i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Monday, March 23, 2009

not me ever

wowzers. monday already??!?! where is the weekend? boo. i miss it already. head over to mckmama's for not me monday fun. ((after of course you read mine.))

so i do not miss shaun already today. i do not love waking up with him and cuddling and talking before the rest of the house wakes up. we did not sit and listen to the girlies laughing and playing in their room saturday. they then did not come in our room trying to 'wake us' up. it was not the cutest thing ever.

((((interrupting this so great post for this update:: for those of you who don't know mckmama's little baby boy is in the PICU at the children's hosptial...head over to her blog for the full details and please pray for god's perfect peace and plan, because it is so good))))

so for the rest of my things...

i am still not trying to figure out while people are mean. and feel the need to leave mean comments. i do really not mind comments that disagree. but to accuse me of 'being like a poison'. ohhh that was mean. so because that happened i have now decided to never allow anon comments again...ever.

i do not let the poison comment get to me. nope. not me. that'd be silly. ((who am i kidding? that was so mean and hurtful. i do not understand mean people and why the feel the need to torture others))

i am not so thankful that all my blogging buddies who are 'woman'/'man' enough to leave their names with their comments are so nice!! (did you miss the post? here it is. just please be nice)

i did not wake up before my kiddos this morning and read my friend's post 'you are worth it' and feel totally encouraged. i did not read a few other not me mondays already and totally almost pee my urinal pants laughing at ~stephanie's~. you seriously need to check out both of those posts.

i did not laugh outloud at my hubby when sharing a story about work said this to his co-worker, "well at least i'm not a wooden shoe man born on april fool's day" ((his co-worker was making fun of shaun being german, so shaun made 'fun' of him being dutch...)) i did not ask shaun if i could blog about it. he did not say sure. and then he did not say "make sure you tell them i'm not racist!" ((shaun loves the dutch too! lol. he's sooo funny.))

okay this last one. i can not even BELIEVE i'm sharing. but it was funny. and shaun really laughed at it. plus we all do it...i'm just brave enough to share it, i guess....

...so saturday i did not have a 'bm' issue in the bathroom. amelya did not walk by the door, which was open a smidge and say 'mom what was that noise?' i did not say. 'what?' she did not respond with ' it sounded like a drum!!' (ahh. that was SO embarassing. but it was funny.)

so it sounds as if my kiddos are still asleep!! so i'm off to comment a bit before they wake up. have a great day guys. and remember our god is SO good.

13 loving words from you.:

Julie said...

You crack me up with how often you change your blog look! :)

Sorry about all the mean comments. I guess people didn't grow up with the phrase "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Following Him said...

You totally crack me up :) I know Shaun is not racist either. Amelya cracks me up! Happy Monday :)

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

great not me list..and I just love your blog make over. It is so purdy:)
I want to do a makeover as well...just not enough time..I realized that when I had to read your blog backwards...you know..I HAD to catchup..lol..
It is a shame some people are so mean...it is just a reflection of themselves..
Do NOT let it get to you anymore..

Jennifer said...

I needed that bit of funny this morning. Thanks. Mean people stink.

~*Michelle*~ said...

OK, I cannot resist.....Jennifer just said that mean people stink.....I was thinking about your funny drum admitting story....and how wonderful precious friends might stink a little bit too. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

And yes, before you ask, I do poop rose petals. ;)

OK, back to your normal, not so too-much-information life.

I love you Amanda....and happy that God spoke to you with my post today.....(are you gonna jump in the fun!?!?)....I knew He had plans to touch someone's heart, and more happy you were one of them.

have a great day.....I will be taking a photo with my tiara soon.

Kelli said...

Great Not Me's!! You are SUPER funny! The Not Me about the potty incident is so funny!

-stephanie- said...

Poop on poopy comments. Speaking of poop, I laughed about your drumroll issue.

Thanks for the blog shout out.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I don't blame you a bit for not allowing anonymous comments. It's not that hard to get a google account. I'm sorry you had another stinky comment.
I wonder if your little one will refer to her toots as drumrolls from now on...

Rachel said...

great not-me's as usual Amanda! Love the BM story...ok maybe "love" isn't the right word....soooo....I laughed out loud at least. :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I agree with turning off the anonymous commenting function. Why bother? If it only allows people to perpetuate this type of ugliness, it definitely is not needed.

Out with the old, and in with the good!


tjandjmkahrs said...

Hi, great Not me!!

I'm in Jackson, north of Milwaukee, about 25 minutes. You would be the closet I've "met", besides family in the blog world.

Have a great day!

Mom2Valerie said...

Hi Amanda! Nice to "meet" you too! So fun to meet another Christian mommy blogger. Sorry I didn't see your post until now. I am from Fond du Lac, WI, but grew up in Appleton. Your kids are SUPER cute! I will definitely be checking out your blog and maybe someday we could actually meet in real life! God bless you!

Lara said...

Too funny- that last one was a riot. They do say the darndest things!