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Thursday, March 04, 2010

it was a clue. ((the ultrasound update))

so i left you this yesterday:
and i must say...props to many of you for 'getting' it...either here or on facebook...or maybe it took both places. :0) or maybe you still haven't quite gotten it? in my head it makes perfect sense, but because i came up with the idea...so it SHOULD. but if you could be IN my mind lately you'd be surprised i can get ANYTHING out of it. this baby has sucked i think every last brain cell. and i'm working on fumes most times!

so the ultrasound. because THAT is what the picture is/was about.

i had a full bladder. and even though we had to wait to get called back, because we were early...i know WE WERE EARLY. THAT my friends hardly EVER happens. i handled the full bladder well enough. but will say it's so hard to walk into a bathroom and hear your little girlie go and you can't!! okay rambling.

we got called back...and we all hauled back there. it was me, shaun and the four kiddos. i was a bit bummed we didn't get a tech i was hoping for, mainly because i just really like her. but we got one i am familiar with so that was fine, i don't think she remembered me though. (which is why i wanted deb, because she remembers me. but i've also seen deb a bajillion times) ANYWAYS.

the first thing she asked was if we wanted to know gender. we said they were pretty sure at 13 weeks, so we might as well know if they were right. she told me not to say what they guessed, until after she told us. and baby was quite cooperative IMMEDIATELY. the first shot we got was an inbetween the legs shot!

but what did the baby show...or not show us?

you'll have to wait. (unless of course you already figured the picture out)

here are some shots of baby.

i can really see the other kids in this shot of baby e. so cool!!

this is another one i see a resemblence to baby e and it's siblings!

oh my. it was the coolest thing in the world to see baby e 'yawn' in the 3D shot. we got one sort of the same at our 13 week u/s but it was just in the 'regular' mode. it was amazing to see it in 'real life' and the tech caught the open mouth. ahhhhhhmazing!!

baby e flexing muscles. and you can see a leg too on the bottom. well i can. :0)

baby e had it's legs up over it's head during the u/s A LOT! it's so incredible to look at. that's my baby in there! lol.

so then at the end of the u/s the tech was able to get yet another CLEAR view of what baby e's gender 99.9% was...and that gender was...
clear as day...  GIRL!!

and that is exactally what we were told at the 13 week ultrasound. and what i thought from the beginning anyways. so it's nice to have it all be confirmed. the chinese gender predictor also said girl, but that has been wrong twice for me, so i wasn't counting on that one!

i'll be honest and say...i was hoping it was right at 13 weeks because i've been buying pink diapers! i don't have many in newborn/small size. and there were great deals on some on craigslist...so i took the jump and bought them. and now our son doesn't have to wear pink diapers...because it's still a girl. :0)

we couldn't be more excited! and i mean that whole heartedly.

after the tech showed us she made the comment, i'm sure you were hoping for a boy. well she was 'surely' wrong. we weren't 'hoping' for anything but a baby. i could care less if it had something between it's legs or not, i just wanted a baby! and that's what i told her. we are happy with just a baby.

sure a little brother would be fun for dustin. but a little sister would be fun for caitlyn too. so i don't think you can play that game. at least i can't.

i guess it frustrates me how people seem to think we tried to get a boy with dustin and i often hear 'oh you finally got your boy'. yes. we have a son. but weren't trying for a son. we just want kids. and i don't want my girls to hear that and think they're any less important because they weren't boys. so instead of dustin getting a little brother, caitlyn gets a little sister. and i'm sure she'll be a great big sister. and dustin will be a great big brother. doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. :0) we're so extremely blessed with what we've been given and wouldn't change any of it.

but i also think it's okay to pray for a boy or girl. if that makes sense. because after having caitlyn i did pray to god about having a boy. and that if it's his will i wanted a boy. or to let me know if i already did. because at that point we only had one baby in heaven. who i really do feel is a boy. and lo and behold a few months later we found out we were pregnant again...and it ended up being a boy. so god answered my prayer that time.

this time i prayed for a baby. i just wanted a baby. ((and i actually prayed that both times before this baby as well)) and i'm so thankful to be having a baby on earth this time. and this baby has an older brother for sure. dustin DOES have a little brother for sure. he just beat us to heaven! and then the other baby we don't know what the gender was, so maybe it's TWO little brothers for dustin and THREE older brothers for baby e. regardless of it all...god is good. and his plan is SO very  very good.

i'm so thankful for the past 11 months of rollercoaster-ness life. it was almost a year ago already that we found out we were pregnant. and then lost that baby a mere month later. i can't believe the things god has shown me and took us through. it's been truly amazing to see the good of all of it. ((and i'm STILL working on that post. so i'm not going to go on about it here. i have a post about it, i promise!))

so that's that. baby e is a girl.

and i'm not sure about if we'll share the name, not because i'm mean like that, but because we have to agree on a the name before sharing it!! but i will say evaleigh is at the top of my list. :0) and now that i know for sure for sure for SURE it's a girl...i can work on shaun liking it as much as i do. even though he did say yesterday it really doesn't matter. lol.

i'm so blessed to share this with you guys!! thanks for being here to share it with!!

14 loving words from you.:

christy rose said...

You got some really great pictures!! And I think Evaleigh is a beautiful name!! Congrats to you and Shaun!! And your other kiddos too! :) God surely is so good!!!

-stephanie- said...

I'm slow...I didn't get your last post. But this post I get! :o)

Congratulations on your newest baby girl! What a blessing.

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so excited for you and your family. Loved the ultrasound pics. So clear. Congrats again on your girl.

Cheryl said...

So excited for you! Our first five children went like this--first a girl and then four boys...and then another boy and now a girl. Our oldest girl is almost 18 and just finally got a sister. She would have been just fine with five brothers, but God had another plan and now we have all been blessed with another girl, for which we are thrilled.

Best wishes to you on your pregnancy! Truly happy for you and your crew :)

With love and hope,
We are Nine

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so i completely didn't get it. i'm embarrassed and dumb. ha. congrats on a girl!!! what a blessing. love the 3D shots. i had to wait until i was 22 weeks to find out! you are lucky.

SMALLS said...

Congrats again. I will admit I'm jealous...we wanted a girl. But we also feel blessed it's a healthy baby boy. Enjoy those pink diapers! July can't come soon enough for us both : )

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Congrats! I know you are so excited! I am just a little bit jealous of all the pink that is going on at your house:) I really like Evaleigh...it's different but not strange!

April said...

Congratulations! Whether your household is full of boys OR girls... it's a loud happy place filled with laughter and silliness. I know it must be great to just KNOW now :) I haven't begun to think of names or a nursery yet until we finally know. Only 9 more weeks ;)

So happy for you all!

Jessica said...

Hurray! A baby girl! That's so wonderful, and I can't wait to "meet" her!

Fox Family said...

Congrats on another girl!! I totally agree that a baby is what matters most. Gender is just that, gender! I love reading your blog. So enlightening!

Dee said...

CONGRATS! That is sooo exciting!

Kaz and Amy said...

Congrats on the baby girl! I know you are so excited! I just found your blog and love it! I'm now a follower:)


Kristin said...

Congrats on your sweet baby girl!

Holly said...

Congrats on a little girl!! I hope that we can find out at my scheduled US in a couple wks!!