i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Monday, January 05, 2009

not me.

wow. i wake up and not me monday is is FULL board! check out mckmama's for the rest of them and the rules and for now 'enjoy' things me and most likely my family didn't do.

i did not wkae up today and see that there is already over 100 not me's already posted on mckmama's site. because i always have a not me typed ahead.

my husband did not find our dog food bag with a small hole in the corner. we do not have a little 'creature' enjoying some dog food. he will soon not be enjoying some poison. i'm not hoping to 'smell' him dead SOON. i do not keep hoping all i do is smell it him and not SEE him. i am not content with knowing they are in my house and not seeing them. i am not 'inspecting' every speck of black i see to see if is a speck of evidence that my little creature is alive. i do not hate the cold weather that brings these things IN my house.

when driving home the other not during a rain/sleet storm in winter, i did not think in my head "i wonder if we'll get up this hill" (it is a very very steep hill) we did not almost immediately after thinking that STOP. we did not have to REVERSE DOWN THE HILL...PRAYING THE ENTIRE TIME! and turn around and go back to find a 'smaller' hill to go up. i was not completely FREAKING out. it did not take us an hour to get home from somewhere that should take 15 min. i do not live in wisconsin where we get loads of crazy winter weather.

i was not 'eavesdropping' (i NEVER ever do that) on a coversation ABOUT ME and my kids names being 'a b c d'. i did not giggle when the lady said...'i wonder if they realize that!?!' oh boy. i did not want to roll on the floor and laugh really hard. seriously what are the chances of doing that on 'accident'. i did not proceed to tell the story...we didn't realize a and b but after that we figured we had to continue the alphabet...

the barney dvd i've talked about for the past few weeks is still not in our dvd player. there are not a stack of dvds in the glove box that could be changed i am not just too lazy to grab one. my husband and i are not singing along with like every song.

my THREE year old daughter did not ALMOST beat me at wii bowling.

i did not keep playing wii tennis until i kicked the computer's butt beat the computer. i did not do a 'dance' after. i am NOT THAT obsessed.

i have not been EXTREMELY BLESSED BEYOND WORDS by all my blogging buddies for their love and prayers of support for my test last week. and for all their KIND words after my last post. i do not LOVE my blogging buddies SO MUCH. and i do not talk about most of you like i actually 'know' you!

i do not have another friend hooked on mckmama's blog. we did not spend most of our lunch at burger king talking about it.

i am not getting excited to be in the 'nine-thousands' for my hit counter. i do not get excited about things like that. i am also not excited to have 22 'followers'.

so there they are. i'm sure there are more. but for the sake of your time i'll stop! because i know that there are tons more not me's out there to read!!

mom's group is today! we have a 'surprise guest' coming. and it's going to be a 'pamper' day. this month our topic is being the woman god wants us to be. i'm excited to see. because i know all too much i get hung up on 'looking perfect' and 'good'. i know that is not necessarily the image god may have for me. so i'm excited like i said!

who knows what we'll do after. all i know is i'm tired. i've had a bad headache for a few days and my throat hurts. i'm just hoping to not get sick. it is no fun being sick and taking care of my kiddos.

church was really really so awesome yesterday. a guy ryan who has been coming for awhile gave his heart to christ. mike did an altar call and ryan walked up. it was so cool too see. i pretty much bawled. alisha was singing one of 'her' songs and it's been so true in my life lately. so it was just an emotional day at church. but all so worth it. ohh it was SO exciting. :0)

so i'm keeping this short. basically because i'm tired and when i'm tired i tend to ramble MORE THAN I ALREADY DO. :0) so have a great monday. and thanks for stopping by. come back soon. :0)

10 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

you're lucky amelya only almost beat you... ayden totally kicks my butt in boxing! and i don't ever do a little dance when i beat the computer either!!!

Following Him said...

You are not the only one that beats the computer...did it once and am so excited! You are more talented than me with the wii...I have no talent at all with it!

Jane Anne said...

That is SUCH a great list! I can (I mean cannot) relate to SO many things on your list. I have never been beaten by my kids at the Wii. More importantly, it didn't bother me a bit. :) I do not get really excited about my blog stats and followers either. Craziness, isn't it?!

-stephanie- said...

ick, I hope your creature moves out.

most roads were ok this morning, school parking lot was a total ice rink. Cars spinning everywhere. Praying for spring.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

We had a problem with mice not too long ago. I completely LOST IT! Thankfully it's all under control now. Hope you find the little fella!

He And Me + 3 said...

I never beat anyone on the Wii...Yeah to you! Also, someone would have had to knock me out to get home that night. LOL

Liz said...

I hate mice....I mean hate them...I hope you are "smelling" that mouse really soon.

The Beaver Bunch said...

For the record, I didn't realize that you have A, B, C and D. I have a friend who's on H. Beat that!

I've been sorta absent lately b/c of strep and holidays and LIFE. But...I'll have to check out your prior posts and this test business. Hope all is well.

kay said...

Oh man, doesn't it stink when kids beat you at games? It happens to me all too often! :P

Lara said...

Thanks for popping in. I haven't the time to read and check out your blog right now, but I know I'm going to become a reader since we can relate so easily. Yeay, I'm not alone!