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Monday, February 16, 2009

wasn't me.

do you know how hard it is to think of something creative to title my not me monday posts. i could just do...not me monday, but no i have to be all creative. which right now i'm not. so you're stuck with. wasn't me. as always head over to mckmama's for more not me monday fun.

...it wasn't me who picked up my soda at mcdonald's and spilled a quarter of it on the floor because the cover wasn't on tight. i would always check the cover BEFORE i picked it up, not after my hand was all sticky. i was not afraid of the wrath of mean manager lady when i told her i spilled some soda. (seriously though, there is a mean manager lady there and she got all tiffy at us one week with our kids...settle settle) so of course when i went to refil my cup it wasn't me who grabbed my soda, with out the cover, and spilled some more on my hand and the floor. there was not a manager lady standing there and said, don't worry about it someone's coming to mop up the floor. good thing she didn't know I was the reason they were coming from the LAST TIME i spilled my soda. because THAT would've been embarassing!!

...it wasn't me who cried and laughed at the same time when i read my valentine's day gift from shaun...more on that later...

...it wasn't me who ran around like crazy picking up my house when my mom called to say she was coming out in about ten minutes. i wasn't relieved to have it all picked up when she got here a half hour later. whew. my house i always tip top clean so i never have to run around. if you wanna surprise me with a visit feel free....no really.please.don't.

...it wasn't me getting excited for the mail all week because i got more fuzzi bunz diapers in the mail. i'm not all excited about this cloth diapering stuff that i did not dedicate a whole entire post to it either.

...it wasn't me excited to see i had three new followers last week...thanks guys. i didn't get excited to have over 13,000 hits either. that's just too obsessive. i.am.not.obsessed.

...i am not going to shamelessy plug my giveaway. i am not asking you to check out the full details. i am not going to ask you to please post it on your blog for a chance to win an uber cool devotional book. i am not going to ask you to pray about giving to the cause to get two more chances to win. i am not going to remind you that you do not have to give to win, all you have to do is post it on your blog for a chance to win. if you give you get a couple more chances. if you don't have a blog...why not? get one. :0) but seriously i am going to ask you all of those things, because i really want to bless the drs and nurses going down to haiti with loads of things for the people they work with in the clinics down there. please? thanks.

...oh one more thing...i am not obsessed with hitting mckmama's four millionth it. i am not so obessed that i totally miscalculated/misread the numbers last week and was way off. and i am not kind of bummed that i will probably miss it today because i am leaving for mom's group. oh well. there is always five million. ha.five.million. and i'm getting excited over 13,000....

so there you have it. :0) good thing there was not dog poo to talk about this week. oscar has been fine all week. well he slept outside too a few nights. but since we've allowed him to sleep in the house again...no more doggy flu poo....

well saturday was valentine's day. big revelation. i'm sure. but anyways. we're not to huge on doing anything for v-day. but we always will get each other a little something something. no NOT that something something....lol...my special friend is visiting anyways...too much information i'm sure...my blog. my information. deal. OKAY to THE POINT...sorry my husband's russian buddy (as shaun calls him) woke me up this morning. WHAT?! i'm sure is what you are thinking. see shaun had to work by five this morning and forgot his phone. so his russian co-worker called him...me this morning looking for shaun. which i probably sounded like being woken up by the phone call. it was seven..so it wasn't that bad...but i was still tired...and now i'm way off track. geesh.

here i'll start a new paragraph. maybe this will help me get to the point...or not. :0) so. we've been working through the fireproof your marriage couple's kit the past five weeks. week three talks about your marriage vows and the covenant you made to each other. the challenge is to renew your vows. so we decided to write some vows to each other as our valentine's day gift. let me tell you that was SO much better than any material thing he could've bought me. on saturday we just gave them to each other. but last night when we sat down to do our session we read them aloud to each other. which was way fun. and is why i laughed and cried while reading his note. he was all serious and sweet on minute and silly the next. i'll share some of it with you.

here are some of my favorite vows from my sweet and silly hubby:

i will love you when you get old and wrinkly. (we have always told each other this, so it was fun to hear. because we haven't told each other that in a while)

i will always put god in the middle of our marrige. (that's an obvious one, but one that needs to always be remembered)

i will kiss you even with BBQ sauce breath. (he doesn't like bbq sauce. i do. isn't it nice he'll still kiss me though? :0) )

i will still play games with you even if you are better. (which is funny because he usually ends up beating ME)

i will help with wash and dishes. (when he read this one aloud he scrunched his face. must've forgot he wrote that one...now i have proof!! lol.)

i will love you even if your farts smell...well mine can't be any better. (yes people i fart. and yes they smell. apparently bad. lol. i laughed when i read that one. and last night when he was reading it aloud i let one out, on accident, right when he was saying that. ohhhh it was so funny.)

my favorite one is this. i will always love you amanda. i love to hear/see him use my name. i'm always called mom or mommy. hardly amanda. so it is nice to hear it from him. then of course he had to be all silly to end his letter...you are my friend, encourager, lover and most of all my wife. you poor poor poor girl. he he he.

oh it was a riot. i'll share a bit of mine that i wrote him. so that way you all don't feel like i'm totally sharing everything only he wrote. i was a bit more serious in mine. but also had some that were silly.
this one is his favorite. (i started my letter out i vow to you...)

...to make-out with you more. ( of course he's a boy and this is his favorite, but the other week he said we don't make-out a lot anymore. just beause we make-out doesn't mean anything else has to happen...so i vowed to do that more...)

...to always put god first. you second and our kids third. i need to remember that order. (which is so true. i am good at getting god first, but sometimes feel like i put the kids before my husband. that is not the right order)

...to never feel like giving up on us and to let you know if i ever feel that way. (this is a hard one to admit. the past few years of pregnancies have been hard on my emotional rollercoaster. there were many times i wanted to throw in the towel...and just be done. but PRAISE GOD. he saw me through those dark dark places and led me back to him. and to my husband. i think that we all may feel that way, even for a split second, but it is what we do with that emotion that means the most.)

...to support you and your dreams. even if it ever means moving to iowa or minnesota. (i have no problems with either state, except for the fact that none of our families are there. but i know he has dreams, and if god should fufill those dreams outside of wisconsin...i will and have to be there with him...)

i had 22 vows for my hubby. he probably had close to that as well. i ended at 22 because that's 'our number'. we started dating may 22 and got married november 22. 'awwww'.

i encourage and challenge you to do this with your husband/wife. no matter how long you've been married i think it is fun to re-visit the whole vow thing. and read them aloud to each other. it doesn't have to be anything fancy in a church in front of family. it can be in your jammies with no make up on sitting on your couch by yourselves. let me know if you do. and how much fun it was. it'll open up so much coversation i'm sure of it. :0)

sorry for the uber long post today. for those of you visiting for not me monday...it's usually long like this...and please come back and see me again! i'd love you to stay and get to know me some more! :0) let me know you were here...so i can come and stalk you too....good day my friends.

11 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

i laughed when you said you vowed to make out with shaun more, it wasn't more than a week ago that jay told me we don't make out enough either, lol!

what a sweet v-day gift to each other though! :)

-stephanie- said...

That was sweet.

I was all ready to mail a package out to you, but the post office is closed today, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Following Him said...

What a cute idea for VDay. Russians waking you up...darn annoying. Love the little tribute to hubby :)

heidi said...

LOL that was a great Valentine!

Mighty M said...

Love the vows - what a great way to reconnect. I also can not relate to the McDonald's incident. :-)

Suzanne said...

4 millionth post for MckMama? It wasn't me who was oblivious to that! I work too much. Have a great week Amanda!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I love the vows that you and your husband made for each other. That's a great idea.
I was so sad to see that you are not doing blog makeovers anymore. Stinkin' Scrapblog. Have you ever been to the Shabby Princess? They have a lot of free stuff there. Of course, nothing will ever compare to how user-friendly SB was. Sigh.

He And Me + 3 said...

Now I don't know what to comment on...so much good stuff.
I can totally see you running all over cleaning up when you heard mom was coming over in 10. Great way to get the house clean huh?
Love all the vowes. So cute and the fart one had me cracking up...I must still be 12 years old.
Have a great Monday!
Can I get you a Target Gift Card for you to buy stuff there? I don't do walmart...it is not close. If not, I can maybe send a check? Let me know

Lauren said...

What is it with mean manager ladies at McDonalds! Ours has one too! She wouldn't switch out my daughters happy meal toy with one of the "house for dogs" that we didn't have!

Julie said...

Great vows...too cute!

I don't see how you manage to post so often!! I always seem to get behind! Still have to read the diaper post!

Martha said...

Your blog cracked me up :D as usual ;)

It's quite funny you've mentioned this because I went to McDonald's a week ago and my son dropped his soda all over my foot!! It was a big blue sticky mess and it was the first time Cody spilled his drink in a public place. I was so embarrassed, luckily the cashier was friendly and reassured me it was okay. Whew ((wipes forehead)).

I also race to polish up my house before guests come over, I'd wish they would always give us a 24 hr notice. We should make that a law dontcha think?

I love the vows LOL, it's amazing how you're not afraid to admit how stinky your farts are :D kudos to you! Mine is loud but odorless :D my husband's is silent but deadly. SIGH!