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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

another 'update' post.

so here's an uber long post. but it's an update of my pregnancy. and then a fun little interview thing.

the biggest update on the pregnancy...NEXT WEDNESDAY...is THE day. as in BIRTHDAY for miss e. i can't believe it. and on to the rest...

pregnancy update::

How far along? 37 weeks 3 days.

Total weight gain/loss: so i had an appt on friday. i gained 7 pounds. oops. so i've officially gained 32 pounds. and have not stayed under my goal of 204. (my highest previous weight) so now my goal is to stay under 210. i was 209 on friday. and have an appt on thursday. so we'll see how that goes!

Maternity clothes? yes. but hardly any of my shirts are long enough. and i'm always worried my belly is hanging out!!

Stretch marks? nothing new that i've noticed. of course i can't see the under side of my belly.

Best moment this week? watching her move and roll around. i just love it.

Movement: of course. i just love it. i just said that too. but i truly do. it's one of the things i miss after my babies are born!!

Food cravings: ohhhh have you tried the strawberry golden oreo blizzard from DQ?! to die for yummy. last week shaun got called into work at night and then came home with one for me. so sweet. i also craved snicker apple salad. so i made that. super yummy! ((just mix cool whip with butterscotch pudding mix. cut up some apples and snickers. mix together. yummy!))

Gender: still a girl. because if she comes out a "he", he'll be wearing a TON of pink diapers.

Labor Signs: i've been having more braxton hicks contractions, but nothing serious. three weeks ago when my dr checked me i was a fingertip dialated and 50-60% effaced. ((i didn't get checked last week because i had all four kids with me...didn't need them asking any more questions!!))

Belly Button in or out? out and pretty flat-ish. depending on where baby is.

What I miss: sleeping through the night. my carpal tunnel went from bad to worse over the weekend. yesterday i was up at 130AM and got an hour and a half sleep after that. so i called my dr to see if i could get something stronger for pain. i'm not one to go for the drugs, but it's so painful i'd rather birth 10 kids in a row then deal with this pain. plus shaun isn't getting any sleep either because i'm up and crying. so she gave me some tylenol with codiene and it helped tremendously last night. it only lasts about four hours. so i took one pill before bed. one when i woke up in pain. and then the next time i woke up i dealt with the pain and some ice. it's much easiser to make it through the day with getting up at 6 versus 130!!

What I am looking forward to: non-pregnancy brain. and i'm hoping it goes away!! lol. i've lost so many things. and have no idea where they are. like a brand new bravado nursing bra i wanted to exchange. grrr. i still can't find it. so irritated.

Weekly Wisdom: this is staying the same as it has been:: enjoy it. every single second. as much as you can. ((i've not had to endure weeks/months of throwing up and i'm sure it can be hard to enjoy that)) so enjoy the time that you're not feeling sick and not throwing up. and enjoy the non-headache moments...because all too soon they baby is here in your arms and not your belly. and remember no matter HOW miserable you feel...there are women out there who'd give ANYTHING to be in your place!

Milestones: she's considered 'full term' now. and according to what to expect, is the size of a watermelon. which coincidentally, is exactally what it feels like i'm carrying!! ((actually the other week shaun's cousin's daughter was pointing at my belly and saying 'ball' to her mommy. too cute))

here's a picture of me from saturday. we had a wedding reception. and i scored this new dress for only 24 bucks. regular 116.00. i love sales. and i love japanese weekend clothing!!

don't mind the flip flops. but it's seriously all i can wear. and ONLY put them on if i'm leaving the house. i have intents in my feet otherwise. :0)

and because i'm doing a question-y type thing here is another thing i saw the other week, christy did an interview post on her blog, and i offered to play along. so here are the questions and my answers::

1 - You're a fellow cloth diaper addict... what's your favorite diaper?
this is a hard question. so i'll break it up:

my favorite pocket diaper:: fuzzi bunz. it's what i started with and have still been using. i double stuff with microfiber and a hemp insert

my favorite one sized diaper:: rumparooz. love them.

my favorite fitted:: i just got some monkey snuggles and i love them. they seem a bit bigger and fit caitlyn better than some of the other ones i've tried. ((i'm also waiting on a shipment of nifty nappy diapers i ordered through a co-op...i've heard great things about them as well))

my favorite diaper cover:: i love my bummis covers. i also have one GEN-Y cover that i got recently. and LOVE that one as well. especially for caitlyn, because it snaps!! i have a few super cute ones for miss baby girl e to use too.

my favorite hybrid:: i recently fell in love with gDiapers. i've been using them at night with their disposable inserts. they've been working great, and see more gLove in my future!! ((plus they make tinyG's with disposable/compostable inserts...so miss baby girl e can wear 'cloth' soon after she's home, or in the hospital. i don't know!))

i also have a few newborn dipes that i got, but of course haven't used. i'm super excited to try out the lil joeys by rumparooz. they're SO DARN CUTE!!

2 - What is one thing you are looking forward to with this new baby? Are your kids excited?
one thing? hmmm. well i'm looking forward to seeing and meeting her for the first time. it'll be amazing to see who she looks like. and if she'll have hair. i'm so excited!!

breigh and amelya are super excited. and caitlyn is always touching my belly saying baby evaleigh. dustin, probably doesn't care...but soon will. :)
3 - Because I asked Nina this too and love hearing peoples easy go-to recipes - what is a favorite easy recipe of yours?
well i'm an always easy recipe person. i just hate all the clean up. one of my favorites is using a wildtree skillet meal. ((that's not a recipe though)) so for a recipe i'd say cheeseburger pie. i got it from a bisquick box. but instead of using bisquick i use wildtree's bisquit mix. here's the link. i love it because it's plain and simple.

4 - If you could describe each of your kids with one word what would it be?
amelya: insightful
breigh: hilarious
caitlyn: determined
dustin: boy
5 - Do you homeschool? What books do you use?
we're using my father's world. and we love it. i will be finishing up kindergarten in fall with that for amelya. she's only a few lessons from finishing up her math program i added through singapore math, so in fall will be in first grade math.
breigh i've just used workbooks i have and copy out of them to supplement along with the lessons with MFW, i also buy workbooks from the dollar store. they're cheap and she feels 'cool' using them. i'm not sure when i'll start kindergarten with her. she just turned four, so i technically have a year to wait. but i'm thinking by winter she may be ready. we'll see! i love having the advantage of doing it however i'd like!!

if you'd like to play the interview 'game' too, just let me know and i'll ask you five questions. well if you want to play the pregnancy game too you could...but i'll leave that to you! :)

14 loving words from you.:

Kristin said...

I can't believe it's already time! You look adorable!!! I'm sorry your carpal tunnel has been giving you so much pain :( I can't wait to see Miss E next week on here!! Hope you enjoy this last week!

Ami said...

You DO look adorable! I can't believe it's next week already. :)

Oh, and I used Singapore Math with some kids in my school for enrichment - LOVE it! Would definitely use if I were (able) to homeschool.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

You look too cute in that dress...and what a great deal too! I so know what you mean about those flip flops! My feet were so swollen with Henry that I seriously could barely wear my flip flops! I know you are really excited about next Wednesday:)

April said...

LOL you're funny! You are really carrying forward! I am sorry your carpal is bad, that is NOT fun at all! Hopefully that will allivate when baby E is born!!

The Cummings Family said...

You're adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
I am curious about My Father's World curriculum. I looked up online. I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your experience with me?
Patti Cummings

Veronica said...

Totally feel you on the carpal tunnel. Sounds exactly like mine when I was pregnant with Audrey. I remember those nights of crying and keeping my Hubby awake very well.

Hoping you feel better soon! You look so cute! Not too much longer now!!!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are already 37 weeks!! That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I remember those braxton hicks! I always thought it was the "real thing!"

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun post! Loved getting to know more about you! And what a pretty picture! I will be unplugged for a week so I hope it all goes well!

Jen said...

What a great post and picture. I love your little belly...brings back some recent memories. I was about 36 weeks pregnant with my third last year around this time.

So my fellow cloth diaper addict here are my favorites:
Pockets: Love my Snap Converted BumGenius 3.0's (now I will have to try to find some money to purchase some 4.0's)
Fitteds: Green Sprouts off of Etsy they just fit well
Cover: BG Flip cover...never had a leak
Hybrid: I really like gdiapers and Grovia diapers. I would say my favorite disposable insert in the gdiaper insert, my favorite insert for anything these days is the gflapper from the nappy shop. It is hard to say which cover I like best for hybrids (probably my one and only flip cover)
Sized Diapers: GAD Green Acres Design are my favorite...They are so cute and come in such a fun range of colors
AIO's: I don't have many of these, but I would say my BG Organic One Size...they just fit my chunky monkey girl extremely trim
Diapers I am wanting to try: Grovia AIO and Fuzzi Bunz one size

So there are my cloth diaper favs right now, although who knows as my baby changes what I will love next.

Good luck with your last few weeks of pregnancy. I know I was just glad to be done once I had my baby last summer.

Holly said...

I bet you're ready to meet Evaleigh! I can't wait to see pics of her! I hope you post them soon once she's born!

We don't really have a big variety of CDs. Just the Tiny Tush and the Kissaluvs. Can't wait to use the KL's!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love that dress and you are all belly. You look great. No apologies for flip flops...I wear them everyday in the summer. SEriously. Even to church. I just love them.
You scored huge on that dress. CUTE
I couldn't sleep during my pregnancy either...I had insomnia though. I couldn't wait to sleep either.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe it's almost time!!! YAY so excited for you and can't wait to see this one!!!

You look great for about to deliver - so jealous! Wish I looked like that at the end of my pregnancies!

Kristin said...

Just a week left...I am so excited for you! You look great, too! I love reading your pregnancy updates, but I guess this will be the last one. :-)

I've heard great things about MFW, but I've never used it myself. I am also debating about when to start kindergarten with my 4-year-old. He seems almost ready, but not quite. Homeschooling makes it so much easier since we can be so flexible.

Ruth said...

You are so cute!! Congrats on having a date and best of luck!!! Thanks for the cloth diaper info, I keep tossing the idea around in my head but it seems overwhelming.