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Friday, May 14, 2010

fragmental friday.

fragments of what's going on.

first off. if you haven't entered the Seventh Generation giveaway, be sure to do so! i love the products, and you will too!!

and some of you mentioned in the comments for the giveaway about wanting to try their diapers and or wipes, i love their diapers. we've been using them at night for awhile, ever since we had an unfortunate reappearance of impetigo, and the only thing that's kept it away is a 'sposie at night. but they are SO nice. and hold well, and i tested a different brand on one kid and a 7gen on another...and the 7gen was better. the wipes are nice too, but aren't as thick as some of the other wipes i've used. BUT they are made withou chlorine, so that's a nice option.

the girls are signed up for baton twirling 'lessons'. they aren't much of lessons. they're free. and they'll be in two local parades. shaun thinks i'm nuts for being so willing to walk in a parade with them big and pregnant. i said i used to march all the time for band...yea, probably not the same.

i have a doctor's appointment today. i've started the bi-weekly appointments. that means miss baby girl e's birth is getting closer. that sort of freaks me out. and then it doesn't. and then i get all excited. ahh!!

i've realized that when she is born, summer will be almost half over. that part makes me a bit sad. but i'm still more excited to meet her.

she is up all the time during the night. i'm hoping she's getting it out of her system, so when she's OUT of the womb, she sleeps more than she did IN the womb. OR i'll have my first 'worst' sleeper. all the other kids were sleeping through the night by 6-8 weeks. this baby girl will follow suit...right?

i went to a homeschool 'curriculum fair' last night. it was fun. no pressure to buy because it was moms showing their own stuff. it was really nice to look through everything and have an honest opinion from the person who's used it. i'm excited for my first official homeschool group 'play group' on monday. overall, i'm just super excited about this next step of the journey God is leading us on.

shaun has this weekend off. yay! he gets to build his sister a deck. so keep him in prayers for that. he's never built a deck before. but i'm sure he'll do fine. i love having a handy husband. now if we had money so he could be handy at home instead of everyone else's house...that'd be even MORE fun!

i was sort of bummed that he had to spend his entire weekend off of work, working. and even though i can be there, it's not the same...blah blah blah. and was pleasently blessed last night when he got home from work and said his other sister called and wanted to take the kids tonight overnight. so that means we can have a date night! i'm super excited. and have no idea what we're doing. but it'll be nice to have a date night. and it's been awhile since we've had one. so that's why i'm even more excited.

i'm  half way to my wildtree goal for the month. woo hoo. i have two more parties booked for sure for the month, and am waiting to hear back from another lady. so that's possibly three more parties for the month. i'll for sure hit my goal.

AND remember that if you place ANY size order this month you get your name in a drawing for all of the new spring products!! check out my site and let me know if you have any questions! you can order and have it shipped straight to your house from the site!

the kids are all upstairs laughing and playing. it makes me smile. and makes me nervous. so i'm off to get them down here. and get ready for our day.

have a blessed weekend!!

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

I hope you have fun on your date night! We will be at the ballfield...but I'm a little excited because it is the last game:) I always get a little nervous when all three of my boys are together and they start laughing...that usually means they are up to something! Have a great weekend!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Every other week, wow!! That's exciting. She'll be here before you know it.

Kristin said...

Haha about marching in the parade and being in band :) I bet you'll have lots of fun. That's neat for them to have that! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Fox Family said...

I love how you can get so much info out in such few words. We have a date tonight too, and I am racking my brain trying to figure out a good thing to do! If you get a super awesome idea share! HA Enjoy your busy weekend!

Fox Family said...

Oh, forgot to tell you! We tried the skillet meal, and it was AWESOME! My husband kept saying, this is REALLY good! HA So when I make the next packet I plan on blogging about it! Lucky you! HA

Veronica said...

Hey friend! Sounds like you are always staying busy and I think that is so cool! I need to get my girls into more activities too! Just don't know where to start!

Time is really flying now with your pregnancy! She'll be here before we know it! I was thinking about you this morning and praying for you and just telling the Lord how thankful I am for the gift that Miss is going to be! God is so good!

Yay for date night! I would love to have one of those soon. It's our anniversary on the 25th, so I'm thinking that will b our next date night! Can't wait!!!

Alicia said...

I think you are due for alone time with your hubby! Those times are always great for reconnecting through our busy lives as parents!!

Sounds like everything is going well, Amanda! Yay, for homeschooling!

He & Me + 3 said...

It is when they get quiet you need to get nervous. LOL
Thanks for the wipe review. I was wondering.
My kids used to wake me up kicking. Maybe that is why I had insomnia with all three pregnancies. Who knows.
How cool about your hubs building the deck. I wish my hubs was a handy man...but i love that he is awesome at the job he does so we can pay for others to be handy for us. It works. although not always in the time frame I would like. LOL
Happy Friday

Holly said...

Glad you got to have a date night!!

Sounds like the 7G dipes work pretty good. I'll have to give them a try!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Your homeschooling expo/thingie sounds great- especially with NO pressure to buy stuff. Let us know how the deck turned out.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so i'm totally late on this post! oops! i'm glad to hear that you love 7th gen's diapers! i love that you call them 'sposies. my baby girl is up during the night too!!! i agree... let them get it out of their system now! hope you are having a great week.