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Thursday, May 27, 2010

almost 33 weeks..

How far along? 32 weeks 6 days, wow!!

Total weight gain/loss: 23 pounds. i hit the 200 pound mark at my last appointment. my highest pregnancy weight has been 204 with dustin. so we'll so how i fair for the next few weeks.

Maternity clothes? absolutely. it's no secret i have a ton of maternity clothes. like if there was a small village of pregnant women, i could probably clothe all of them with the amount of clothes i have. i love my maternity wardrobe. even though most of my shorts are not fitting me. i am not going to go buy shorts for one month of use. and i've hit the point to make sure i wear my most favorite shirts, becaue only having 41 days til the big day means i only have about that many days to make sure i wear the shirt. i know. i'm lame. it's okay!

Stretch marks? of course. i've got a stretch mark road map on my belly, and legs, etc. oh well. i've never worn a bikini and never plan to, so i'm fine with that.

Best moment this week? hmmm. feeling her move around more. and just watching my belly move and jiggle around. it's crazy. shaun also has been feeling her more too. when i was pregnant with breigh she kicked him really hard and it sort of 'grossed' him out, so he's been leary to touch my belly since then. ((it was a super hard kick!))

Movement: of course. i just said that. ;0) love it. it's my most favorite part!!

Food cravings: well sweet things of course. like the half or more bag of smarties i ate last week! they're so good!! i also have been craving cake. ((due to the fact shaun's grandma gave us a bag o' cake this week. she makes cakes and cuts the tops off of them, and literally puts them in a walmart bag and calls shaun randomly to come get it. this week was that week. and yummy!! i've ate my most favorites out of the bag. and left the carrot for shaun. seriously carrot cake? who thought of that! lol.))

Gender: as long as she hasn't grown anything...a girl.

Labor Signs: i've been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions this week. last week at church i had a really strong one. i think shaun's eyes were bugging out of his head because of the look on my face. but it passed. and i haven't had one that strong since.

Belly Button in or out? almost all out. i constantly poke at it. i'm weird.

What I miss: taking deep breaths. sometimes that's really hard to do lately. but i breath through the crazy pressure on my ribs and survive. all too soon i'll be taking deep breaths for a completely different reason!

What I am looking forward to: the next 41 days going by sloooooooooooooooooowly. so i can finish up everything before she comes. ahhh. i can't believe she's coming so quickly.

Weekly Wisdom: this is staying the same as it has been:: enjoy it. every single second. as much as you can. ((i've not had to endure weeks/months of throwing up and i'm sure it can be hard to enjoy that)) so enjoy the time that you're not feeling sick and not throwing up. and enjoy the non-headache moments...because all too soon they baby is here in your arms and not your belly. and remember no matter HOW miserable you feel...there are women out there who'd give ANYTHING to be in your place!

Milestones: baby's gaining a half a pound a week now. and she is developing her immune system. i also measured a week 'big' at my last appointment. we'll see what tomorrow brings!

i was also fortunate enough to get a package in the mail last week. it was the newest version of the what to expect when you're expecting book! i absolutely LOVE the what to expect series. especially when i have any sort of pregnancy questions! i love reading about what my baby should be doing. and how big. and i'll read the questions and answers a bajillion times too. even though i know most of them, it's still fun to read. and it's a great book to reference if i have questions about something. i also use the first year, and toddler years, books all the time for reference. especially when the kids are not feeling well i'll go to the book first before freaking out and calling the doctor. i like how they don't immediately tell you to call the doctor. even though most times i do because i'm a 'freak' like that. :0)

i still haven't taken a belly picture. i need to do that. i've been busy this week. and honestly after the kids go to bed i plop on the couch and put my feet up. i've noticed my lack of ankles this week with all the humidity, so i'm trying to get them back. plus the finale of biggest loser was on. and the season finale of csi:ny last night! i don't know what i'll do all summer with having to wait to find out what happens. i'm sure having a baby will help that. lol. today is my last wildtree party for the week. it's just a playdate, so pretty easy as well. i'm super excited about my month this month. and anyone who's interested can order before monday to get in for the drawing for all the new spring products!!

it's also less humid today! yay!! so i'm off to enjoy the less humid day...

12 loving words from you.:

Jen said...

Wow, I'm so excited for you!! :)

Fox Family said...

I love post like these. I cannot wait to see her lil smooshy face! HA

Ashley said...

i know... carrot cake, right?! who thought of that?! lol! grandma hoerth is making the cake for the party this weekend and originally they were going to have it carrot cake and lemon poppy seed (and unfortunately i don't like either) so i told jay that he need to change his to marble, hehe! and he did! so it'll be carrot and marble. :) i only made him do it because the last time i had the chance to have grandma hoerth cake was at steven's confirmation party and he always gets lemon poppy seed and i'm always bummed so i didn't get any (or so i thought) because someone grandma heard about it and brought me my own bag o cake with some marble in it. she really IS the sweetest thing EVER!

anyways, before this comment ends up being an entire email which is probably could, i wanted to let you know that my mom wants to have us over on saturday so we'll have to chat it up at the party if that works for you. or maybe next weekend at casey's grad party (if you can't make this weekend), although his cake won't be as good since its not grandma hoerth, hehe... but manderfields is right up there too! hope all is well in the popp household and maybe see everyone in a few days! :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you are so lucky to have your own personal cake baker! : ) i'm so very jealous... i totally would've eaten the carrot cake... just as long as i had some cream cheese icing to put on top! your maternity wardrobe sounds lovely. i can't stand mine. i have two pairs of capri's and three t-shirts. needless to say, i do laundry often! ha! enjoy your less humid day!

Alicia said...

How fun, there's an updated version of that book? I used to read ahead all the time..lol!!

He & Me + 3 said...

How cool. I love your answer to the gender question. LOL
Better get on that belly bump picture. I loved the what to expect books too. certainly helpful with the first one & I used them with the last two also. They do answer all sorts of questions.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love how you are keeping a journal of this! Will be a great addtion to her babybook! I couldn't stand my belly button when I was preggo...it grossed me out! And the thing I miss the most about being preggo was the feeling of the baby moving around inside. aahhhh...that is the best feeling!

April said...

Whoa - 33 weeks! I remember missing the deep breaths - just annoying and irritating not being able to get a good relieving deep breath. That, and I remember not getting any satisfication in my attempts to stretch my back (like arching)... you can only arch so far and it's not enough to feel a stretch. Boo!!

I hope you're feeling well! Any thoughts on which week you will deliver?

Kelli @ RTSM said...

It sounds like you are doing awesome! I know you are SUPER excited to meet this little girl:) I had to laugh at the part about not having ankles...I think my ankles left about halfway through all three of my pregnancies!

SMALLS said...

I'm right there with you on the lack of ankles. I can't believe how big my feet are with this humidity and heat. It's so uncomfortable!

Lara said...

It seems like I just saw your Thanksgiving announcement. How fast it has gone by-- at least to me. I know it always seems like it goes so slowly for me, but everyone else around seems to think it went fast. Either way, glad you are soaking it all up! Can't wait to see pics of her when she arrives--which I still can't believe how soon that is :)

Holly said...

Happy 33 wks! Glad it was less humid. That can make you miserable!!