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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

easy post

seriously. i sit here. and go. blech. what should i write. so because i was recently 'tagged/awarded' two awards, i'm doing them. because...mainly i forget otherwise. so i'm remembering and doing it today.

amanda awarded me with the first award, and ruth with the second.

the rules for both were to list some random facts about yourself. if i'm good at nothing else...i'm good at random.
1. i love to get my haircut. i could do it every week if i could. i also love to change it up all the time. i get sick of one style for too long.

2. i found my iPod this week. it has been literally missing for months. i'm so excited. and now have been adding my new favorite songs to it. and the girls like being able to play the super why game again.

3. i don't have the cleanest house ever, and don't care. but i like to have certain things organized. like the DVDS and book shelves. even if it only lasts a day. i love looking at the shelves knowing all the same things are by each other.

4. i wish i was more creative. or crafty. i get ideas in my head, but when they try to come out of my hands...so doesn't happen the way i pictured it. and then i just get irritated and quit.

5. i want to go back to NYC SO BADLY!! i will not drive there again. but dream about taking a weekend trip away with shaun there. something about the hustle and bustle that i just loved when we were there.

6. shaun and i talk about selling our house and land all the time. and then realize...we really don't want to at all.

7. i hate it when my food touches on my plate. it all has it's own spot.

8. i don't drink enough water. and don't like it. the only time i drank water was when i was in tennis. i miss tennis.

9. chicken noodle soup makes everything all better.

10. ever since having kids, i'm an emotional wreck watching movies, tv, commercials. you name it. i'll cry at it. i never cried at anything like that before being pregnant.

so ten is probably enough. because i know i could go on forever. lol. i know i'm supposed to award these to other people. but i honestly HATE picking and choosing. so if you want it...go ahead and take it. :0) i know, it's the easy way out...but it fits with the 'ease' of the post!!

and speaking of haircuts, we all (minus caitlyn who didn't want to) got haircuts this weekend!! shaun needed one desperately. and i wanted one. the girls when we were there decided to as well. they look adorable with short hair! dustin got one too. he needed one badly as well, he had the mullet thing going on. i didn't get a picture of dustin yet, but here's the girls...
they both got quite a bit cut off. but look so darn adorable.

i had shaun take a 'normal' belly picture too. i can't believe how WHITE!! my belly is. lol. or maybe how tan my arms are. either way...wow!! and you really can't tell i got my haircut i guess, but i got quite a bit cut off too.
shaun's reaction after seeing the picture was wow. it looks big. lol. people have been asking lately how far i have to go yet. i say about five weeks. actually it's five weeks from TODAY! i'm enjoying every second while i can. soon we'll be holding her on the outside instead of the inside. shaun last night saw my belly moving all over and went wow. when i asked what. he said it looked like i was getting a massage from the inside out. i never looked at it that way!! so see, i can't complain i've never had a massage!! i get one daily. :)

enough rambling. i'm going to go wake up my girls. dustin is playing happily in the play room but all three girls are still sleeping. and it's almost nine. i'm so glad i don't have to get them awake for school or daycare. lol.

13 loving words from you.:

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, you are all baby!!!! You are adorable, Amanda!! And I can imagine how emotional you are going to be when you hold your baby for the first time!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

i can totally relate with #1 and #10! in fact, i'm dying my hair tonight (would have last night, but need jay's help to make sure i cover everything and he said he wanted to see my hair the color it is for one more day yet and would help me tonight) and want it cut really badly, but i'm trying to grow it out, haha! and i cry at the silliest things on tv (or books), even the happy stuff! its crazy! btw, no problem about not getting to chat at the party last weekend. you're right, it is easier to catch up at our family gatherings. just hope for nice weather! see you, shaun, and the kiddos on sunday and enjoy the rest of your week!

Kel said...

Congrats on your awards! I am completely with you on #10. I am a complete wreck at movies and while reading books. Especially if it has kids and parents in them.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Only 5 more week! Wow, you are so close! Congrats on the awards:) I love reading your randomness, and I love even more when one of you answers is something that I would write too! The one about you food not touch is so me! I hate for my food to touch...I would eat on a divided plate everyday if I could:)

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

Wow the new baby will be here before you know it! The girls look so cute. And I think that you and Shaun should definitely plan a get a way to NYC without the kids. It would be so special. My husband and I have been married almost 18 years and we take trips every couple of years without our 4 kids.
Have a great week!

April said...

Yeah! 5 more weeks! So exciting! Think you'll go that long? are you ready to bring home another little one yet? :) Who will she be sharing a room with (once she's out of yours?)

The room ideas are just flooding my head lately :) Love it!

Holly said...

Not much longer for you! Yay! I like the cut you got! :) I wish that I was more crafty too, especially in the sewing area. I can be creative just gotta put the time in for it.

Ruth Clark said...

Oh my goodness, all baby, but it is so super cute. Love number 7, that is a big one in our house!!

christy rose said...

You look so adorable with that baby belly!! I love everyone's haircut too! Too cute!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

congrats on your cute awards! : ) oh girl, i am addicted to water and now have a newly developed crush on ice - especially crushed ice!!! i promise, if you make yourself drink it, you'll crave it! i want to get my haircut every week too. i love not washing it for like 3 or 4 days (gasp!)to have my really good style last long (because i can NEVER do it as well as the stylist does!).

Kristin said...

I'm not with you on the hair thing. I don't like getting my hair cut, but it definitely needs it now! I also don't like split ends. :-)

My belly is white, too, but unfortunately, my arms are just as white. I can't tan no matter what I do!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love to get my hair cut too. It can be an addiction. I am trying to grow it out but everyday I think I want it cut again. I like it to feel fresh and new. Now you look pregnant...finally. Cute.
I love it when the baby moves and everyone can see it. So fun.

blueviolet said...

It's the perfect time to get a haircut when you start getting bigger. It just makes you feel good! Your baby belly is so cute!!! The girls are adorable!!!