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Monday, August 13, 2012

minus 2

last friday we had to make an impromptu trip to best buy. our printer died. and we needed a new one to complete printing of school stuff...ANYWAYS! breigh has been working on a minimally loose tooth for awhile. ((i think she really wanted to be "cool" like amelya and have a missing tooth)) she would show me any and all developments in the "loose-ness" of the tooth and was getting excited that it was getting looser. she worked on it and showed me at best buy how "loose" it was...and i literally use that term loosely.

they did well at best buy because i bribed them with fro-yo for after  and we stopped at cherry berry for a treat. when we were about to get out of the truck, breigh said...i got it out!! i wasn't even sure what she was talking about...but sure enough...

she had gotten it out. and if that excitement in her eyes shows anything...it's how full of joy she was that she removed the tooth. she explained how she just twisted it out! the rest of the afternoon was filled with stories about her missing tooth. anyone i talked to on the phone needed to be told of the missing tooth. and the tooth went straight into a baggie when we got home. she briefly mentioned that the tooth next to it was also loose.

later that night we were on our way home from town and she exclaimed...i took out the other one!! we turned to look at her, and in shaun's words..."sure, shootin'!" 
i didn't think she could be more excited than the first tooth. this picture proves that theory WRONG! 
and as soon as we got in the door, she put her tooth in her "tooth bag".

so on the day she lost her first tooth. she also lost her second. we've since told her to leave the other teeth alone for awhile. 

money is not a motivation for the teeth-ripping out...as the tooth fairy doesn't exist in our house...i truly think she gets a thrill out of removing her teeth. and i love how excited she gets. how "big" she feels. BUT...where did my baby go?!

2 loving words from you.:

Kirsty said...

The tooth fairy and other imagined beings do not visit our house either! (So good to know I am not alone).
I love teasing, and teasing kids about their teeth is one of my favorites. The common saying "I lost my tooth" which is incredibly grammtically idiotic opens the door for some fun. "You LOST a tooth! How careless of you!" My 3 kids just roll their eyes at me by now, but other kids will look at me thoughtfully and then quickly work it out. I love how, even at that age, they are smart enough to know that I am teasing, and that both meanings of the sentence are valid. Good giggles ;)

-stephanie- said...

Cute with one tooth out and doubly cute with two teeth out.
Isn't Cherry Berry fun?! :o)