun didn't see it happen, so when i showed him my broken shoe, he laughed...i was like...um that really hurt please don't laugh at me! he felt bad because he didn't see me fall..and felt worse when i showed him the bruises that INSTANTLY came. i can honestly barely walk up or down the stairs it hurts! so i'm hoping it goes away soon, because it's not fun carrying a one year old up and down with hurting 'knees'.

we don't have too much planned for this weekend. we usually don't on weekends shaun works, because he can get called in at any time.

so before i ramble any more about really nothing exciting...i'll leave you with a funny conversation i over heard this week::

Amelya to Breigh:: Breigh color me a picture, and I will tell you if it's art.

6 loving words from you.:

Fox Family said...

YAY!! I WON I WON!! I never win anything! HA I sent you an e-mail (I got the address from your site!)
Thanks again!

Veronica said...

Yay, congrats to the winner. I may just have to go an pay her a little visit. I love hearing birth stories too!

I'm sorry you got hurt. That really stinks. I know what you mean about having to be in pain while carrying a little one. That's my life story now with this pregnancy. Everything seems to hurt but I'm trying to remind myself to stop complaining about it and just enjoy this last pregnancy.

P.S. Still need to get back to you on my Wildtree selection for the review. I will work on getting that to you ASAP. Thanks!

mummyof5monsters said...

love bowling!! too bad the kids always kick my butt hehe

He & Me + 3 said...

Congrats to the Fox Family. HOw cool for them. So sorry about your fall...ouch. Since my fall last friday my knee has been acting funny and hurting a bit. I hope you heal quickly. Poor thing.
Your girls are a hoot too. LOL I'll tell you if it is art. Baaa Haaa

~*Michelle*~ said...

"Breigh color me a picture, and I will tell you if it's art."

too funny~! Love it.....

Sorry about the fall, I did a wicked wipeout at the end of my driveway where I believe I was only on the ground for 2.6 seconds. I sprung back up before anyone could see and then limped back to my house laughing. As I am sure those utility workers were as I saw their truck from the corner of my eye.

christy rose said...

congrats to the Fox family for winning!
That's a bummer about falling and the bruised knees. Hope you feel better soon.