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Friday, May 28, 2010

Maclaren Rocker Review from CSN Stores

ohh i was so excited to get my rocker the other day!! i of course ripped it open as soon as i could!!

i must say. i am so glad i went with the brown and green colored one. i love brown. and i love most every color with it. i figured i'd get green...just in case there's a baby f some day. ;0) and if that baby f is a boy.

the only downfall i've seen so far is that there aren't very detailed directions on how to open the crazy thing. and by that i mean the rocker, not the box...clearly i'm losing brain cells...but not THAT many! the rocker comes all folded up. ((this is after i had it unfolded and folded back up, so it's missing all that fancy plastic wrap!))

i also like that it has a carrying handle. it'll be super compact and easy to take with us if we need to! it'll also be easier to store because it gets so compact! i'm excited about that part as well.

now since my baby girl better be staying put for a few more weeks, i used a model. don't mind her nakedness. most of our dolls are that way here.
the rocker comes with a toy bar and canopy. the toys i like because they aren't crazy over stimulating and just 'rattle' and you can squeak one of them. super plain and simple. which is what i like. i dislike the crazy light up and singing bouncy seats. as you can see the toy bar and canopy are also removable! i like having the option of removing them. you can also position the rocker into laying down and sitting up. so it'll be nice when baby girl starts on solids i can sit her in here to feed her if i like. you can also see the straps to buckle the baby in. now, they are a bit of a hassle to buckle the over the shoulder ones...but i love them. mainly because i have older kids who will like to 'help' rock miss baby girl. and the don't realize sometimes how hard they are rocking. so the shoulder straps will help keep her in place better when her older siblings want to help rock. i also practiced rocking with my foot. so nice...and if you don't want to rock. there are two little bars you pop into place and it's stationary!
another cute picture of the naked baby and the toys!! :0) and also a picture showing the vibrating option. i like having that option as well. some of my kids have liked it, while i think dustin or caitlyn didn't. either way that's the only bell and whistle a part of the rocker. and it's just perfect for my preferences on a rocker.

overall...i'm super pleased with the rocker...and it gets me more anxious to meet baby girl e. but she can stay cooking for awhile yet!!

and of course...what's more fun than the rocker itself?
the box of course! breigh and amelya were great helpers...

i'd once again like to thank CSN stores for their gift certificate to me, to help me buy the rocker at almost half off! and if you'd like your own CSN store gift certificate, don't forget to enter the giveaway!! ((the link is under the header of my blog!))

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