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Monday, October 25, 2010

in loving memory

today marks seven years since my grandma went home to be with the Lord. this year, more than years before, it's been really hard. i miss my grandma every day. and goofy little things sneak up and remind me of her. i thought i would share a poem my grandpa wrote for her a year after she went home.

I lost my life's companion, a life linked with my own.

Day by day I think of you, as I walk through life alone.
Loving memories never die as days go on and years go by.
Deep in my heart a memory kept of the one I loved and will never forget.
Those left behind are good and kind, but no one replaces you.
I laugh and smile, I play the part
but behind the smile is a broken heart.
~hilary gebhart~

the love my grandparents shared here on earth was so amazing. i've been blessed to have the cards they shared with each other while dating. i LOVE reading them. and feel blessed beyond measure to have them in my possession. this poem shows the same amount of love...and  makes me cry every single time i read it. :)

here's one of my favorite pictures of my grandma and i, and my sister. i still remember the smile and gleam in her eye when she saw how pretty my sister was. my grandma suffered from dementia the last few years of her life. but when she saw me i *knew* she knew who i was...she just couldn't express it. the look in  her eye was all i needed to know.

2 loving words from you.:

Zookeeper Jess said...

I'm crying reading that poem too. I can't imagine what your grandpa has gone through losing his best friend and soul mate. Beautiful, sad poem.

Hugs to you as you miss your granny. I was only 7 when my grandma passed away but I still miss her and think of her and cry.

-stephanie- said...

It's sad that she couldn't know your kids.

Both your Grandma and Grandpa sound wonderful.