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Thursday, September 05, 2013

happy (not)back to school!!

this week i took some (not)back to school pictures. :)

since we homeschool, we're not "going back" to school.
and really we've schooled most of the summer, only taking this past month off.
but i thought it would be fun to take a picture of the each of them.
i asked some questions of them:
what do you want to be when you grow up?
what do you love to do?
what do you want the Lord to help you with?
after they picked the last thing, we searched the Bible for the perfect scripture to memorize to work on that thing. it really helps work on their heart attitudes, which to me is more important than memorizing some math facts. ((and i've had the opportunity to work on these issues already! so it's been great to go back to what God has said about things, not just what "mom or dad" says!))

without further ado...the school of the popps: ((i really need to think of a name for our school! lol))
we don't "do" grade levels for school. we just move at their level and their pace. which leads to issues when they are asked what grade they're in by people. ;) BUT i want it this way. this is one of the reasons we homeschool. to tailor school to THEIR needs. not to what some "grade" says they "should" be doing. i feel that by placing them in a grade level, it also places them in a box. and i don't want that. so we don't do it. 

Amelya ...8 1/2 years old...wants to be a ballerina or a dog sitter...loves to draw...wants the Lord to help her with her attitude and speaking kind words...memorizing 1 Peter 3:8

 Breigh...7 years old...wants to be a mommy and a police officer...loves to play with babies (real & pretend)...wants the Lord to help her with being anxious...memorizing Psalm 121:1-2

 Caitlyn...(almost) 6 years old...wants to be a mommy with 5 kids...loves to play with little people toys...wants the Lord to help her not to be mad...memorizing Colossians 3:8

 Dustin...4 years old...wants to be a motorcycle police officer...loves to play with tractors...wants the Lord to help him not throw fits...memorizing James 1:19

 Evaleigh...3 years old...wants to ride around on horses...loves to play with baby dolls...wants the Lord to help her to obey her parents the FIRST time...memorizing Colossians 3:20. ((i'll admit, she said the obey parents part...i added the first time part! :) ))

i am SO blessed to be their teacher. and to be married to their principal. ;)

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Cheryl said...

Just adorable. Memories and verses to treasure forever <3

With Hope,