i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Monday, November 22, 2010

to my husband.

on our anniversary...
i love you. plain and simple. really...no other words are needed.
no other words can describe it.
seven years ago as i prepared to become your wife i was nervous and excited. and giddy. it was *finally* happening. i was getting married. better yet, i was marrying my best friend.
as i walked down the aisle and saw you standing there crying,  my heart swelled with love for the man i was about to marry. the man who wasn't afraid to cry. to show emotion. in fact you crying helped me to not cry. so thanks. :)
the past seven years have been filled with so many things. the vows we took have stood strong in them too. for better and worse. sickness and health. etc. but i've learned we can't have the better without the worse. the health without the sickness. it all balances out. and as we've clung to each other in those bad things, it's only drawn us closer to God at the center of this marriage.
what God has done in our  marriage makes me stand in awe. the things i've learned in the past seven years are amazing. and i know He has so much more to teach and show and share with us. i love praying with you. i love seeing you trust in God to lead and guide our family. i love watching you grow in Him. i love watching you talk to our children about Him. i love the man that God has made you to be.
i love the woman that God has made me to be with you. i love who i am with you. i love that i can be me, and you *still* choose to love me. that you put up with my stubborn-ness. my strong willed attitude. my rummage sale habits. my bad morning breath and you'll still kiss me good bye.
seven years ago i would've never pictured us the way we are now. yet today i couldn't picture us any other way.
i love you. today. tomorrow. forever. and a day after that.
your bunny.

7 loving words from you.:

Lara said...

Ahhhh.... LOVE IT! You're so sweet on each other. Seven Year Itch--SMeven Year Smitch! Did that come out right? HA! Enjoy your day and many more years together!

-stephanie- said...

Awwww, so sweet. Happy Anniversary.

Kristin said...

Awwwww!!! That's so sweet! You looked so beautiful on your wedding day! :) Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a great day and a great Thanksgiving too!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh!! How sweet you are!! Happy Anniversary!!

Sarah MP said...

Very sweet!

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Amber said...

I know it's a little late, but Happy Anniversary!!