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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


seriously i feel way missing in action.

why? well i've barely touched my blog or yours since friday.

the reason.

a rummage sale.

as in...i decided i'm having one. whew. saturday my sister and i went to a consignment sale because the weather was yucky for rummaging...plus with four kids, it's way hard to get in and out of the car a bajillion times. a few weeks ago the idea of doing my own rummage sale was in my head. but i quickly countered it with a whole bunch of excuses.

saturday. a bug was in my tookie. and i decided FOR sure i was having a sale. so i started going through clothes. and now three days later...i literally have over 15 boxes/bags full of stuff for a sale. i've gone through the girls' clothes up to 18 months and dustin's up to 6-9 months. i still have 12-18 months to go through for dustin. and then 24 months-5T for the girls. so there's STILL MORE COMING!

wait. i'm having a girl!! don't i 'need' those clothes? no. i don't. because you see...i still have one TOTE full of each size left of clothes. i've limited myself to only ONE TOTE per size for the girls' stuff. they have way too much. i'm a compulsive rummage saler and have bought them way too much stuff. and yes it has taken me five years to realize this. lol. so i'm purging. a lot of it. and man...does it feel so good.

it's also funny to see that dustin's clothes from size newborn up to 6-9 months...all fits into ONE tote. but i guess there is only one boy and three girls, so i've needed multiple 'seasons' for the girls' sizes, and not for dustin. plus...let's admit it...or i will...girls are pretty fun to shop for. :0) and of course since 'we' aren't sure if there are more babies in our future or not...i'm keeping a lot of the boy stuff.

one thing i'm looking forward to through all of this is that the girls' will actually have a bedroom. up until now there have literally been clothes all over the place in their room. caitlyn's dresser literally had 12 month clothes in it. i've just been digging her sizes out of the totes. which have been in their room. breigh's clothes are all in a tote in the room dustin SHOULD be in. and amelya...honestly doesn't have a tote, but a pile/stack of clothes on the floor. it's embarassing to even admit it. but. and it's a big but. i've realized how much it really does annoy me. and i'm doing something to fix it. and lord willing it will stay fixed!! and clean...well clean for a room full of girls. :0) and by organizing their bedroom, we're realizing that miss baby girl e will most likely fit in their room with them for awhile. at least until they get a bit bigger and want more space. then we'll decide what to do...our 'thinking' now is that we'd just trade rooms with them. since ours is pretty big and would fit four little girls quite nicely.

dustin will also be moving on 'out'. as in out of our room. yes he's still in our room in a pack and play next to our bed. mainly because haven't MADE the time to clean out shaun's old bedroom. it's the bedroom shaun had up until the night we were married. it still has his bed and everything in it. and honestly...it's become our 'junk' room. most everything just gets thrown in there if we don't know where else to store it. i guess it's like someone's basement. we have a basement. but i won't go down there. in fact in the almost 11 years we've been together..i've been down there two. yes one. two. times!! breigh went down with shaun on sunday...he's not afraid. :0) and was all excited to come up and tell me about the dead mouse she saw. i said..aww a dead mouse is a happy  mouse. and then she said...yep he's in heaven with Jesus. :0) lol. i guess mice can be in heaven. as long as they have their own space. although heaven won't have any tears,pain, etc. so maybe it won't be so bad. i've seriously cried before about mice in our house.

and it's the first mouse we've even seen evidence of ALL WINTER!! woo hoo. God totally answers prayers my friends. i HATE mice. totally gross me out. and i will not sleep if i've seen one. or even just their droppings. so i've prayed all winter...and really all year long...to not see a mouse in my house (alive) and i haven't!! and now that it's getting nice out...hopefully they move out..if they've moved in over winter. blech. i love country living...but do not love the little critters.

wow. way off subject huh? so point. i'm buried in clothes for a rummage sale. i'm having it at my mom's house in town because it'll get more exposure. our city does a city wide sale on father's day weekend. so that's my goal. i've got everything priced that is boxed up. and then haul the boxes to my mom's house. it'll just take me a few days in june to set it all out on the tables. but hey...i'm thinking it'll be worth it! plus i'm pricing most things around 1.00. that way i get rid of it. some of the things were only worn a few times by one of the kids. so they're in good shape too.

i also plan on going through my maternity clothes. i have totes of those as well. after my pregnancy with amelya i borrowed out my clothes...only to end up pregnant within the next month...and counted 60 shirts. and i've bought more with each pregnancy. so i'm going to go through and sell whatever i haven't worn since amelya or breigh or caitlyn...and probably dustin's pregnancy. i just want it OUT OF MY HOUSE!!

the toy room is also on the list to purge. i started last week a bit. and was in there for two hours going through toys and organizing. and it's only the tip of the toy-berg. most of the toys i've gotten 'rid' of are our mcd's toys and such. so i'm not sure how much i'll end up selling or just plain tossing out.

i'm so excited. i'm giddy really...to be organizing one room at a time. sometimes it gets so overwhelming i think it doesn't get done then. so now that i've made myself a 'plan' it seems a bit easier and not so daunting.

today though. i have to clean up my clothes mess downstairs...because we have a meeting with some guy tonight at 7. it's going to be a crazy busy day again. well afternoon. the girls have their dance rehearsal today. i'm taking them by myself. so i have to decide to either shoot video of them or take pictures. i think it may be pictures. we have to pay to buy the dvd of their shows though. so i don't know. we'll have to see what happens i guess. i think it'd be fun for them to have the dvd to see themselves when they get older. it's just crazy ridiculous expensive to buy the dvd. like 45 bucks. for a dvd that i want to see two dances on. grrr.

so i'm off. to clean up. wash diapers. do school. make meals. and probably clean up some more. and of course take care of the kiddos too. :0)

annnnd if you haven't entered the wetbag giveaway...be sure to do that. that ends tonight!! i'll be back to announce the winner tomorrow. and hopefully be able to stop by all of you too!! :0)

8 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

You've inspired me. My clothes need to be purged too.
I saw a BIG mouse in our shed outside yesterday. It was cute but....EEEK! I do not like mice either. Perry said it was his home and I shouldn't bother it. WHAT!? As least it's outside. My Wildtree should show up today. So excited!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I really need to clean out my boys clothes too! I got rid of a bunch of baby stuff before Christmas, but I still have a ton to organize and get rid of! And don't get me started on toys! I think we have enough to open our own toy store! Cleaning out the playroom is #1 on my list {behind laundry and dishes}!

Kristin said...

You sound just like me about going through and cleaning out things. I've been doing that this weekend too and I got their rooms/playroom cleaned and I didn't realize how much it was bothering me that I couldn't see the floor in there and kept stepping on toys, until now it's clean and nothing is on the floor and it feels so great to walk upstairs now!!! Woo hoo!! :D

With their clothes, I would go through and put stuff in totes each year, and every year it seems I get rid of a few more things out of their totes. I think one day I'll finally have it organized! Then, I'll probably be sad over something I got rid of. Ha!

christy rose said...

I am trying to get ready for a garage sale too. I honestly hate it. But I have a ton of stuff and I do not just want to take it all to Goodwill this time like I usually do. :) It is definitely a good season to do a garage sale though. I am seeing them everywhere this time of year.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I really need to clean out our kids clothes and toys. But, I am not motivated to sell them. If I bag 'em, they are getting donated. I hate pricing items. :) After the prom this week, I am totally bagging these clothes. Thanks for the motivation.

Kristin said...

Oh, I wish I could come to your rummage sale. We just found out yesterday we are having a girl and since it has been 6 years since we had a girl, we don't have much stuff left. And for some reason, I'm finding myself pregnant with #5and having a shortage of maternity clothes. I could use a bargain. :-)

Amanda said...

When did you say you were coming to my house??? Cause I really could use some inspiration! I'm horrible at getting stuff done!

Holly said...

Wow! You go!!! I've only gone through a little bit and I've got the rest of the house to go.

We caught 2 more mice in traps. Yay! And I think we *may* have gotten them all b/c I'm not seeing any more poop. I am SOOO glad. They were driving me nuts!!!

I got rid of a few maternity clothes. I donated them to my local women's center. I didn't really need to but I want to get some new stuff. I'm requesting gift cards from our moms for my bday. lol