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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


before we found out we were even pregnant i was praying that *if* we did, that we'd have a brother for dustin. the Lord answered that prayer. and we're having a brother.

dustin is so excited. in fact, the day after we found out that it was a boy he said, "mom. i will share my tractors. after the baby is bigger, so he doesn't wreck them. but he can play with them, when he is bigger."

the other day he was cuddling with me and i got this sweet picture of my two boys...

that same night i was telling the kids how the baby is able to hear noises and even after he is born that he will recognize noises that he's heard. so if we read a book to him every day, after he's born he'll "remember" it. ((of course this was explained in kid terms and not scientific 'real' terms.))

dustin then decided he wanted to sing a song to his brother each day. 
it's been three days.
he's sung it each day.
i captured this sweet video yesterday.

i can't wait for them to be brothers outside of the womb. but for now, i'm totally enjoying them being brothers with one out and one in. ;)

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-stephanie- said...

Sweeeet! How adorable.