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Thursday, July 01, 2010

wearing a baby...

i'm not so sure how much i talk about my love for baby-wearing. probably not a ton, a ton. but i do love baby wearing. in fact i have quite a few carriers. my 'newest' carrier is an ella belly CLICK. it's a mei tai, but a click version. so around the waist it has a click. hence the name. anyways i've never used a mei tai, and was super excited to be able to purchase this one as a tester slot!! kelly wanted some pictures. and i kept forgetting. but the other night we went outside and dustin wasn't feeling 100% so i put him in the carrier. when he saw the carrier, he literally got off of shaun's lap and came to me saying up because he wanted in it. he LOVES this carrier. and i already said...so do i!!
this carrier is very similiar to the ergo, which i also have and love. but as you can tell in the next picture it has ties as well as the click. ((if you can see the ties under my belly that is))
being nine months pregnant, this carrier is still super easy to use and actually helps my back feel better. it must counter balance the weight. lol. but in all seriousness, it really is super great. i've walked around with dustin in it at walmart, and home, and a favorite local cafe...all with no pain...during OR after. the should straps are padded nicely, as well as padding in the 'seat' part.

and i just love the pattern. did i tell you i got to pick it out myself!?! yep i did. and it's reversible. i wasn't thinking and didn't take pictures of the other pattern i picked. but this is the pattern i picked for the other side.
one thing also super fun is that you can pick the strap color as well. i didn't know what color to pick because my two patterns are so different. so i left it up to kelly. and i think black is perfect for the two patterns.
dustin loves hanging out in the carrier. and i love being able to hold him without my hands falling asleep. with the carpal tunnel i've had lately i can hardly hold him without my arms falling asleep. so this is a perfect option for me. and even for at the mall or a store it's great because my hands will fall asleep if i push the stroller too much. so it's PERFECT!!

if you're interested in learning more check out ella belly's site. kelly is great to work with. and i just loved my experience. i wish i was a bajillionaire and could purchase anyone who wanted one, one. but i'm not. so i can't. and i've heard a rumor that ella belly is looking to go wholesale more so than custom. so be sure to get in on the customs while you can!! it's so much fun to pick it out yourself.

some other baby carriers i have and love are the moby wrap. this one is great for when the baby is newborn. you can wrap them up on you and carry them super easy. it does take a little bit of getting used to. it's basically one long sheet of fabric. in fact. you could buy some cotton interlock at a fabric store and make one  yourself if you're super crafty. it's a bit cheaper. :0) here's dustin (about 8 months old, snuggled up and sleeping on me. it was sometimes the only way we could calm him down when we were out and about. at home he'd always sleep fine, but when we were out he had a harder time. the wrap was perfect!)
i also have the maya wrap. which is actually a sling. ((i also have a great sling from baby so smart that i love)) i love that one as well. i have only used it while pregnant. but it works in a snap to through dustin on my hip. however, if i am going to use it for a long period of time, i have noticed my one shoulder hurts a bit. and will reach for the mei tai or the ergo instead.
i have no picture of me with this carrier. sorry.  here is a very nice stand in though...it's blurry to hide her identity. (actually because the thumbnail was small...)
and my other favorite is the ergo. which the ella belly CLICK is very similiar to. they're both great. and would reccommend either of them!!  when we went to NYC in fall that's all i used for dustin. it worked out perfectly. especially with the amount of people on ONE sidewalk! and this is one picture that you can sort of see him in, from NYC. m&m world. :0)

one thing i'm excited about after having miss baby girl e, is all the options i have to carry her! the kids like to play outside. so it'll be super nice to be able to wrap her on myself to go outside and play and watch the kiddos. without having to have miss e miss out on anything. the ella belly is even great for newborns...so i'm excited to try that out with her. because the ergo needs a special insert for an infant.

and a funny story about baby wearing...the other week dustin want in and out of the cart at walmart. shaun finally said, where's the carrier. so HE wore dustin in it. my husband. i was shocked. not that he's against baby wearing, he just has never offered. and i love it so i don't care. but he put dustin in. and then amelya had to go to the bathroom. so shaun took her. while wearing dustin. when he got back shaun told me he's never wearing a baby again. i'm like why?! he said that he was so embarassed because all these women kept smiling and pointing at him!! lol. i giggled. shaun is super shy. and doesn't like a lot of attention drawn to himself. but i think it's great to see him wearing a kiddo. and i smiled at him too. but i guess it's different, i AM his wife. :)

and a total praise report, i've been on the tyelnol RX since monday. and last night i only had to take one dose of the meds. usually at 130-200 i'm up taking another dose because of pain. but i didn't have to last night!! yay. i also went to the chiropractor yesterday, so i'm thinking that helped too. but God is good. and only 6 more days!!

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Kristin said...

I am a babywearing fanatic, too, but I've never found a carrier that feels great while pregnant. I love wearing tiny babies and I love wearing older babies who are normally so active, but snuggle up close when they are in the carrier. And I like to hold big kids who are have breakdowns at dinner-cooking time, but calm down when I wear them. :-)

Jennifer W. said...

This is great...I never even really knew about baby wearing until I entered the bloggy world, and I wasn't sure about it, even then! By the time I tried it with Emmie (with a Hotsling) she was 8 or 9 months old, and hated it! We are currently trying to get PG ;) and I WILL try it with the new baby if God sees fit to grant us one more!! I can't wait to meet baby E.

Rachel said...

Love the Baby Wearing!! I don't know how I managed without wearing my babies.

You look fabulous. Absolutely amazing.

By the way -- I received my 7th Generation products and I AM IN LOVE. Thank you for them again. I am so blessed.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

God's blessings,


Mama Campbell said...

That's so great! I love wearing my babies & wish I had more than the baby bjorn type thing w/my 1st. I plan on wearing this baby from day 1 too. It makes for a happier baby! :o) And you look great mama! Total super mom too! :o)

I'm glad to hear your pain isn't as unbearable. And you're right that the chiropractor may have helped too. I just started going to one last week & feel like a new (36 week preggo tomorrow) woman! :o)

Beth said...

I too wore all my babies!!! I had a sling, then wraps - but I think I would have totally loved this ella baby carrier!! Looks awesome and you seem so comfortable with one on your back and one in your belly!!!

Have you tried a chiropractor for the carpel tunnel (I haven't been reading many blogs lately - so I might have missed you talking about it)!!

Good luck - can't wait to "meet" Baby e!

Holly said...

That Ella Belly looks really neat. And it seems that it and the ergo are about the same price. I think I like the Ella Belly better. Do you have a preference between the two?

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

girl, you're wearing two babies!!! : ) you are definitely supermom. way more than i.

i promise i haven't forgotten about the review. i promise. thanks for being patient.

Stephanie said...

How cute! Love the new carrier - and it's awesome that he loves it too!!! that makes life so much easier :)

whoo hoo 6 more days!!!! yay

Kelli said...

amazing that you can be pregnant and wear a baby at the same time!

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad that the meds helped. You are too cute wearing the baby. I love that wrap. CUTE

Jessica-MomForHim said...

We have an Ergo and my hubby loves to wear our babies with it. It is really a blessing to me to see him wearing our babes (or toddlers)! You can see some pictures of him wearing our kids here:

I also got an Infantino Flip to review, and baby J likes to be forward facing in that, but otherwise I like the Ergo MUCH better. (though the Flip is like 1/2 the price of the Ergo, but I think the Ergo is worth the extra money!)