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Friday, April 23, 2010

show us your life: 'our' story

i'll try to keep this simple. ha. if you know me at all simple and short is barely possible!

i was at a dance. shaun was at the same dance. my friend danced with him. and my other friend danced with the first's friends brother. i just sat in a chair. feeling pathetic i'm sure.

shaun asked the friend about that 'amanda moschel girl.' she said i'll be right back.

she came up to me and said he wanted to dance with me (i seriously didn't find out til years later that is NOT what he said. lol. and he was totally freaking because i came up to him to dance) it was honestly the first time i've danced with someone i've never even known! so we danced. had small chit chat. that's that.

the next week at school my friend said how shaun liked me. i just smiled.

shaun was shy. as in very super shy. we didn't really talk much again til april. the dance was in february. BUT i purposely planned walking up the stairs with his friend to my 4th hour class because shaun was waiting for him. and shaun purposely stood at the top of the stairs waiting for his friend, but also so he could watch me. :0) ((again we confessed this years later.))

he asked me to prom in april. i said yes. we went to prom. (almost 11 years ago already!!) we had a great time! awww. i'm glad i don't remember looking that skinny!! :0)

we then went on a few dates between prom and shaun 'officially' asking me out. i LOVED that part of our relationship the most. i had never just went out with a guy just as friends and getting to know each other. on may 22nd 1999 at 1AM (shaun remembered that) he asked me out. i said yes. he said REALLY!? lol. i still pick on him for that.
here's our first official 'dating' picture. i don't remember shaun looking so little 'boy-ish'. :0)

we got engaged in january of 03.
i made shaun wear his glasses for some of our pictures. and keep his hair longer. because he looks so darn cute in glasses and those curls! :0)

we were married a loooooooooooooong 10 months later on november 22 2003
note the long curly hair again. :0) and my sweet friend gelled it up for him before church. that's probably the last time he HAD gel in his hair!!

we've been together almost 11 years. and married for almost 6 1/2 (we actually got married on our 4 1/2 year anniversary.) it's been a crazy ride. but one i've been so blessed to ride with him. love you shaun.

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15 loving words from you.:

Chari said...

what a sweet story!

He & Me + 3 said...

I loved reading about your life with your man. Too sweet. You are both adorable and I do believe you have the same exact color eyes. Gorgeous blue. Love the prom picture...his hands both in his pockets. What a gentleman. :)

SMALLS said...

Weren't we ALL that skinny back in the day! Ahh! You still look great! What a nice blog post- I might need to steal it : )

the thrifty ba said...

you are/were adorable!

{Kimber} said...

very sweet story...I loved seeing the pics :)

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

I think it's fun to learn the little details later like you were both looking for each other on the stairs.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So sweet! Jason and I started dating in high school too and we went to prom together our senior year! I should go dig out some old pictures...but then I would probably be sad at how skinny I used to be:)

christy rose said...

I loved your story and I think that you make an absolutely beautiful couple, beautiful family actually!! :)

natalee said...

aww i love this!!!

Fox Family said...

AWE!! I love it!! The pictures are soooo funny!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Awwww.....I love hearing love stories. :)

Alicia said...

You both are too cute! I love how you both were so shy. That is so sweet!!!

Kristin said...

I love love stories! Thanks for sharing yours. :-)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

oooh, what a sweet story! i love the pictures. you are such a beautiful couple!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun and fabulous story! I love how you all look in your prom pretties!! My hubby and I just went to prom again 20 years later!! (chaparoned that is!)