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Friday, September 06, 2013

a golden birthday!

miss caitlyn.

you're SIX today!!
and it's the SIXTH!
so it's your golden birthday. 
i can't believe it was six years ago that the doctor exclaimed, it's a CAITLYN!! 
 i was shocked. i just "knew" you were going to be a boy! but i was just a teensy bit wrong. and you have blessed us ever since.
since you've entered our family we've been so blessed to watch you grow and change. your smile has always lit up your face.
yet, you always have had a sparkle of something in your eye that we can't quite put our finger on.
you have given us one big scare in your life. and i pray it is the only one you've ever given. yet even while in the hospital for five days...you were in such a great mood!
 as much as you smile. you're also VERY good at being VERY serious.
 you've always been a watcher, and take everything in. and i've always wondering just WHAT is she really thinking...
your curiosity has only grown from being a little girl.
 and your love for learning and books has gotten larger and larger as you have gotten bigger, too.
 watching you with baby dolls...only shows how much of a good big sister you are. ((and good thing, because your brother only came 13 months after you did!))
i pray that this next year you continue to have a bit of a serious side.
but continue to take time to get a little messy, too.
 don't lose your sense of adventure. and planning for your craziness.
 and i pray that your smile only grows bigger with each day that passes.
 that you continue to sing songs to Jesus.
 and that you allow the joy of knowing Him to pour out of your little heart.
 and that as you travel on through each day...you continue to take Him with you.
 that you continue to not give a care in the world about being unique, and being yourself. and who God has made you to be.
 that you always express yourself and make lots of people laugh with you.
 that you look curiously into each person's heart and see them for who they are.
 and that you continue to smile. i know i've said this. but caitlyn there is SOMETHING about your smile that will change people's lives.
 especially with the nose crinkle and sparkle in your eyes.
 don't ever let anything scare you. because the Lord is ALWAYS with you.
keep exploring. and don't let anything stop what the Lord calls you to do.
always show your expressions of how you're feeling. it's what i love about you.
 and always enjoy food. food is good.
to my golden girl. and her golden birthday. i love you. and Jesus loves you more.

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-stephanie- said...

Happy 6th Birthday Miss C.

She's so sweet.